The security guard can hang up after hearing a meal.
Le Zheng Tianya seems that since Xu came to the door, he said that he would take the road, so that he would not save Xu, and Xu’s eyes would have no profit and value. Because of offending Ouyang family, Xu would definitely disappear from the historical stage.
When the security guard relayed the words of Le Zheng Tianya to Xu, Xu even clenched his fist instantly.
I have grovelled to this point.
I really see you bribing the security guard, but you won’t even see me, will you?
Good, you are a happy family!
Fuck it!
When has the old man been so proud and wild since he was born again?
Don’t the Lezheng family have to eat pigs without you?
Okay, okay, okay!
Let’s ride a donkey and watch. We’ll see!
I will be interesting to see if I really want to be played to death by Ouyang family!
I want to see if the world really helps me!
Xu suddenly turned around and left his eyes as if there were stars burning and exploding.
Chapter four hundred and seventy The only way
Xu was in a bad mood to the extreme and went to the fairy music nightclub.
Ying Jie doesn’t care about other guests. Huang Mao drinks with Xu.
Huang Mao’s eyes are active. "What’s wrong with Brother Xu? You’re in such a bad mood. Is that a rough thing?"
Xu sighed and his eyes were full of bleak words. "Even if my company went bankrupt, I would never be short of money. Even if I was forced by that family to be born in China, I would definitely have the strength to take my family to live abroad, but …"
Xu will gulp down a glass of cold beer, and the cold wine will stimulate the throat, as if there is a wild animal struggling with its last roar.
"It’s almost a matter of who would have thought it was just the last step … everything went according to what I expected, but it happened that it was just one step … the only thing that could help my family … this emergency gave me up … I gave up all the strength I could find … the last step …"
Xu’s eyes are full of unwilling.
He knows very well that Xu Chunfeng can’t hold the housekeeper forever. If he can’t find a solution, the housekeeper can be released on bail by Ouyang family.
He carefully planned a sewing plan these days, so he miscarried.
Maybe it’s like a beast that is about to catch its prey, but suddenly it rains and the soles of its feet slip and fall off the cliff.
Sister Huang Maoying doesn’t know what Xu has experienced, but she can also feel that kind of abnormal boredom.
It was a feeling that the cooked duck flew and flapped its wings.
At this time, a scream suddenly broke out in the middle of the venue.
Xu three eyes entranced by the past.
At the same time, the three men greeted the past. Huang Mao was responsible for dialing the crowd. Ying Jie was responsible for asking about the specific situation and Xu Ze observed the scene.
It’s scary to see a middle-aged man who is over forty years old in the middle of the dance floor collapse and constantly foaming at the mouth and twitching.
"epilepsy crazy?"
Sister Ying immediately shouted, "Xiao Wang, hurry up and hit 12!"
Huang Mao shouted, "Everybody hurry up and give him more breath."
Seeing Ying Jie’s tacit cooperation with Huang Mao, Xu slightly raised his eyebrows and gave them fairy music, which proved to be right.
But it’s too slow to wait for 12 at this time.
Xu squatted directly at the epilepsy patient and recited "experience for health 1 experience value"
Experience exchange health system needs a lot of experience to treat injuries, but it needs little experience to treat diseases.
After exchanging one thousand experience points for health, the middle-aged man immediately stopped foaming at the mouth and twitching.
Xu shouted a YingJie immediately handed over the tissue.
Xu handed the paper towel to the middle-aged man, and he crossed into a force aura and said, "Come on, your body is almost ready. Get up quickly. If we delay, our business will be scattered and I won’t accept your medicine."
The middle-aged man sure enough everyone woke up in shock and took the paper in amazement and wiped her mouth with foam. "Did you save me? You can actually save epilepsy? "
Xu gave him a white look and said, "Didn’t you save yourself by me? Is there anything to question?"
Say that finish Xu no longer take a reason him.
Xu is in a bad mood and too lazy to chat.
Xu went back to the booth to drink. Sister Huang Maoying immediately followed after handling things.