"You … are a stranger?" The sound is rich and powerful, accompanied by chewing, it seems to be furious! Don’t ask how you can be rude when you are chewing something! I don’t care, it’s just that it’s rude! )
They looked up at the top of the three-foot-high column and saw a burly man standing.
Men’s long hair is high and their temples are drooping with the wind. Wearing a dark dragon gown with a half silver armor, they are resolute, their eyebrows are blowing, and their eyes are like eagles. Looking down at everyone, they show their arrogance and sportsmanship. Although looking at the heroic face is also excellent, there are slightly raised gray bones on the edges of the bun on both sides of their foreheads, which seems to have some influence on the appearance!
Wei Shang saw the dark green long-haired man at the top of the column. He shook his fan and teased, "It turned out that Long Qiu’s flying emperor didn’t count much ~ this height! It’s three zhangs, right? "
Said Wei Shang, while teasing and looking at the bearer, everyone woke up and said,’ This man is the Dragon Hill clan’s little master, the Dragon Hill Feihuang, whose physique is strong and he won’t let the ancient alchemists act overbearing and brave, especially the Dragon Hill Feihuang, who is famous for his military-loving belligerence. Although he is a star with four layers, his fighting power will never be underestimated. If he does not hesitate to lose himself, I’m afraid his strength will not worry.’
It seems that I know that Wei’s injured voice gives everyone a so-called smile "Epiphyllum?" Ah ~ less is not to come to you. "
Seeing that he pointed to Luo Yu’s face next to Wei’s injury, he was excited. "I came to see him."
Then he stamped his foot before everyone was startled for a moment!
"Boom …!" A loud noise as high as three feet, the square column has already cracked since then, and Emperor Laiqiu has been caught in the smoke and dust smoothly, and it keeps ringing in the hazy smoke with the explosion!
As soon as Luo Yu saw it, his pupils shrank and his whole body’s blood gas burst into cold fire!
"Swish swish …!" Pieces of gravel like flying swords come with a loud roar! It is conceivable that the strength is extraordinary!
"Bang bang bang …!" Luo Yu stepped out of the body-transformed ghosting image, took up the cold fire and swam back and forth in front of everyone, instantly blowing the blasted rubble into dust!
Then he looked at the hazy figure in the smoke!
Swing smoke dragon Qiu Fei Huang stared at the whole body cold fire rising Luoyu screaming with excitement, "Smell is true! You are really a bodybuilder! The dragon, the hill and the flying emperor are challenging you! "
The whistling sounds like dragons and tigers whistling! At the same time, Emperor Longqiu Feihuang pointed to the fruit in front of everyone and said, "It is said that the challenge lies in the two of them. If I don’t have a treasure, this fruit will be verified."
People can’t smell it! Los feather also know this rule but never think this puzzling to challenge guy to do this! Take a fruit as evidence and still chew half the fruit!
Before everyone wanted to see Wei Shang more, he went to Luo Yu’s side and looked at a face of fanaticism. Emperor Longqiu Fei woke up and said, "If Emperor Longqiu Fei remembers correctly, it seems that you are not allowed to fight privately in Lingzhou, right?"
Laughter suddenly sounded! Emperor Longqiu Fei seems to have heard a big joke! Seeing that he suddenly stopped laughing, he pointed to the street and looked at everyone. "Don’t worry, I have ordered people to eliminate Fiona Fang Wuli. No one will know."
"Oh?" Wei Shang smiled deeply and fanned the East. "What about … Tianhou?"
"hey ~! Days later, I have to respect the three points of Longqiu’s family. "Emperor Longqiu pointed to Luo Yu unhappily." What is the situation less than a fight? "
And he scanned the crowd contemptuously. "I’m here alone today. Are you afraid to fight?" Or are you all afraid of me? "
Long Qiu Fei Huang’s voice did not fall but annoyed a person!
See Wei sorrow has pointed to him with a stick. "Arrogant! Dare to eat a stick from the Great Sage? "
Wei Shang is unruly and irritable. I heard Wei Shang’s voice saying that the Dragon Hill Flying Emperor is not himself. He is already dissatisfied. Now he sees that this little guy is so arrogant. He suddenly has to endure it and give him a few sticks to let him know that he is awesome!
Didn’t want to Longqiu Feihuang saw his one eye and he was very disdainful. "Ningxing six floors?" Hum ~ There are six layers of stars with fewer hands. Where are you from, skinny monkey? Going to the public to find it is a ghost face! "
When they heard the word "pencil necked", they suddenly called it out!
"Pencil necked! ?” See Wei sorrow has lift at the moment to dissuade Zhu Jiujie Sassen is angry and full of operator fire beating binge drink a way "cheat me too much! The Great Sage must cramp and skin your little dragon! "
Seeing that Wei was almost furious, Wei was about to stop it, but Luo Yu signaled to beat him, because Luo Yu knew that if Wei was injured, it might be counterproductive.
See los feather hold exposed wei sorrow hand stick shook his head, "the risk forget me have you spoken? If you can’t control yourself and achieve the Holy Way? "
Wei’s sorrow is anger, and he hates to look at Luo Yu. "This person is too contemptuous of me."
Luo Yu smiled with relief. "It’s because of me that I should come. If you think about it, he is really helping you."
"Help me?" Looking at the puzzled Wei Yu Luo Yu patted him, still holding a big stick, and then turned to look at a smiling Dragon Hill Flying Emperor.
Seeing that Emperor Longqiu was satisfied, he said, "You look good and responsible."
Lift your feet and step into the ground with the first half of the fruit! A step by step is a deep crack footprint!
Luo Yu looked up and smiled. "This war looks strange."
Longqiu Fei Huang was immediately preparing to start work but saw Luo Yu wave his hand. "But Fei Huang Gong has to tell me to fight first? To tell you the truth, it’s not that big for you to come in person, is it? "
I heard that Luoyu asked Longqiu Feihuang just to think about it and then accepted the posture and smiled at Wei’s injury. "Don’t you know that the ghost looks unfamiliar?" Now you he’s a figurehead … "