"They stopped the town whistle tower and were questioning the guards at the town whistle post …"
Surdak rubbed his forehead, hoping to send the magic circle back to Bena temporarily after the wizard Avid regained his mana, but it was really annoying that these black wizards always followed him around.
When I think of Surdak, the Karmanli demon in Lord mcdonnell’s manor, I think we should give these black wizards some more color to see.
"Then give them a good lesson and get rid of them!"
Surdak put a cup on the roof Samira and said
Gullit quickly followed up and prepared to go out to fight with the stick, fearing that the bonfire bracket would be scorched and would be picked to reveal the bones.
"Gulitim, you stay and protect Avid and Thea. Samira and I can handle those black wizards."
Surdak finished and took out the set of magic lines from his magic pocket. Thea quickly ran to help him with his shoulder straps.
The two-headed ogre sat down again.
Samira put on the magic snake tooth, which almost wrapped her body, and they quickly walked out of the hotel.
In the evening, the light in the town was a little dim, and Samira walked … The whole person disappeared around Surdak.
There is such a business street in the town. There are not many pedestrians at the root of the street in the evening. The young people playing cards at the bottom of the tree opposite the hotel have dispersed. Surdak walked step by step towards the village with a broad sword hilt in one hand, and his eyes became more determined.
The three black wizards are still at the village whistle tower at the moment. Although the two guards put on a passive Nuo Nuo, they didn’t say a word in their mouths.
A magician pulled out two silver coins from his pocket and said the question again.
"Yes … a total of five people saw them pass by here at noon. The ogre’s shoulders are really fierce and he has two heads …" The guard said with a smile at once when he got the silver coin.
They don’t care who each other is …
The three black wizards’ eyes lit up and they thought they could ask each other in detail. They looked at each other and thought the harvest was quite big.
"Who else besides the ogre?" Wizard humble tower continued.
"Two more women with their faces covered, a knight and a magician …"
The guards thought the two silver coins were worth their information, but that’s all they knew.
Just when he wanted to say something more to make this message look more valuable, his companion secretly pulled his skirt and pointed to the figure coming towards the sentry tower on the street inside the town.
The three black wizards also found something strange in the guards’ eyes. They turned around and looked into the town to see a knight with a sword around his waist and a shield on his back striding over here.
The dark wizards immediately hit the "whoosh" by riding magic.
They received the news that they were stranded on the dry cloth plane. These people are all strong and have to ride magic knobs to make themselves invincible.
The three black wizards didn’t have the impulse to start work. One of them rode a magic handle and flew out of town, apparently trying to return to Tacalai town to help.
Two other black wizards are going to stay in town and stare at the knight …
They ignored an important factor. The other party is a five-person team.
Surdak, the black wizard, happened to be walking towards the entrance of the town. They also wanted to fly to the back of a building in the entrance of the town by magic. They were not prepared to expose it too early.
As soon as the magician who returned to Tacalay to move reinforcements flew out of town, he felt as if he was being stared at by something behind him. His whole body stood on end to urge the magic to fly south.
He urged the magic field to send the magic field into the magic field to light up the magic field, and the speed increased immediately.
The black wizard even made an evasive move by riding a magic whip, and twisted out an’ S’-shaped position. He still felt a sharp pain in his back, and a sharp arrow passed through the back of his head and the tip of the arrow slanted out of his throat.
He raised his head and his Adam’s apple growled, and a stream of blood came out of his throat.
Hold the magic hand with two hands, put the magic hand, lose the magic and fall directly from high school.
The two black magicians were so frightened when they saw that their companions were about to return to Tacalai town to report that they were shot by archers that they suddenly slapped the archer who tried to escape from the hidden dark place.
It’s a pity that they realized that it was too late. Two arrows came from the most sharp angle of their feet to avoid their sight. The arrows were so powerful that almost all of them flew into the black wizard’s body through magic slaps.
Dark wizards are like broken-winged birds falling from the sky.
Surdak walked slowly over and searched the three black wizards carefully, and all valuable things were spared.
The body was dragged to the river beach outside the town, and a big pit was dug in the sand of the river bed, and the body of the black wizard was directly thrown in and buried together.
When Surdak returned to the entrance of Tanley Town, many town residents had gathered and everyone looked at him coldly.
No one spoke, but the coldness and resentment in his eyes could not be hidden.
I know what you want to say to me. You think that killing these three black wizards will bring you disaster …
"They’re coming for me. I don’t want to kill them without a fight," said Sudak.
As for a bold townsman in the crowd, he said loudly
"Knight, please leave here!"
Surdak knows that since these black wizards can come here, there must be black wizards coming back.
Even if the townspeople don’t tell him, he should leave early.
It’s a good night to camp out in the wild before it’s like this
"Okay, let’s go …"
Surdak strode to the hotel without arguing, and called out the two-headed ogre, the wizard Avid and Thea, and continued to walk north through the town in the night.
After the town residents Surdak and his party left, a group of young people took advantage of the night to touch the river. With their familiarity with the river, the beach soon dug up the three black wizards from the sand and carried them back to the village in pairs.
Everyone searched the three long-dead black wizards again and then stripped off the last clothes and put a wooden case.
The townspeople who had just come out to talk came out and told everyone, "Just leave them here and wait for them to come and claim them …"
"I know!"
The young people in these towns have great confidence in the leader and will soon take care of everything.
Three bodies of black wizards are parked on the tree surface.
It was not until noon the next day that the second Bosnian magician arrived in the town smoothly. When they saw the big tree at the entrance of the town, they just saw the bodies of three companions lying on the boards.