Southern girl
Suluo was so drunk that when he woke up the next day, his head cracked.
After indulgence, the busy new day reached a peak again, and I took my mother Tang and Yike baby to CCTV to record an interview program.
The knife and Yang Baobei went to shoot the cover of the magazine. If it weren’t for the knife and suluo, you would have to take Yang Baobei personally. Silly girl doesn’t know anything. What should I do if she is robbed? It would be much more reassuring to have a knife.
And brother pao went to Chihiro’s music platform again. A special album of baby children’s songs was officially released. Maybe the release of the new album is an urgent excuse. That guy’s eyes are full of Xu Jingman.
Gong Yu and Xia Han went back to the college to prepare for the final rehearsal for the upcoming Chinese-foreign performance exchange.
Give Aunt Wang a holiday again, and the big villa will fall, leaving her alone.
Then go back to sleep. God knows if there will be such a rare leisure opportunity to close your eyes and not think about things and let your years be quiet.
When the words rang, I picked them up. It was Yuxuan Leng dialect, and it was really idle.
"I don’t want you to write an album for me. I want that southern girl." It’s not tactful to come to the point.
"Ah, what southern girl?"
Just woke up, suluo was in a daze and a little dizzy
"Ah, what? You sang that song in the bar last night."
"You know all this."
Shake your head hard to sober yourself up.
"I don’t care if your video is blown up in Weibo. I want the song Southern Girl. If you don’t give it to me, you will steal it directly. If you have something to tell me," Yuxuan Leng is playing with it.
Suluo a headache play to depend on coquetry over his forehead little days overwhelmed.
"Why do you have to have this song? Maybe I’ll prepare a better song for you on your new album."
"Because I am a southern girl."
Chapter one hundred and ten A moment of comfort
I don’t know how many unequal treaties I signed with Yuxuan Leng to appease her.
Oh, my God, what is this evil? suluo lay on his back in bed and looked at the ceiling and burst into tears.
It is said that the sky is fair. If I give you something, I must take something from you. But it seems that I have been paying for it all the time. It seems that I owe a bad debt in the end.
Suluo sighed, it’s all life. This account can’t be calculated. Shake your head hard and be confused.
I’m left alone at home in the big villa, and my stomach is growling
Get up, set up a small oven and move the meat out of the refrigerator. Don’t worry about whether you can eat it or not. If you pile it up, you will see that the meat is always in the ditch.
Although this momentum is probably not felt by anyone but yourself.
It’s probably not a fool to play barbecue alone at noon, but suluo is full of cigarettes and charcoal in his heart, and then the spray gun ignites the charcoal fire, spreads the grid with ingredients, and adds all kinds of condiments to roast it.
One person cooks, one person eats, and if you feel at home.
Don’t live up to food, be alone, love food, and live up to it. This belongs to the feelings and truth of eating goods. You scum know a basket.
A mouthful of beer and a mouthful of meat are comfortable. The happiest thing in this world is to satisfy one’s appetite, burp and curl up in a hanging basket chair like a cat, watching the clouds change and enjoying this rare peace, just like an old man living alone in a nest, but to put it bluntly, life is actually that simple.
This kind of quiet feeling can’t be found on the internet, and that place will always be restless.
A year was framed by the years bar and became a Bible. This is the theme song of our bar. The name of the years bar is loud, and the singers and drinkers come to worship. There is an endless stream of rock music in the holy land. It is less troublesome to book a wine table a month ago.
A southern girl shocked the whole folk music circle, as if southern girls were all valuable. Many social software personality tags added "I am a southern girl" or "I like southern girls"
Southern girls are suddenly very proud, and a song seems to have made them all worth more. Northern girls are very unhappy, and girls in the north and south who have a good topic continue to ferment and the hot discussion has turned into a confrontation between the north and the south.
Lazily leafing through the mobile phone news page, suluo wondered whether he should sing another song "The Queen of the North" to balance the situation.
Yike Baby’s Children’s Songs Album Sweeps Chihiro Music Platform Violent Little Loli Bloody Slaughter
First, singing the motherland Tang Yike
Second, Waipoqiao Tang Yike
Where is spring? Tang Yike
Fourth, catching loach Tang Yike
Five, two tigers Tang Yike
Six, don’t look at it or Tang Yike.
What do you mean, the darling of the people, the national daughter? This is to specialize in all kinds of things that don’t kill everything.
The hit list is Tang Yike’s baby songs from one to ten. Any king or queen needs to pull over first. Hehe, that’s right. You have the status in the music world, but it’s less popular. You can’t do it now.
You have fanatical fans, hehe, who is known as the strongest treasure in the universe. Moms ask you no after teaching you to be a man in minutes.
This super popularity needs to be said. Maybe soon, when you walk through that dark and familiar alley with a cigarette in your mouth, you will see the pink neon lights shining in the hut and suddenly hear a scream inside, "Come and play, handsome boy."
Then you were so angry that you threw a cigarette butt and laughed contemptuously. "You’re not riding crazy this time." You flew over and threw a coin machine and sounded a cute baby.
"A flock of ducks swam across the bridge in front of the door. Come on, come on, one of the best."
This rocking music is sour and refreshing.
Yeah, that’s what it feels like
Suluo is once again famous as DreamWorks, the entertainment circle. Netizens say that all kinds of stories of the most mysterious organization are talked about. Please shut up all the black spray unless you have fucked suluo beforehand.
It’s good to be a quiet and beautiful teenager when the beer bottle is slightly drunk and then covered and spread to sleep.
Situ Wenhua is very popular. Weibo is talking about suluo everywhere. He suddenly feels as if he can’t stop him. Now there are no such awesome people in the entertainment circle except himself.
Angry and angry, she smashed the ashtray. Her beauty assistant can’t remember how many new ashtrays she changed during this period.
"Let the public broke the news.
Reading in sections 66
It’s good to make a scandal or fabricate it. Anyway, you brush suluo off. I don’t want to see his information in Weibo. "
Ginger is also very angry, but there is nothing that can be done, just like the stock price when the speculation trend forms the market sentiment. What happened, the bookmaker and the control panel are not good enough to make the aunt can turn over the farm.
Do you want to go against the sky?
Can avoid its sharpness, shut up and don’t talk about the topic of suluo. When you can’t see it, Weibo talked about the big events in the classical music industry and the upcoming Chinese-foreign performance exchange meeting. Even suluo fans couldn’t believe it and laughed.
The times have changed. Nowadays, the background of popular culture broadcasting and classical music are declining. It is of great historical significance that the existing resources and quality methods meet people’s needs and the audience range and location are narrow.
A singer who used to be far less popular than brilliant now sings a pop song widely, which is the present situation and the embarrassment of classical music
Besides, classical music seems to be played by people in the western world. According to the level of our country, forget it. It’s too polite to say that communication is too polite. It’s better to invite others to show a show here. Netizens don’t expect their country’s musicians and don’t lose face.
However, the state attaches great importance to the state media’s hype, and the constant information bombing of the media is very eye-catching. Situ Wenhua can’t get the roots of the table, and the news of the king of heaven and the queen of heaven is honest