Xiaoqiang knows very well
Although he can be called a violent mage, his output firepower is not inferior to that of Xu Tianhua when dealing with monsters or enemies, Xiaoqiang will not forget that the boss is wearing a purple object "fire element heart!"
Zhang Xiaoqiang is a fire master, but Hangyu is not afraid of fire attacks, so he can launch this fourth-order spell he just learned if he wants to pose a threat to the boss.
The power of the fourth-order skills of jurists is unimaginable!
This skill can’t finish the fire damage, even if Hangyu is hit, he must take off a layer of skin!
Fight only one
Everyone will show their magical powers and cooperate with each other.
That constantly flashing skill brilliance and agile moving speed do not reflect black dragon’s high-end combat strength!
"Everyone has grown up!"
Hang Yu just wanted to launch a shadow cloak with shadow dance steps to attack from Xu Zhao’s blockade and break through. As a result, he was immediately forced out by Xu Tianhua’s several bursts of firm but gentle.
Investigative agent
Plus Angelnan skill effect blessing.
Is there a level 1 skill attached to equipment alone?
Zhao took the opportunity to quickly get close to release the third-order skill "killing and absorbing". Hang Yu suddenly appeared in a trance and felt that the four of them seemed to be ignored, leaving a close collision with Zhao.
Affected by skill effect
Hang Yu’s conditioned reflex wants to attack Zhao.
However, Hang Yu’s will attribute is very high now, even if he gets rid of the state of mind control and then launches the magic blood to wake up and flicker, he wants to use the flight advantage to suppress it.
Xu Tianhua waved a long-handled tomahawk.
Every time a sharp sword breaks, it will shoot a sharp and rapid shock wave. After the shock wave skill is finished, it will continue to split to the half-hang feather, temporarily containing Hang feather with a powerful attack.
"Lao Zhao locks!"
Zhao launched a third-order skill called "Pissing Chain". A chain was extremely fast, and Hangyu appeared around his body and contracted, ready to lock Hangyu and drag it to Zhao.
Hangyu disappeared and appeared more than ten meters away.
"Damn, if you react too fast, you can’t catch the roots!"
Hang Yu avoided the constantly swinging chain of quarrelling and at the same time resisted the subsequent bursting of quarrelling, searching for the figure of Qin Mu Xiaoqiang in the fog.
Among these people.
Relatively speaking, the biggest threat is Qin Mu.
The innate gag spell is very tricky, and once it is recruited, it is difficult to break.
The most terrible thing is that the innate gag spell doesn’t cool too long. If you throw it every other minute and match it with Qin Mu’s mastery of two third-order control techniques, you won’t want to fight this battle.
Compared with others
It’s best to solve this spiritual duty first.
Qin Mu seems to know that he is easy to attract fire, so Hangyu kept a long distance as soon as he appeared.
Scintillation can move instantaneously.
But the moving distance is very short.
Hang Yu can’t have the ability to move out of a few hundred meters in an instant by his own spirit, let alone whether he can do it or not. Even if he does, he won’t want to fight again.
"Great God sees the move!"
Hang Yu hasn’t found the figure in the fog yet. Suddenly, a golden flash blaster hit Hang Yu’s chest and repelled him by half a meter.
Angelnan raised the priest’s hammer. This attack was from her.
I can’t lock Qin Mu for the time being
Like a wet nurse’s knife!
Hang Yu’s whole body is rising rapidly, and the hot energy is flowing like magma, which makes Angelnan feel great pressure even if it is separated by tens of meters.
Zhao was frightened to "hide!"
Fourth-order skills madness funeral!
This skill is characterized by gathering huge forces to strike a target point with unparalleled power, thus causing a large-scale explosion, flame shock and impact, causing great damage to targets with a diameter of tens of meters.
If Hangyu started it, it was a sudden death.