Windson’s body suddenly retreated and left hand took Jitai. It’s too late to stay here. The wizard made tribal men rush out. Some people bent over and drew weapons. Some people returned to their homes to get bows and arrows.
Windson body back out of the tribal control hurriedly wake up moment to sit all got up and just saw windson pulling JiTai running straight to the carriage direction.
With the start of the carriage, Lu Jun flew. Father Ma Feng stretched out his arm and pulled the human face. It was a clever force to pull the front directly by the power of the horse.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Sand fox
There are four cases of shouting and killing. It is often played in grassland tribes at that moment. It is always a man’s business for tribal women to hug their children tightly. Even if the tribe is occupied by other tribes, they will not do some menial work for women and children, and at most they will become tribal slaves.
Men in the tribe rode out of the hands of the great wizard, and the bone staff slowly fell down. The whole person sighed for a moment, as if they were aging a lot, even if they took the bone staff in their hands, it became heavier.
The man on the left gave a sneer at "Thank you, wizard"
The wizard shook his head. "These Han people are harmful to the grassland tribes, but they don’t want to do such things in the name of the gods."
"To be able to complete the great cause of recovery, the great wizard is the greatest hero. If there is a god in everyone’s heart, he will certainly be able to accept what the great wizard has done without any blame."
At that moment of sneer, Nai’s expression revealed, "I have done as you said. What do you want me to do?"
"In the name of the wizard, inform all tribes to kill these Han people."
The wizard snorted, "When can I let my brother and family go?"
"The great wizard can rest assured that there is still a place to rely on the great wizard in the future. It is just offensive to invite them to be guests in the past."
"If this is the case, I have been blindfolded and dare not show my true face!"
The other person’s face has always been wearing a black cloth towel. Judging from the sound, it is a woman. The grassland man represents courage and strength. Most women stay in the tribe to take care of their children and sheep. Who is so bold and dare to openly threaten the wizard?
"This is difficult again!"
Raise your fingers and gently pull your face with a black scarf, revealing a very beautiful face, especially those eyes with thousands of foxes and poor charm. If you want a man to take a look, you must forget that you also have a frightening name, Sand Fox.
The sand ghost and the sand wolf almost died in the desert. At this time, compared with the sand fox, the sand fox is hiding. The number of sand ghosts is large and fierce. The sand wolf is different, and the sand fox is the most mysterious and the most difficult to deal with.
"What about the great wizard?"
The wizard coughed and looked away from each other’s faces. Even though he had always believed in the spirit of God and practiced hard, the wizard was fascinated by each other’s eyes for an instant.
"Sister, it’s time to leave."
"What’s the hurry? I’m not in a hurry to see my lover."
The person on the right gave a charming smile. "My sister doesn’t have to listen to people in a hurry. Lin Feng is a rare hero. Not only is the knife amazing, but people are also handsome. Isn’t my sister tempted?"
"If my sister likes to give it to you, she will die. I have more men than you have ever seen."
"I can say that my sister is old."
"It’s all taught by my sister."
"Well, I’ll give you a chance. This time, it’s up to you to deal with Lin Feng. If you can’t, I’ll kill him myself and all the people left."
A few days ago, the news that the sand wolf in the oasis was almost dead appeared, and a name kept appearing. At this time, Lin Feng led Tianlong Camp around Zhu Biao, and a message spread like wildfire, trying to kill Zhu Biao and should kill Lin Feng.
At this moment, the goal of Sand Fox is no longer Zhu Biao, but Lin Feng is immortal. No one can get close to Zhu Biao, let alone get rid of it.
"Kill Lin Feng"
The new order quickly handed the sand ghost and the sand wolf to death. At this time, it was possible to send a sand fox with the worst killing.
"Sister is waiting to see the drama."
On the right side of the female cold hum a horse’s head legs a clip straight to windson and others from the direction to the left side of the sycophantic woman vomited a tongue "small wave hoof didn’t learn to walk just want to run with me for a man, you are still a little tender"
"It’s not easy for adults to get rid of these people because the grassland is too vast!"
Li Hu urged the horses to come out with horseshoes behind them, and more and more tribesmen gathered along the way, with weapons in their hands, and shot arrows from time to time, so that the small people could block and retreat at the same time, and the speed was affected.
"protect the carriage and go first, Li Huliu."
Li Hu’s speed with machete slowed down, and Lin Feng’s left hand pulled a horse with a rope and changed direction, so he could see clearly that there were not forty or fifty men chasing grassland tribes behind him.
Mouth whistling grassland tribes around a point will be surrounded by two people with a few people to rush to the crowd. This person Lin Feng knows the seats and has had a drink together. At that time, he was sitting facing the door of the tent. Although he was not clear about the customs of the other party, it can be judged from the words of the toast order that this person should be similar to the patriarch.
A man said something in his mouth, and a middle-aged strong man shook his hand and pointed to Lin Feng with an iron fork, and Jitai followed the brigade to get to know each other’s meaning.
"What do adults do to kill or not?"
Windson shook his head. "Doing more killing will only increase hatred." Then he urged the tribal leaders in front of the horse to be close to the iron fork in their hands, shook their fingers to the sky, and then read something in the grass. It should be a special ceremony.
"Beat me and I’ll let you go."
Iron fork once again raised his mouth and said those words, although a little vague, and he could hardly understand the meaning inside. This way is also the best way to solve conflicts among tribes by resorting to force.
Once the decision is made, it will be to kill others to the death, otherwise it will be against the rules and the tribe will not.
A drink of tribal leaders urged Ma Chong to stab Lin Feng in the direction of the iron fork, and the embroidered spring knife in his hand just fell off the iron fork and sparks splashed. This seemingly simple implied that the tribal leaders made a force to collapse their arms and muscles, and the strength could be imagined.
Windson’s one-handed knife and one-handed arm will inevitably suffer a loss to his arms, otherwise he will have already lost. The two horses made a mistake for the first time, regardless of the outcome, and turned their horses around and approached them again. The moves of the tribal leaders were almost the same, and the moves were equally simple and practical.
Two rounds are enough. Although the other side has spare capacity, it’s a pity that they don’t know how to change their tactics and think of being in danger at all times. When the knife potential in their hands suddenly turns, the two people mistakenly embroider the spring knife and instantly break away from each other’s back.
This move is too fast. It is almost instantaneous to divide the two weapons into moves. The convergence of moves is of course important. The speed of moves is the root. How many people practice a knife? The simplest move has been practiced for several years or even more. One of them can make the gods cry when facing danger.
A knife hit the other side in the back, and Lin Feng did not hesitate to beat the horse forward and rushed out of Li Hu’s horse to see clearly. This move is really beautiful, especially when changing tactics. Once it is too early, the other side’s weapons will be spared, and if it is too late, it will attack the opponent.
Two horses from the left and right tribal men shouted to a "live" leader, and the whole person bent forward with his back position, which was just the back of a knife in the weapon of windson’s hand.
If it is a blade, the tribal leader is already a corpse at this time. Even so, it is full of strength and burning pain.
Windson intentionally so there is no hatred for these tribes.
With the sudden change of the painting style of the great wizard, there was a lively reception, and Lin Feng and others became tribal guests, but they were not left out because of their Han identity. The tribesmen were straightforward and made people feel warm, and there were countless sheep, sweet milk, mutton and laughter with a special aroma. Everything in front of them was so desirable.
It is not good for the tribe to watch the two people leave and continue to chase after them.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Broken Temple Crisis
A figure in the vast wasteland flies forward with one person’s blood lying on his back. "Little Niang, hold on, Tang Niu won’t let you die."
"I did my best when I saw Mr. Lin."
"Don’t say anything, Tang Niu can’t hear you."
Out of the wasteland, Tang Niu roared like a wild animal, and his face became distorted. The method of distinguishing the direction was to keep running in one direction, and he could not tell how long he had been running. His clothes were covered with mud and his face was mixed with blood.
"Stop. You’ll be exhausted."
"You can’t do anything."
Tang Niu ran forward like a madman, and his face turned pale, saying that his voice became weaker and weaker, so that the whole person lay motionless.
There are two people in the wasteland, which are ruined temples and chased into secret passages, and disappear. Two people, Tang Niu, Er Nian Fei Yan Liu, have the highest martial arts. Two people, Fei Tian Yan, are seriously injured and unconscious. What happened inside?
When I returned to the ruined temple five days ago, I set up a very exquisite killer to hide in the temple wall. Fortunately, Feitianyan hit hidden weapons to kill two people. Tang Niu untied his fist and continuously attacked the wall to reveal a huge hole. Feitianyan flicker and chased after it.
At that moment, Tang Niu looked up just in time to see the position of the eyes of the Chinese Buddha move with the black hole exposed, and only then did he find out the truth.
Someone is hiding in the Buddha statue and breaking the temple. After the two people move, all the instructions in each other’s hands should be issued by this person, so that they can accurately judge their positions.
The Buddha statue collapses instantly with one punch. If this mud-piled Buddha statue can stand the anger of Tang Niu, the fist will continue to fall into the hole and the position will expand. Even if Tang Niu is strong, he can still pass.
There’s a hole in the ruined temple, and it’s dark inside. I don’t care so much about flying swallow. Tang Niu flickered into his fist to protect his body and chased him down the cave.
It’s getting louder and louder inside, and there’s no sound. Tang Niu is not impatient. She knows all the way. Liu Ernian intends to slow down the speed of the other party’s flying skill. The root is not that her legs can keep up.
The foot slammed and Tang Niu rolled. At that moment, the fist was issued. With the feeling that some light penetrated into the extended surface, it was still possible to see the present situation clearly.
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.
Tang Niu’s many years’ experience in walking in the Jianghu is rich, and he knows this situation clearly. He must be calm. Lin Feng confessed in his mind, calm down and think twice before you act. At this time, reckless behavior will be trapped by his opponent.