"How many such monsters do you think there are in Shilin?"
Tianyang didn’t answer this question and didn’t want to think about it.
The inverse boundary is too big, so is every inverse boundary. The lack of human imagination is the way to imagine how many mysteries are hidden in these dark worlds.
Make the special instrument carry out the survey to confirm that these stalagmites are hard enough to support the rock jacking foot and support the super-large vehicles like the base car to pass through the sublimation of the day after tomorrow, and then leave the underground hall to hand over the recycling work to the soldiers to complete.
Back to the ground, because they have just experienced a battle and there are still materials to be recycled, Tianyang and them have a day off.
He set up a marching tent for himself, so he could lie on the ground covered with marching mats when he was resting, instead of lying in a recliner in a chariot.
However, Tianyang is still awake, and it’s seven o’clock at night in the fortress.
The biological clock made Tianyang feel hungry. I wanted to take some food sticks to deal with it, but I smelled the smell of meat floating outside.
He walked out of the tent and saw Sean several people start a fire with a pot that seemed to be cooking something.
Tianyang walked over. "It seems that we have something delicious tonight."
Hearing his voice Sean, several people turned to Yan Bing and started to say, "Captain, come to Sean and make their special food in Yinlongbao."
Sean laughed. "It’s a very ordinary stew, but it’s not delicious."
A kind of dragon swallows saliva "but it’s better than eating a food stick"
Tianyang agrees with this very much.
He sat next to Yan Bing and watched Sean take out a box of canned food and pour out the cut meat from it.
Sean put the meat into the prepared bowl, took out his own seasoning box and sprinkled salt and some black powder on the meat in the bowl.
Those powders give off a pungent smell, and just smelling them will make people salivate.
After spreading the salt and seasoning evenly, Sean put carrots and some vegetables into the already cooked pot.
After the aroma was clear, Sean poured the meat into the pot and stewed it for about 20 minutes, then added some shredded potatoes.
At this time, Sean poured sand into the fire to make the flame shrink and simmer slowly.
Gradually, there was a strong smell of meat in the air, and the spices such as potatoes and carrots gave off a fragrance.
A dragon wiped his mouth and said, "When can Sean eat?"
Sean smiled and shook his head. "It’s best to stew for another 40 minutes."
"But I don’t think you can wait that long, so you can eat in twenty minutes."
A kind of dragon sighed. "It will take another twenty minutes. Let’s talk about it. I’m afraid it won’t last that long if we don’t distract ourselves."
Sean laughed. "What do you want to talk about?"
A dragon’s eyes sparkled. "Tell me about your Westland girls. Are they all blond like you?"
Chapter 71 Final grade
"Are you interested in this?"
Sean looked at a kind of dragon with his head sideways for a moment and made a’ I get it’ expression. His branches stirred up the fire and made Mars fly.
"Not all women in the West China have blond hair. Blonde hair is a part, or rather a small part."
"More is brown and black hair, and there are many. Of course, I mean natural hair color. Nowadays, many people pursue individuality, or they will start a variety of hair colors because of making something special for a long time."
Tianyang rubbed his silvery white hair. He used to have dark hair, but he turned silvery white when he woke up.
It seems that his hair color change is not an isolated case.
Recently, Gu Ming, who has a strong interest in the customs of the western continent, also joined the discussion. "The girls there seem to be quite tall on average."
"That’s because of ethnic and genetic problems, but it’s limited to ordinary people. As far as sublimation is concerned, we have stars to keep warm and keep fit. In fact, both men and women are not short."
Sean answered with a smile and paid attention to the water in the pot to prevent it from burning dry.
Gu Ming patted his chest. "So I still have a chance to grow taller. I always feel that my height is a little worse."
Yan Bing laughed. "You are still young and have a chance."
A kind of dragon hugged Sean and said, "You must know a lot of good girls. If you have the opportunity to go to the West Land, you should introduce them to us."
Sean said awkwardly, "That’s hard. I’ve been busy studying and training, not to mention girls, and I can’t make many sexual friends."
"No way"
"I can’t see that you are still a good boy. I always thought you were a playboy," said a dragon with an exaggerated expression.
Sean said naively, "I didn’t expect you to think I was so hurt."
Several people looked at each other and then laughed.
Laughing, Sean said with a look of recollection, "When it comes to women in the western continent, there was a very famous lady. When she was active, she was a hunter in the natural god church about a hundred years ago, and she was also the last in the hunter rank."
With a smile on his face, Tianyang was dazed when he heard this. He knew what the ultimate winner was, but he didn’t expect there to be an ultimate winner in mainland China!
A few people in a dragon obviously haven’t heard of it. They are asking "What is the ultimate?"
Sean said with respect, "People who have reached the end of sublimation are said to have a finisher in every rank."
"When there is a final grade in this rank, the second final grade will be born in this rank."
"It is possible to produce a final winner only after the current final winner disappears."
"And that woman named Adi is the ultimate hunter!"
Tianyang trembled and asked, "What did you say the woman’s name was?"
Sean looked back at him doubtfully. "What happened to Adi?"
Tianyang’s breath was slightly heavy. Was that woman who once raised Qianhong also called’ Adi’?
Is it the same person?