"In this case, I think I can only deal with it if I take out the forbidden spell-ten palms down the dragon."
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, but I also think it’s just right. There are all dragons here, and it’s just right to send a show."
"Niang Xipi said that the Middle Ages were different. How did the painting style change suddenly?"
"Don’t just watch the anchor, let me come and give you a spell of Yin and Yang Albizia to deal with him."
"I’m afraid it’s not enough to add an old man cart to curse."
The tense and serious atmosphere has been enlivened by this name.
Norman didn’t understand why those water friends suddenly became so happy in the live broadcast. Of course, he didn’t understand it either-most of his spirits are forbidden to curse, and keeping the live broadcast temporarily put aside.
And JiReXi also explained.
"Father said that the effect of this spell is to copy a spell or ability that the caster has seen. He should now copy your power of the undead scourge."
"These dragon ancestors were awakened by the power of the scourge, and now there is a new scourge. The two sides compete to offset each other. These dragon ancestors lost the power of the scourge and returned to their original state of death."
JiReXi said his guess.
Norman felt a lot of sense after listening to it. No wonder he felt that there was no qualitative difference between the other side’s spell power and his own spell power, but his spell was easily dissolved by the other side
But you can’t go like this …
Norman and JiReXi looked at each other with a bad complexion-they obviously thought of the serious consequences of this matter.
If this is Norman and Schopenhauer’s one-on-one fight, it will be a draw at best, but now it’s a scuffle! Xiao Bonian tied Norman here, and dissolved Norman’s curse, but it’s still there. Wait until they free their hands from the siege of the bones and dragons. Aren’t Norman and Ji Ruoxi lambs to be slaughtered?
So it seems that running is also a chronic death, and not running is also a chronic death, and you are going to die anyway.
"I’m sorry"
JiReXi suddenly spoke in a low tone.
"I got you into trouble."
She obviously thought of this, too.
According to Norman just now, Norman certainly can’t run away like this, and there is a dead end. She can run away without Norman, but she can’t do such a thing, so they are both dead this time.
Even when the spell is the ultimate force, Ji Rexi doesn’t know what else to do.
She is really desperate now.
Norman ignored her, not because he blamed her, but because he ignored her.
He tried to find a way
Although I know that it is not a way to go like this, it is a chronic death, but immediately cancel the scourge of the undead and even immediately die. Norman’s main spirit still maintains this spell, but he has racked his brains to think about what else can be done to reverse this situation. Norman hates himself for not having enough spirit and naturally can’t tell what spirit to ignore Ji Rexi.
Do you want to stop casting a spell?
This was Norman’s first thought.
The biggest threat to the square battlefield is the five forbidden spells, and only when faced with the forbidden spells can we resist and cast the forbidden spells. The first one is the huge demand for magic.
Norman immediately felt the situation of a magic pool at the thought of this, and the result was the same as before. The magic in the five rings of magic has been exhausted by the scourge of the undead, and even a level 5 spell can’t be cast, let alone cope with the huge magic demand of a forbidden spell.
No magic spell can be cast, but this rule is not applicable to Norman.
He can cast spells in blood.
That’s what he did when he first cast the scourge of the undead. Although the experience was bad, painful and the consequences were serious, he almost died, but it was better than waiting to die.
The problem of the source of magic is solved, and then the problem of choosing the forbidden spell is solved.
In Douala, Lancelot told him that they had forbidden clauses. Later, they actually proved this point. The numerous and complicated forbidden clauses were more dazzling and shocking to Norman than he still remembers.
So can this problem be handed over to Lancelot? Let him choose a spell that is suitable for this situation and then spell it himself at last?
It seems that Lancelot’s voice is in tune with his heart.
"In this case, the spell is gone."
The Knights Templar is Norman’s greatest secret and his greatest backup guarantee. After he cultivated the Heart Sutra of Catch the Sea, he would leave a special spirit for the Knights Templar under any circumstances. Norman immediately noticed the barrage of Lancelot.
This let Norman heart sank.
Lancelot admitted that the spell was gone?
But on second thought, Norman also faintly understood.
Yeah, look at the scene. If it weren’t for the help of the dragon tomb, it would be hard for him to fight Du Huaijin alone.
After the dragon’s tomb is extremely strengthened, the scourge of the undead has lost its sight. How can his spell be effective at most, that is, almost the same power level?
But Lancelot hasn’t finished yet.
"Maybe there is a divine spell."
Lancelot’s words made Norman Zheng.
A divine spell?
"The forbidden spells in our database cannot be generalized, and there are also strong and weak points."
Lancelot did tell Norman this, and Norman remembered it.
"Like your undead scourge, the three marine incantations and Chen Qinghe incantations are the same power level in our data analysis; Xiao Bonian’s forbidden spell is a little bit higher than your forbidden spell power level because of too tight time and too little information. Finally, you have cast half of the mental storm, which is what we have summarized so far. The highest power level spell is higher than the normal level curse of the scourge of the undead, and the power level is one less. We call it the divine level spell. "
Norman remembers that Lancelot did say something similar to him, but he didn’t say it in detail at that time. He also thought that the spiritual storm was a little stronger than the natural disaster, but he didn’t expect the spiritual storm to rank so high in the database of the Knights Templar.
"Now our only hope is that the mental storm is powerful enough to cope with the eye scene and you can display it."
"You know all the magic words in the mantra. I believe that your magic pool has been exhausted now. We can bleed as a last resort."
"there’s no other way. We can gamble."
Norman continued to meditate after listening to Lancelot’s barrage.
Lancelot, like his cognition, has solved the magic and let go of the blood, so the problem now is the spell.
This is a great problem for Norman, especially after he realized the connection between the forbidden spell and the state of mind.
He has mastered the three forbidden spells, the spiritual storm, the natural disaster of the undead in Beijing Jinshan and the Beijing Jinshan, and he has experienced that forbidden spell state of mind except the spiritual storm.
When he cast the mental storm, his spirit was pitiful, and his thinking ability, memory ability and mental strength were extremely weak in all aspects. Now he doesn’t know how he cast the spell or what he belongs to the mental storm.
Norman thought about it and couldn’t think of a way.
And the situation is getting worse.
Xiao Bonian’s Alaman call-back is really clever.