Cavendish nodded his head with a touch of worry in his eyes.
"Captain, what shall we do?" Buddy held his chest high, and he was always in a state of high morale.
For so many years, I followed myself all the way. cavendish’s mid-team leader saw his one eye and said
"He may not be able to find us so soon. There must be a refugee running out to deliver a message to the security camp in Hailansa City. We can’t wait for the oats to ripen any longer. We must harvest them overnight and go to the desert after harvesting them."
"Yes!" Buddy and his squad leader were ordered at the same time.
Then cavendish’s squadron leader ordered the scout squad leader who was in charge of investigation to seriously say, "You take people to investigate and see how many troops are around. If a small team comes, we will eat them before we go, otherwise it is not a good thing that someone will always follow us."
"It’s the captain!" Scout squad leader hurriedly walked out of the cave.
There are 20 members of the Scout Team, the largest number of which is almost half a squadron among the rebel teams, and the members of the Scout Team are good at lurking and hiding, but they have searched for the knight in disguise all night in the Death Ridge.
On the contrary, three ghosts were found in the wild. While these three ghosts were just condensed, the scout team was busy calling for people to destroy them.
With the breath of cracks in the virtual gatehouse spreading outward from the normal circle.
The room is Samira’s bedroom on the second floor of the security office. Samira and Andrew are waiting in the room.
Aphrodite’s room was set with the summoning circle and she was sitting there.
Thick curtains are tightly blocked, and white bread, jam and roast mutton are placed on the window table.
The barbecue is cold. This is the food that Samira prepared before. In fact, she prepared one last night, but Suldak didn’t come back.
Surdak has long been used to the bad reaction of the fissure when he came out of the time fissure and passed through the summoning circle so many times. When he saw Andrew and Samira, he asked, "Did Carl arrive at Wall Village with the knight of the guard camp?"
Andrew got up and answered, "Captain Carl, the squadron leader, has transferred the cavalry of the support squadron to the village of Wall. Captain Soren will lead the team to the village of Wall early."
Surdak went to the window, lifted the curtain and looked out. It was dark outside.
"Captain, did the rebels find it?" Andrew Surdak asked curiously behind him
Surdak turned his head and spread a map on the desktop and said, "I found the Death Ridge in the West Wasteland. If they move, I will mark it along the way."
Then he reached for a piece of white bread and stuffed it into his mouth to eat and said
"This group of rebels have been alert, and it is estimated that they may move at any time. Hurry up. Here is the map. It is the most time-saving to follow the route I marked."
Sure enough, this sketch of parchment is marked with a clear thin line.
"Captain, how many people are there in this rebel army?" Andrew asked again
Surdak wanted to think about it and found that he really didn’t know how many people in this group of rebels wanted to find out the exact number and would sneak into the cave. He didn’t want to startle him for the time being and said
"They are hiding in the cave, and there is no way to get the specific number."
Andrew asked again, "Is there a Dark Moon Wizard?"
Surdak said, "I didn’t find any signs of wizards last night. I’ll let you know if there are any."
Fill Samira’s prepared food into his stomach and Surdak is ready to return to Death Ridge.
Before leaving, Andrew asked Surdak, "Aren’t you going to meet with Lieutenant Carl?"
Surdak waved his hand and said casually, "Forget it, Aphrodite, take good care of Wall Village and call me if anything happens."
Half-footed into the virtual crack, Surdak stopped and asked, "Is Gullit back?"
Andrew said, "Not yet. There are a lot of salamanders running out this time …"
Surdak nodded and said, "Well, it’s nothing. I went back to spy on those guys. Remember to tell that guy to keep all the salamander heads when I came back from Gulitim."
"Know the captain" Aboriginal soldier Andrew watched Surdak disappear again.
Aphrodite yawned and turned away from Samira’s room.
Carl and the knights of the squadron didn’t live in the security guard room here, so they couldn’t accommodate 60 knights of the guard camp, so these knights of the guard camp stayed in the townhouses at the entrance of the village.
Andrew waited patiently until dawn and ran to Carl’s door to give this parchment map to Carl.
"Your captain is back?" Carl asked casually.
"No, it’s a message!" Indigenous warriors belong to red skin, and when they blush, their roots can’t be seen.
Carl led the squadron to enter the wasteland first and headed for the western wasteland along the route marked by Surdak.
Andrew accompanied Samira Liuwo Village to wait for Captain Sauron’s first brigade.
I didn’t expect the rebels to have such a strong sense of danger. The investigation team has been looking for his whereabouts in Death Ridge.
After dawn, all the rebels dispatched them to the foot of the mountain, waving sickles to snatch back the ears of half-cooked wheat in the Yan wheat field.
The old people, children and women who were hiding in the broken house looked at the rebels with despair, and no one dared to stop them from coming. It was agreed that when the oats were ripe, they would be given some rations to support them to walk back to Hailanza, but now it seems that these crazy rebels are not going to follow the previous agreement
They can pray that when these rebels cut wheat, more ears of wheat will fall in the fields, and when they leave, they will pick up the scattered ears of wheat in the fallen fields so that everyone can cross this barren western wasteland.
The old people sat in the thatched cottage and slowly closed their eyes while watching the oats one after another.
The next evening, dark red clouds filled the sky.
The wheat field has been harvested by the rebels, but some of these ears are blue. After a whole day’s exposure, they are still not completely dry. The ears of wheat are pulled off and the oats are difficult to get rid of the ears of wheat, which delays the evacuation plan of cavendish’s mid-team leader for another day.
Rebel against the military law, such as these oats are completely dry, and they can be cut from straw and put into linen bags.
More than 150 horses have been waiting for the broken village at the foot of the mountain. These horses silently chew some blue oats and eat their bellies one by one.
The groom who is in charge of the horses told the rebel soldiers not to feed the horses too much, otherwise, once the clean water is drunk, these oats will easily burst the belly of the horses and the roots of the horses will not run when they are full.