Alley plays slowly, which is a bit like Tai Chi, but it’s not.
Xu Le didn’t bother and Alley didn’t stop.
Until the end of her practice Xu Lecai said with a smile with a sigh of relief.
"Looks like it’s recovering well."
"Well, the fruit works very well. Thank you."
Although Ai Liyin is still as cold as ever, Xu Le still hears some gentle feelings from it.
Don’t ask how you can hear it. Asking is a matter of heart.
"So you should be able to move freely in less than a month."
"Before Dr. Xia told me that I was free to move during the day, just don’t start work."
Alley seems to be in a good mood, and even Xu Le’s mood has become cheerful.
"Now that the daytime is feasible, let’s go to eat. I just have something to ask you."
It’s strange to hear Xu Le say that about Alley.
Although her extraordinary level is much higher than that of Xu Lego, a very powerful warlock in Xu Le often makes people very surprised.
Thus make people forget that gap between them.
"Do you also need to ask something?"
"Of course, I want to learn from people who are worth learning.
For me, no enemies along the way are friends and teachers, but the way they educate me is different. "
Hear Xu Le say so alley slightly one leng.
Maybe Xu Le really experienced something unforgettable when he was at the lighthouse.
"The enemy is also a teacher?"
Hearing Alley’s question, Xu Le remembered Gu Jianuo and Xiong Zemo, a powerful and emotional scavenger who was crazy by ideals.
Gu Jianuo was noncommittal about whether Xu Le was right or wrong, but she did achieve her dream and died in the end.
Yu Xiong Ze Mo … He is really a powerful monster.
Xiong Zemo really made Xu Le realize that different levels of warlocks have great strength gap.
However, they racked their brains and did their best to kill a Xiong Zemo puppet.
In fact, the first fat puppet has annihilated two night watchman teams, the third-level warlock Gakukano, the golden light distorter.
Xu Le felt desperate when the second puppet appeared.
That’s not really Xiong Zemo’s card.
This is the warlock gap!
"They are enemies and teachers. They have taught me a lot." Xu Le went to the window to remember the past.
Seems to be aware of Xu Le depressed Alley took the initiative to come to Xu Le behind hold Xu Le fingers rare gentle tone said.
"The past is the past. Forget it. Let’s go to dinner."
Xu Le’s heart tremble when that dog pulls his hand.
The concept of holding your sister’s hand by yourself is different from that of holding your hand by your sister.
This leads to a situation.
It’s a bit hopeless to have this kind of performance, but it’s true for a hot-blooded virgin like Xu Le
"Well, later! I’ll go to the toilet first. "
Xu Le bent down slightly to keep himself from being exposed. He washed his face in the toilet to calm himself down.
"All right, let’s go."
Two people walk upstairs and look at the busy street Xu Le suddenly asked.
"Is this a date?"
Ellie curled her head and thought about such a thing. She doesn’t know. She has no experience in this field.
"I don’t know. It should be."