After crossing the noisy market, Boqiang Sudak followed Gaby to a large tent at the outermost edge of the hillside, which was a temporary camp for a big caravan.
This big circular tent is surrounded by several small tents like stars holding the moon. Behind the circular tent, there are more than a dozen goods piles covered with tarpaulins, and at the back, there is a wooden fence. There are more than twenty horses and mules in the stable.
Several shop assistants are carrying a batch of goods from a cargo pile. A scooter should be some grain bags full of oats.
The camp is surrounded by green glass grass, and there are serious trampling marks around it. Some horseshoe prints are filled with rain just yesterday.
At the tent gate, there were two guards in armor. When they saw Boqiang people walk in, they stopped them with halberds in their hands.
Gaby politely said to the guard, "I’m Mr. Larkin, the shop buddy. Mr. Larkin asked me to come over."
He reached the tent without waiting for the guard to reply, and there was a gentle sound in the tent.
"Ask them to come in …"
Guards will hand halberd to stand around and stretch out his hand to lift the tent curtain and invite Boqiang and Surdak inside.
The tent was covered with soft fur. A young noble knight sat in the main seat, with several businessmen sitting on both sides. Larkin, a businessman, sat in the middle. There was a small wooden table in front of him, and a fruit bowl filled with green grapes and purple plums.
In the corner of the tent, there is an ice cube that is constantly steaming white, so that there are two temperatures inside and outside the tent, and it is much cooler inside the tent than outside. I thought that this is probably the aristocratic life in Surdak’s mouth.
Larkin saw Gaby bring Surdak and Boqiang in and hurriedly called Surdak Boqiang to walk over.
Then he got up and introduced to the young aristocrats in the tent, saying, "Baron Trikaki, this is Surdak, who belongs to the 57th regiment here, and this is his friend Little Duck, who owns the heads of these evil spirits in my hand."
The young aristocrat, wearing a black ceremonial face inlaid with gold lace, looked particularly white and casually sitting there with a silver glass in his hand. He shook the ice in the glass and rattled the glass wall, which immediately made the tent quiet.
The Baron Trikaki asked Surdak, "I heard that you are interested in transferring the heads of these four evil spirits?"
"That’s true," Surdak replied.
Baron Trikaki gently raised a thin eyebrow. His face was a little too green and in a state of change. A unique hoarse voice said, "Can you tell me the origin of these four evil spirits’ heads again?"
Surdak hesitated for a moment, but still said, "It took about two days to walk all the way east along the valley in the mountains of Gandaier. I can guarantee that these four evil spirits’ heads belong to our 57th regiment. If necessary, I can take you to the site to have a look. I believe there are still some evil spirits’ bones left over there."
Baron Trikaki didn’t seem to want to go to the scene to have a look, he said casually
"Well, I’m just asking casually and checking on the spot. I don’t want to get into trouble."
At this time, the old man sitting in Baron Trikaki hurriedly dozen circle field, and his gentle tone said to Surdak
"Baron Trikaki invited two people here not to delve into the origin of these battles, but to hear Larkin say that you want these battles in exchange for a suit of armor. The more advanced armor, the stricter the requirements for size and model, depending on which suit you are suitable for."
Bo Qiang heard from the old man’s voice that he was the one who had just invited them in the tent.
The old man looked more like a businessman. He looked at Surdak and Boqiang carefully and asked, "So … which one does the armor belong to?"
Sur Dacla took Boqiang to the carpet next to Larkin and said casually, "Give him the standard armor root of the heavy armor infantry regiment without extra customized private armor."
"This …" The old man looked at Bo Qiang.
"He’s dumb. We call him Little Duck," Larkin said hurriedly.
After hearing Larkin say this, the old man smiled kindly at Boqiang and then ordered the waiter at the door.
"Go to the warehouse that set of bronze locks to build body armor …"
He paused for a moment before adding.
"well! In addition, move that set of Warcraft leather armor. "
The two waiters turned and walked out, and soon they carried in two sets of different armor.
The old man didn’t look at the two sets of armor, but said softly, "The market value of these four heads is about four magic stones at present."
Larkin secretly nodded to Surdak to signal that the businessman was right.
Real Surdak probably knows the value of these evil spirits’ heads in his heart.
See Surdak Boqiang without objection. The old man got up from his seat and walked to the front of the bronze armor and said to them.
"This armor weighs 35 pounds and is made up of nearly a thousand pieces of bronze armor. If it is simply a set of bronze armor, then even a new set of lock-type bronze armor is worth about seven gold coins, but this armor is a little different. Each armor piece is plated with a precious magical metal. This armor has good anti-magic properties, so it is worth three magic crystals less."
How expensive!’
It will almost cost Boqiang some money from the sale of the evil spirits’ head department.
Boqiang knows about this world currency. Three magic stones can be exchanged for about 30 gold coins.
An ordinary civilian can probably save dozens of gold coins in one generation.
Surdak’s eyes rested on the heavy armor, and his eyes also showed deep interest. The standard armor of the 57th heavy armor infantry regiment was not so sophisticated.
The old man went to another set of leather armor and introduced it to everyone.
"This leather armor is made of second-class Warcraft leather. Probably more than half of it is made of the skin of the snake lizard. The back of the swamp crocodile is made of thick leather. The half of this leather armor of Warcraft does not belong to the category of heavy armor, but the half belongs to heavy leather armor."
Hearing the old man say this, Surdak was completely attracted by that suit of armor that didn’t look too good. Even Larkin grew up and his mouth showed a very unexpected expression.
The old man continued to introduce