Qin Pianran has already been reincarnated, and they are still separated by Yin and Yang.
These words he naturally won’t say to Yan Beichen.
After all, this is Yan Beichen’s hope that Wu Daozun doesn’t want this little hope to be dashed.
Yan Beichen has been temporarily out of danger.
Wu Daozun also thinks about the connection.
For him, the most important thing at present is not to continue plundering resources, but to create the martial arts and methods!
He needs to be enlightened.
This is a very long proces.
Maybe ten thousand years, maybe one hundred thousand years, maybe hundreds of thousands of years, and maybe it will be created forever.
But in any case, Wu Daozun can keep walking.
From the moment he set foot on this road, he was doomed to go back and walk alone!
Seeing Yan Beichen’s experience made Wu Daozun’s mood change a lot.
He didn’t want to build any power.
But at this moment, he moved his mind to create a force in the magic domain!
Only in this way can we have a better chance to find the old friends who have soared to heaven and get more news.
What’s more, the bigger the power, the more hands he has, and the more secrets he can collect.
This is extremely important for him to create a martial art practice!
But now he wants to be busy with enlightenment.
It is necessary to give this matter to a trustworthy person with powerful means who can have sex in the magic field.
Yan Beichen naturally believes that the realm and combat power of uniting the magic will rise rapidly after the article is revised.
Yan Beichen fought in the battlefield, and the generals fought a bloody battle and won.
But if you are in charge of one party, it is not suitable.
Yan Beichen has hatred and obsession in his heart, and many times he can make rational judgments.
"This candidate …"
Wu Daozun’s mind has already made a decision.
Chapter two thousand one hundred and sixty-six Sirius rebirth
"Sirius, have you ever thought about real rebirth?"
Wu Daozun suddenly asked
Sirius tiny zheng carefully tried to ask "master, you mean …"
Wu Daozun said, "Let you have an independent life and body for the rest of your life!"
"This …"
At that time Sirius some can’t believe it.
Although he was reborn by Emperor Papman in another way, he was a spirit.