The only requirement for playing songs is that you must sing your own songs.
Former Wu Liang had no confidence in writing his own songs. He never considered taking this road, but now it’s different. He has an ox in his hand and is forced to form a system of singing gods. This is the shortcut to his success!
Wu Liang might not have thought of it if he hadn’t woken up in a daze, but when Hu said it, Wu Liang immediately felt that he seemed to see the dawn of completion
What can get more fans faster than this?
Wu Liang almost wanted to hug this dumb guy across the screen and kiss him. Almost at this moment, the crazy dog food dog man and woman made a gorgeous turn in his heart.
The benefactor!
Without saying goodbye to Wu Liang, the dog, well, the couple dropped the live broadcast and hit the webpage in lightning speed.
Enter "Music Network" to search. Wu Liang found that the largest and most formal music network should be a network called "Love Music Network".
He saw a long list of familiar names from the homepage of this website. Each of these names is a glittering signboard. All the songs you want to hear can be found here.
The most important thing is that these songs are!
"Alas, the music circle is ruined by these networks!" Wu Liang spat out a sentence with heaven and earth in his heart, saying that he didn’t have time to take care of himself again. The registration page of Dianwang registered an account for himself first and then logged into the song channel.
After filling in a long list of materials, Wu Liang finally got the music qualification.
He was glad to bring up the song "Happy Break-up", and was about to consider it again and again. The arrangement software was optimized and the song was re-recorded, and then the song was put online.
"Get it done!" Wu Liang clapped his hands and looked forward to thinking that "a lot of worship value can be gained when the audit is passed"
In a daze, he seems to see those adoration values, just like the leeks in the field grow green and faint, and then he brandishes a sickle and cuts and cuts and cuts and crops and crops …
Humming a pleasant little song, Wu Liang turned to go out to buy food.
Wu Liang didn’t listen to the editorial department of the music network long after his songs.
Lu Xiaoyun is a new editor of Aixiang Music Network. She just graduated and was assigned to be in charge of the novice department because of her junior qualifications.
Her current job is to review the songs of the newcomers every day, no matter whether they are good or bad, and they are not illegal, so she will add them to the online charts.
Although this job looks easy, only those who have really experienced it know that it is a nightmare level test.
Newcomers, there are always good and bad songs, maybe occasionally some can make people shine, but most of them are those magic sounds that pour encephalopathy moans, so the whole person’s personality will split after listening to the songs for a long time
It didn’t take long for Lu Xiaoyun to come to this department to realize something. People often resign here. Novices who can drive people crazy really make her feel miserable.
What she envies most now is that the senior editors and the group of people censored by them are all from famous online singers. Although the songs of these singers may not be beautiful in every capital, they will not be like those newcomers who don’t know anything. It is simply killing you.
After listening to most of the songs today, she felt very tired and had a long stretch. She looked at the office clock with a wry smile and comforted herself by saying, "Fortunately, it’s almost 4: 30 and she can finally get away."
I gave myself a little spirit to encourage her to go back to her seat soon and wear headphones to listen to the "divine comedy" that made her nervous breakdown.
After listening to two so-called newcomers in a row, Lu Xiaoyun felt that she was almost insensitive. I don’t know how long this life will last. She suddenly had an impulse to resign with her colleagues.
"Patience, peace and forgiveness" Lu Xiaoyun desperately recited these four words silently in his heart as if this could calm himself down.
When she ordered the third song, she felt that she was ready to accept a more violent impact.
However, with the soothing music, Lu Xiaoyun suddenly stared blankly for a little surprised.
Actually, it’s very smooth, and it’s not annoying or crude among those novices at all.
But she was in no hurry and decided to listen to it.
In fact, it’s quite good for many newcomers to write it just by listening to accompaniment, but it can be said that as far as pure music is concerned, they compete with the king of heaven and the queen of heaven
But when they took a bite, all the illusions collapsed in an instant.
What can somebody else become a king of heaven? It is because people sing well rather than write well.
If singing is compared to martial arts, the singer is a knight-errant, music is a sword, and the combination of man and sword is the high realm. Just the sharp blade controls it, and the knight-errant is a rookie, so this sword can’t be used.
Many people are "as fierce as a dog’s singing destroys everything". It’s really amazing that a good song falls into their hands.
Lu Xiaoyun hopes that this newcomer is not the kind of rookie who "destroys everything at once"
As the door melody is over, the singer’s voice slowly rings.
"I help you predict.
Have you made a compromise?
But how sad I am.
Friends love so much. "
Hua! Lu Xiaoyun opened her eyes wide and the desk file was swept to the ground by her consciously, but she didn’t pay attention to the meaning at all.
Sounds good!
Lu Xiaoyun felt that she was like the tutor in the variety show "Good Voice of China" at the moment when she suddenly heard a voice that made her feel amazing. Suddenly, her hair stood up and her eyes widened, and she had an impulse to turn back and shoot the button at any time.
It’s a pity that it’s not the stage of Good Voice of China, and she can’t see what that singer looks like.
However, she has been deeply immersed in this magnetic sound and feels that she has some ways to extricate herself.
"Happy break-up. I wish you happiness.
You can find better.
Don’t want to spend the winter tired of being heavy
Fly to a tropical island to swim. "
Unconsciously, a drop of glittering and translucent tears slipped from the corner of Lu Xiaoyun’s eye.
This is not a sad song, but I don’t know why, but she still thinks of her college romance that died suddenly, and she has a sour feeling in her heart.
Like all college romances that break up after graduation, Lu Xiaoyun and her boyfriend chose to break up because they were separated from each other after graduation. Although I have repeatedly told myself that this is a necessary stage of maturity, I still can’t help crying when I think of those sweet past days and those who walked across the runway hand in hand in the middle of the night in the school playground.
When I heard this song, I didn’t want to think about the past for a long time. It seemed that someone had hooked me up again. The music was soft, but I felt a faint pain in my heart.
"Bastard!" Lu Xiaoyun secretly scolded a paper towel pulled from the table and rubbed it several times around her eyes.
After scolding, I don’t know what, but suddenly I feel a lot better.
It seems that just as the lyrics sang "Happy Break-up, I wish you happiness, you can find better".
I can’t stay yesterday, but I can’t stay today. Can I find something better?