This infantry regiment has about 1.5 thousand infantry.
If you map it, you will find that the Seventh Infantry Regiment has been sticking out from the border of Bansk town to a cone and has been stabbing into the jungle mountains on the east side.
In the afternoon, the magicians once again flew to the camp of the 7 th Infantry Regiment on magic handfuls to explore the possible reinforcements around their camp.
Quintus’s great swordsmen marched into the jungle with their swordsmen, blocking the retreat of the Seventh Infantry Regiment.
The Surdak Heavily Armored Infantry Regiment will leave in the evening. Demos brought back 1,500 pieces of overlapping armor equipment to a heavily armored infantry regiment than Surdak, the current head of the First Heavily Armored Infantry Regiment.
In addition to this heavily armored infantry regiment, there are 500 archers who go to war with the army. These archers are almost wearing leather boots and linen cloth except an alloy bow.
However, the recruits don’t care that they like this longbow with longer range.
The latest news from the magic mission is that the infantry behind the seventh infantry regiment is at least ten kilometers apart
Even if his infantry came to rescue Shao, it would be an hour later.
The team stepped on a puddle full of duckweeds and soft dead branches and rotten leaves. When night fell, they saw dim lights in the distance of the jungle, and clusters of bonfires entered Surdak’s eyes through the cracks in the trees.
It seems that the soldiers over there are having dinner, and there are some barbecues in the air. The smell may be that there is not enough rations to eat, and some small animals in the forest need to be hunted.
Samira personally solved the problem that the sentry team in the forest on the west side of the seventh infantry battalion has been close to the Lord’s army 50 meters away, and the chat sounds can be heard more clearly than when eating.
All the archers came to the front of the line and formed a long line …
Maybe the bonfire in the camp is too dazzling, maybe the infantry regiment trusts the surrounding outposts too much, and they still know nothing about the arrival of the Surdak infantry regiment.
That’s how the fighting suddenly started …
Archers came out from behind the tree and aimed at the camp of the seventh infantry regiment for a round of flat fire. The infantry soldiers were shot by arrows near the bonfire on the west side of the camp.
Fortunately, the difficult infantry soldiers quickly sought shelter and hid behind the camp. There was a cry, a scream and a curse. Some people shouted’ Enemy attack …’ Some people picked up their weapons and prepared to fight back.
Archers continue to approach and shoot the second round of arrow rain.
It was the first time for Demos to participate in this kind of attack on the camp. When he saw the infantry fighting back in the opposite camp, he quickly asked the armored archers to retreat behind the shield soldiers and spear soldiers
At one time, a warrior wearing a black armor shield emerged from the Woods, and they held brand-new swords and shields in their hands.
A two-headed ogre, more than three meters tall, rushed to the front of the team. He was carrying a big stick covered with barbed wire in his hand. Every step he took made the woodland tremble. He was wearing thick ice armor, and he still held a fireball in his hand. When he saw him throw the fireball in his hand at a bowman who was preparing to bow and take an arrow, he immediately blew the bowman out.
The squadron leaders of the 7 th Infantry Regiment are already in the camp, and the team is on the west side. The infantry have come over with the chief.
The squadron leaders of these infantry regiments are all one-turn fighters, but they are not heavy cavalry regiments. The squadron leaders don’t have magic patterns. Although they are experienced in combat, their fighting power is not bad, but they have the strength of two-turn. The two-headed ogre is as harmless as a lamb.
Gulitem swung a big stick and dashed a mid-team leader with a shield to fly out. He took off more than ten meters and hit a big tree. When the blood came out, he was carrying some broken liver.
Surdak is still the center of the infantry team, and the aura of his foot strength is the greatest support of these heavily armored infantry. This armor is too heavy, and the soldiers wear this armor to charge, and their physical exertion is extremely fast. Only with the aura of Surdak’s strength can it be alleviated.
However, the aura of Surdak’s power is limited in scope. Only soldiers with a range of 60 yards can feel it. Not all infantry soldiers can grab such a good position.
This also forces the stormtroopers to be cohesive enough …
These poor lords took off their armor at lunch, and now many people come to the Surdak Infantry Regiment for a fierce battle without wearing their armor.
A double-headed ogre stood at the front of the procession, followed by a paladin with a halo of power.
The new army has nothing to do with the charge formation. The double-headed ogre drives it into a front and arrow array naturally, just like a sharp arrow stabbing into the barracks of the Seventh Infantry Regiment.
The commander of the 7th Infantry Regiment just commanded the battle with a firm face at the entrance of Zhongjun’s tent.
As the Lord’s infantry were losing ground, the commander was completely out of his mind at the moment and hurriedly sent three red magic flares into the night.
Samira took 500 archers to mend the knife behind the battlefield.
Surdak quickly rushed to the center of the camp, surrounded by cronies of the commander of the seventh infantry regiment, and quickly retreated westward.
In the corner of the camp, there are more than 50 hellhounds and demon servants. Before they joined the battle, they found that these 20 magicians were floating. Their hands almost lit up with fireballs and flames, and the camp turned into a sea of fire.
Death toll of hellhound fireball …
In just half an hour, the seventh infantry battalion announced that it had been solved. Commander Alex fled to the western jungle with a group of routed troops.
Because it is dark, the forest is full of fleeing lords.
There are also some lords who watched the people behind them chase and surrender, and then rushed to the archers to pick up the waist ropes and tie up these prisoners.
Whether these prisoners were injured or not, all of them were dragged to the front of the big tent in the center of the camp for custody.
Every swordsman is five meters apart. They are like a huge fishing net to stop the Seventh Infantry from returning home.