Like a miniature Koda duck …
After a while!
Mia combed her hair, winked at Mark and said, "Thank you anyway."
Mark raised his glass with a smile and said, "I owed Tang Cai to prison because of me."
Mia was just about to speak.
Mia glanced at the knocked door and didn’t speak!
Mark put the glass away and knocked on the door directly, staring at the sweat on his forehead. It seems that he ran all the way to Brian.
Then he turned to Mia and said, "I don’t know much about feelings, but I think you two should have a good talk. You can sleep here tonight."
Say that!
Mark waved directly and walked towards the ladder.
Where does Mark sleep?
Still asking?
Get another room. He didn’t pay for it anyway …
Chapter 241 New neighbors
December 17th!
Mark flew back to new york by special plane after the joint meeting of the Federal Los Angeles Directors, which lasted for half a month …
Things and people in Los Angeles?
Mark thinks Los Angeles belongs to Los Angeles!
For the future of Brian and Mia or Bald Don and Letty, that’s not what Mark can worry about.
He’s not a nanny, so it’s not his fault that bald Don and Letty will end up stealing oil in some third-rate country in the future.
That doesn’t make sense!
After returning to the station the next day, Mark quickly scanned the holiday arrangements and some signed documents.
Christmas has always been a holiday the week before, and this time is no exception.
From the day after tomorrow, the holiday will be held until January 6 next year.
This is a long vacation, no doubt!
Mark and Cooper spent half a day together with several field agents to discuss the personnel on duty …
After the meeting.
Mark patted his ass and immediately jumped off the federal building!
As for the rest, Mark said that Cooper should work harder if he can …
When you get home!
Mark saw the Chihuahua spreading flaming red on his sofa at first sight.
Don’t know what
Mark always feels that he seems to have seen this lux chihuahua somewhere.
But when you think about it carefully, you are at a loss!
"Mark, when are we going to Skye?" When I heard the door, I covered my little face with red, tall and blonde, and my daughter, Lailisi, came from the building in a hurry to take off her coat, so Mark asked.
Mark was slightly stunned and immediately said, "After Christmas, there should be an internet installation in the afterlife. Don’t you and Skye often video?"
"Yeah, but …" Lailisi rolled her eyes and then waved and said, "I can’t tell you clearly."
Then directly toward the sofa lux chihuahua called a Chihuahua with little short legs and threw herself into her arms, and climbed the stairs and went back to his room.
Mark nai shook his head.
Put your coat on the sofa and roll up your sleeves, which is to prepare to clean the snow outside the door.
What’s the saying?
A house without sweeping the sky!
After all, it’s almost the New Year, and nannies usually come to clean up, but at this time, they always have to show their respect symbolically in person!
Busy for a long time!
Just as Mark was about to clear the snow leading to the gate, Kate came back from the supermarket and pointed to the exit of the community. "Didn’t our community specially invite a snow sweeping team to come this year?" How did you do it yourself? "
"… when?"
"Just now, there’s Jie’s house."
Mark leng in situ low bowed their heads and looked at himself.
One hand broom and one hand shovel …