In a flash, he has gone from the five-element streamer platform.
Traveling in these five elements of heaven is too empty, and the Chinese side struggles and moves like a beautiful god, resonating with heaven and earth.
Luo Yu Yuan Shen’s feet are too empty, his eyes are shining like the Milky Way, and everything in front of him is like the vibration of Yuan Ling particles, which are constantly separated and constantly form things.
Spread your arms and wave, but the square is as empty as the stars, and the pilgrimage is as bright as the stars.
He waved his arm again, and the stars and Huahui had suddenly condensed in front of him, and the law force was actually modeled into a bright and huge map of Yin and Yang.
Luo Yu strolls forward and backward in vain, such as stepping on the poles of Yin and Yang, and pointing to the stars, which is mysterious and unpredictable.
There seems to be chaos in the distance ahead, and the time flies like a broad road. It seems to cross the ages slowly. The rotation of the map of Yin and Yang echoes endlessly, just like feeling the words in the mouth of the avenue gods.
"….. when the sun is shining, the five colors are shining, the night is cloudy, the day is cloudy, the day is sunny, the day is cloudy, the day is cloudy, the day is cloudy, the day is negative, or Zangyang pushes the five elements to rise and fall, and the six poles are descending and ascending …"
At the moment, the platform of the five elements cave is vibrating violently.
Xiao Luoyun has been awakened by the change of heaven and earth.
He is surprised to open his mouth and look up at the distant virtual depths. He is pedaling Tai Chi to explore the stars and getting farther and farther away from the back of Yuan Shen.
At the same time, jingwei’s intensive training in the mainland at such a time also felt the change of heaven and earth.
Around the mountains, the earth trembled slightly, and the clouds surrounded it into a yin-yang state. When the wind whirled, it changed suddenly and slowly. Nine days later, it seemed that the sound of the gods echoed faintly.
They are looking up. I wonder what happened.
Although the atmospheric clouds are not visible, they can clearly hear Luo Yu rolling like a god
"The world is famous, and everything in the world is naive, and everything in the world is naive, and everything in the world is cloudy … Tao Xuan is the birth of all things and five elements of heaven and earth, and my Tao, Meng Yin Yang, should seek for me from Yuan Chaos …"
At the moment, jingwei mainland’s theory of mountains, rivers, lakes and seas is that all souls are facing the sky, and the sound of heaven seems to be infected. Generally, they pray to the ground devoutly.
Although they can’t see the too empty scene, they guess from the echoes of heaven and earth that the young master must be seeking his own way by understanding heaven and earth.
And loyal followers, the only thing they can give now is a sincere belief and a pure heart.
At the same time, it’s too empty
Luo Yu has stepped on Yin and Yang to take all the stars, and before the end of the chaos in the virtual depths.
This ….. is the rank state of the five elements at the end of the cave, just like the chaos in Iraq at the beginning of heaven and earth.
He stood still and looked at the empty chaos in front of him, asking himself solemnly, "I’m in my body, I want to go out of my mind, and when the five elements of the world go backwards, I’ll explore the heavens and the earth, and I’ll realize that it’s a secret."
After that, he unexpectedly stepped into chaos with the five elements of heaven and earth wrapped in his body!
Disappeared in a flash!
Obviously, no one knows that Luoyun broke through these five lines of cave barriers and Yuan Shen went to Fang?
In an instant, the stars around me dissipated, and the brilliance of Yin and Yang collapsed with the collapse of the five-element streamer platform. Luo Yu’s flesh was suddenly drooping and "thundering", and he gave up his breath and fell to the ground!
Xiao Luoyun was shocked to hear that he turned around and suddenly opened his eyes!
"Brother ~!"
He rolled and crawled and rushed to pick up Luoyu, feeling the cold body in his arms. He suddenly froze in place!
"How … how did that happen? I just woke up? What the hell happened here …? "
At that time, Xiao Luoyun had tears in his eyes, and he didn’t know how to carry Luo Yu out of the body, so he burped!
But Luo Yu’s body gave up the ghost and died.
However, it seems that there are thousands of people in the Jingwei mainland who pray for the sky and shake the sky, but they are stirred up by the brilliance of the earth monument.
"… jingwei clan pray that my Lord’s 99-99 road will be a natural place ~!"
Little Luo Yun has been shaking Luo Yu’s body in bewilderment.
At the same time, he looked back into the distance and said, "What’s going on here?"
Obviously, Xiao Luoyun is still very stupid at the moment, so I don’t know what happened.
At the same time
I saw that the stone platform in the center of Lingchi beside me was closing eyes and sitting peacefully. Luo Shen’s body was majestic and accompanied by burning Tianwei sweeping the party.
"All the spirits are just me, and I pray for the macro to help me return to the original!"
This place, where the sound of God hangs in the sky, represents the earth spirit source, and the stars have the power to read. Huaguang has successively broken through the atmosphere and the sky, like thousands of meteors, and stepped straight into the chaos in the depths of the void.
Suddenly, the huge monument of the earth spirit is also dazzling, such as the Huaguang Gold Monument, the Water Monument, and so on.
Boom ~
As Luo Shen’s voice fell, Xiao Luoyun looked up and looked at the huge monument in the four directions, and the time gathered into the sky. Unexpectedly, it crossed the nine Wan Li Taixu and instantly poured into the chaotic margin!
Surrounding shocks not only make people dizzy, but also sit on the cusp.
Not a small cloud has been horrified and trembling.
"Is this … here to step?"
Obviously, the little guy Luo Yu, the owner of this five-line cave, hangs up the five-line cave. Can the world be good?
At the same time, God gave the mainland a mountain top.
The night wind is like a sea of clouds.
Suddenly, the ripples in the Daoyin pool started to spread and the four sides vibrated violently, such as boiling!
The statue of the cat was suddenly transformed into a shadow of the cat.
He suddenly woke up and looked up at the night, his eyebrows fluttering deep and old eyes staring at the deepest part of the stars as if he could see the distant emptiness and see the unknown truth of heaven and earth.