See Xiao Yan Mao’s reaction, and there is a strong interest in his eyebrows and eyes.
Xiao Yan didn’t pay attention to the expression of falling mountain. He turned over his promise to keep an account. "The picking garden earned 70,000 yuan, the accommodation earned 35,000 yuan, and the daytime star attraction earned 9,000 yuan. There is no customer praise in the elf forest, and the value has increased by 130 points."
"It’s not bad to earn more than 100 thousand in half a month." Xiao Yan bought 100 thousand yuan of peach trees
Sowing and falling awn bear.
His fingers are planting a little, and then it rains with a wave of his sleeve.
Every petal falls to the ground and becomes a thriving seedling.
Then Luomang picked a diamond from his sweater chain and threw it into the semi-misty drizzle. The seedlings were drenched in the rain and the speed increased with the naked eye.
Xiao Yan applauded beside "well done"
Why can’t Qi Jiantong, both UR employees, help? Sometimes you should treat him well.
The next morning, the peach tree will grow into a slim girl. It’s not flowering now, but anything is possible under the magical power of falling mountain.
The peach grove shook pink, and visitors were shocked by the wonders in front of them.
Not last night. The whole peach grove seems to have sprung up from the land overnight!
It has long been said on the internet that Xiao Yan is hiding the rich and spending a lot of money on farming.
At present, Taolin is certainly a high-tech rush, and no one is suspicious. Everyone is rushing to take pictures in Taolin.
Taolin is located in the transition zone between Butterfly Valley and dense forest. Both Butterfly Valley and Taolin are full of dense forests, but few people visit them.
His jungle looks too dangerous, as if the medieval black forest was afraid to go in easily.
Xiao Yan is not in a hurry. It is better to take pictures with fewer tourists.
There are two R-level employees who love smelly robots, which can provide tourists with modeling, photography and retouching.
In the 6th century, robots made customers who were generally not worried suspicious.
The famous [lingshan scenic spot Elf Forest] scenic spot hangs on the network, featuring wedding photos, S photos and Llia Han framing.
The price of dense forest photography is low. Xiao Yan arranges the opening discount. 15 yuan contracts the whole forest and can shoot as much as he wants. There is no time to worry about no one coming.
Jiang Wennuan loves splay. She is still a college student with limited funds.
In order to make a film, she studied makeup and accessories on her own, saved money and rented space, and worked hard to find the cheapest spaceship ticket and stay in an affordable hotel.
After buying a set of heart water s, she couldn’t help but feel excited and wanted to move to a small vault to make a film.
The price of the photo studio calmed her down.
It’s too expensive! If she wants to shoot, it’s better to look like a fantasy fairyland. The landscaping price is generally 1+ without photography.
More than half of a good film depends on the photographer. She and her friends are amateurs and can’t shoot the effect. If we rent another photographer, it will cost 15 less.
Jiang Wennuan glanced at bulingbuling, the glittering and lovely fairy skirt around him and refused to give up. He adjusted the price from low to high and searched again.
The first thing you see is 【 lingshan scenic spot Elf Forest 】.
Elf forest? She wants style.
Look at the price, the opening price, and the unlimited photography in 15 yuan.
Lingshan scenic spot has recently exploded on the Internet, and the fare is low and good, but it is too cheap to take photos in 15 yuan …
The landscaping must be unsightly. I guess it’s just pulling a curtain at random and repairing it for 30 cents later.
Jiang Wennuan opened the details page without hope, and the pop-up photo surprised her.
Quiet and deep natural forest, ancient trees like wise old men are telling strange stories submerged by time, and tendrils of tussah are intertwined from a height into a green waterfall.
Cascading branches and leaves cover the sunny forest, and a broken stone road winds in the distance, leading people to a secret eroded by hyphae.
Natural scenery, but when the forest is so dense, there will be mosquito bites, maybe snakes …
Jiang Wennuan hesitated. She slid to the main page and saw this line.
"Mosquitoes, snakes or other wild animals are sprayed on a large scale in the scenic spot."