"How was the investigation?" Tang Niu took out a joint name written by the local people from his pocket, but asked the court to keep the grain that was not paid enough tax this year until next year, which reflected that the local people were suffering too much and was of little significance to the investigation.
"Some make you two come back at the right moment" windson bowed their heads and wrote a few words.
"Cheng just got angry and had no place to scatter!"
In the dark, windy and dark, more than a dozen figures quickly approached, armed with swords and dressed in black night clothes, and marched quickly along both sides of the street.
There are two lanterns hanging in front of the county yamen, which give out a hazy light, just as it is said. The defense here is like a dummy, and you can enter and exit at will.
"The first team is responsible for attracting insiders, and the second team is responsible for setting fire to that person and giving it to me." The first team of Heifeng Wei is the strongest to attract opponents. Once it encounters the same self-protection ability, the second team’s purpose of setting fire is to distract the other party’s attention to the maximum extent. The real killing trick is to kill yourself in the dark at the speed of ghost wind, which can easily kill people.
"set out"
Two shadows close to one person’s wrist, and the hanging lanterns should be destroyed by shaking. Before the whole county government, I saw a sword in the man’s hand sticking to the crack of the door and picking it. It must be a good player, listening to a cork and playing directly from the inside.
The creaking of the gate is not a big night, but you can still hear clearly. "Who?"
It’s bad luck for two chiefs to walk out from the inside with machetes and lanterns. Two shadows should not have appeared here. The two shadows are instantaneous and close to each other. The sword falls and the left hand conveniently covers the other side. The shots are clean and neat, but the two chiefs who appear in the moment have lost their lives in vain.
In the dark, when one person presses one hand and one person hides in the dark and looks at the other person’s murder, he will jump out. The person next to him hurriedly said, "You can’t break the event on impulse."
Black wind flicker into two chief corners of the mouth in a pool of blood show cruel smile "hear people talk about Lin Fengru get don’t want to keep these didn’t belong to the plan" this moment will die dangtu county chief as Lin Fengren.
The figure is about one point, and the first team goes straight to the backyard. It should be responsible for setting fire to the second team, a total of five people. "Li Hu gives it to you and those people give it to me."
The sound is very low, almost at the same time, the figure has reached several feet away, and it can have such a rapid posture. When the toes land, they hardly make a sound, and there are flying swallows.
Tang Niu hid in the dark, motionless, one person, the long sword hand in the courtyard of the county government, and the whole person seemed to blend into the darkness in front of him.
The black wind doesn’t move him, and so on. All the arrangements are to get rid of Dangtu county magistrate and prevent those things that are not good for adults from being handed over from this person to Lin Feng’s people.
He waited for a few people to sneak into the backyard quietly. Most of these places are used to put sundries and set fires. It is also easier for the fire to break out. The man stared blankly for a handshake, and the fire broke into two pieces. The rest of the handshake fell to the ground and quickly went out.
"Why are you so careless?"
The companion beside me said, an unexpected thing happened again from the pocket. The fire broke just after it was lit and broke again.
"Will there be ghosts!"
"Fart where ghosts are afraid of the wicked, even if there are ghosts, we just kill the wicked without blinking an eye." Feitian Yan was invisible in the dark, holding a few stones in her hand and breaking the fire. All of them were hit by hidden weapons, and the other party didn’t notice it because of darkness.
"Let you go first, and then you’ll look good."
Feitianyan’s figure disappears to the left and right of the men in black, and it looks dark. Who has the courage to take over the new fire from his companions?
The fire lit up and breathed a sigh of relief. Even if the fire lit up, several people were located in the backyard of the county government, where there were many cooking firewood, and the flames quickly jumped up.
The fire rose, and five men in black also exposed the fire. At this moment, they discovered that the danger was too late. A few tones came out of the dark, and one of them was the fastest. Almost when the men in black had not come to react, they had reached the crowd, and one of them started to fall. Almost at the same time, several other figures scored.
A man in black turned to go and see the figure. I couldn’t believe my eyes were still behind me. At this time, the person behind me has reached the front and stretched out like a ghost.
Flames and smoke billowed all over the county government, and the chief kept running back and forth. At this time, no one noticed a black shadow approaching quickly, which was where the county magistrate lived.
"What about the arsonist? Go after him."
The second team successfully set fire to the sky, and the flames have said everything. The appearance of a group of several men in black quickly attracted the attention of the chief, holding machetes and chasing after the black wind and cold hum a best laid plans. Then he killed Dangtu County Magistrate when he was himself, and then he was natural and unrestrained. Those people who waited for Lin Feng found that it was completely late.
I didn’t hesitate to approach, and at the same time, the right-hand sword pierced along the gap and picked it up. The whole person jumped forward into a roll and reached the bedside. The sword fell and poof, and the sharp tip of the sword instantly penetrated. From the hand to the murder, it was completed in an instant. It was the most trusted killer around the state.
Just sharp sword stabbing instant black wind face a change years of killing experience tell yourself that feeling is definitely not a sharp weapon to pierce the body condition, even if a sword is killed, it will make a slight sound.
The strong breeze came from behind, and the black breeze turned decisively. There was someone behind him and he was still a master. He didn’t want to have an ambush here, so he turned around and suddenly the bed stretched out a pair of big hands.
Black wind felt the danger behind him and turned to make moves. At that moment, his legs were suddenly caught like iron tongs. The man jerked the whole person and lost his center of gravity instantly.
Not the kui is an awe-inspiring killer. At the moment when the body loses its center of gravity, the sword in his hand is reversed and stabbed backwards. This is a bet that he can benefit from falling down and avoid the attack of the man in front. Only in this way can he recover his disadvantage.
After the long sword almost sticks to the direction of the body, it stabs out "Fuck you"
Sound from behind a big hand fiercely pushed outward to see the black wind flying out on the ground, which is bound to be uncomfortable. The sword with the right hand is equal to stabbing the ground. Fortunately, the reaction is fast enough to avoid legs.
Bang, the black wind looked up and instantly saw that the fist had reached the front and the whole person turned to one side and knocked down the desk and chair.
"Blackie, see how crazy you are."
A big black man jumped out of the bed. It was Tang Niu who hid in the dark. It was Lin Feng who saw Tang Niu’s success and closed the knife. If he went to the black wind, he would die.
"Are you Lin Feng?" Black wind from the ground up the punch strength not weak head a dizzy left hand pointing to Tang Niu asked.
"Old Tang Niu Tongtian thief Tang Niu remembers" Say that finish, he stretched out his arms and grasped the black wind, and Tang Niu punched his fierce leg. The black wind was superior to the ghostly posture. At this time, he lost the opportunity and also got a punch from Lin Feng, which restricted his posture and avoided being knocked down by Tang Niu again.
Chapter four hundred and fifty Soldiers surround the state capital ()
All over the sky, the fire disappeared and rose again. It was a handshake. There were two bodies lying on the ground in the courtyard, and the sword was the key. Before he died, twelve men in black were kneeling with their hands tied behind them, armed with machetes.
"The twelve evil spirits of the black wind have made them die over the years, and the number of people in their hands is countless." dangtu county made people walk out of the small room on one side with help and look at the bodies and kneel down to the twelve fingers. These are the twelve murderous devils around the state adults.
"Cowardly as a mouse, take your finger." Black wind’s eyes reveal bitterness and coldly look at the fat magistrate’s life. What I hate most is this loser who sells others to protect himself.
"The evil thief is dying and still dares to be violent. See, the little prince is coming. Your good days are over." The fat magistrate couldn’t help but take a step back.
"Put these people in jail and take strict care of them."
Chief, come here, twist and push. The twelve evil spirits of the poor black wind can be bullied by these tyrannical chiefs at this time, and their hands are helped from behind. Even if their legs can deal with these chiefs, don’t forget to accompany Tang Niu and others.
"The little prince sent his troops immediately without delay, and the Taiping government arrested the relevant people in one fell swoop."
"Lord Lin is in such a hurry?"
Windson is well-known for his steady work, and he will never make moves easily until the key moment. At this time, he just seized the twelve evil spirits of the black wind and immediately sent troops to Taiping House. Zhu Yunwen was slightly puzzled.
"Windson doesn’t want to be late, so it’s better to just take advantage of the fact that these killers have been caught and send troops decisively to arrest people with enough evidence."
Before Qi Tai, "Lord Qi Tailin, the little prince, made a bold move without losing weeks. If the other party got the news and fled or took other measures to destroy the evidence, it would be bad for me."
Zhu Yunwen nodded Lin Feng’s support for Jitai also failed to find a rebuttal reason: "Good Lin Feng and Jitai immediately led troops to Taiping House."
Lin Fengliu, Li Hu and others took Tang Niu, Tang Niu and Fei Tian Yan, and the Ministry of War knew all about the garrison troops in various places. Just outside Taiping House, there happened to be a imperial army garrison commander, Guo Xiaonai, who had some friendship with Qi Tai in private.
Windson and his party set out overnight, and arrived at the Taiping government border army camp near noon. They saw flags waving and blowing in the wind, and on both sides of the camp were patrol soldiers who built high platforms.
Before the crowd got close to the soldiers, it was found that the drums whined with the change of military orders, and a group of troops flashed out from the camp gate. The guns of all the cavalry were bright, and they were the first members of the elite. The middle-aged generals were dressed in armor with swords and horses hanging on one side to urge them to come near.
"What brings his adult here?"
"Nice to meet you, Guo Jiangjun."
Jitai laughed. The man also smiled and urged the horse to come to the crowd and bow down to salute. "I heard that the Taiping government had come to the imperial court, so please forgive me."
"Qi Tairu doesn’t know Guo Jiangjun’s temper, even if he knows that Qi Tai is afraid to come, he won’t let go of his affairs." The middle-aged general laughed after listening. "Knowing that our brother Qi has also sought security in this life, dare not ask for more?"
"My brother forgot to introduce you to Lord Lin Fenglin, the chief captain of Taifu."
Jitai stretched out his hand and looked at Guo Xiao. "Sure enough, few people in the hero Guo Xiao’s generation have heard about Lin’s past and people admire him."
Windson polite JiTai took out a token said Guo Xiao couldn’t help eyebrows a wrinkly JiTai look in the eye "Guo Jiangjun can have difficulty?"
Guo Xiaodao said, "It’s no small matter to mobilize the military forces. If this person has been running the state capital for many years, he will be killed and injured in a bloody battle."
"The soldier is very expensive, so we must make a surprise attack before the other side takes precautions, and don’t give the other side a chance." Windson said and looked at Jitai Jitai and looked at Guo Xiao, no matter whether Guo Xiao is the Lord here or not, he would make it impossible to move a single soldier. The well-regulated roots in the army are beyond his place.
"Well, this dog official Weifu has long seen that he is not pleasing to the eye. This stab in the back is not a hero, but also a Taiping government. People come and light up their troops to fight with me."
Guo Xiao ordered the soldiers to rush out quickly, and it was not long before 300 Qingqi elites gathered together. Guo Xiao ordered people to get big guns and personally led the Qingqi to rush to Taiping House.
Taipingfu compound
A man paced back and forth. "My Lord, I’m worried about you. Isn’t that what happened? Even if the day falls, it won’t hit our head."
"What do women folk know? Once dangtu county has made an account of a bad luck, it must be me. By this time, who will care about the kindness? It’s not just us who abandoned the pawn to protect the army." Black Wind has never heard back, but he is anxious about the state’s adult.
When the woman let go, things just disappeared from the color. "My Lord, do something quickly."
"What can I do to get it by the black wind? I can still cope with it. Once I miss it, I can run and clean up first. Remember not to disturb people."