"We can replace the garrison generals with our own, but there are thousands more than tens of thousands of ordinary soldiers, but we can’t replace them."
"So if there is no silver replacement, the governor-general owes them reimbursement, and we change more generals, it will not change the medicine for this problem."
"When the time comes, these ordinary soldiers should come to the Governor’s Mansion to make reimbursement or will come to make reimbursement unless we dare to send troops to kill people to make an example … otherwise, there is a way to reissue the salary."
Sun Chengzong first nodded, then shook his head and finally said
"Killing people will definitely not work."
"For tens of thousands of local garrisons and tigers and leopards in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, we are all foreigners. If we dare to know that it is our own fault and make such a tough move, the troops of the two provinces will certainly unite to resist us."
"When the time comes, we will be forced out of Shanxi by tens of thousands of soldiers in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces if we don’t call the court …"
"The silver problem must be solved …"
The court can’t rely on itself and there’s no way. Sun Chengzong can pin his hopes on Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces, which have fallen to their own civilian bodies
Sun Chengzong seems to be the smallest of his dozen people, and the county magistrate is in charge of a county more than a government’s fiscal revenue. According to big officialdom practice, the government and county government are guaranteed to operate, and they will certainly intercept some of these taxes.
Under such circumstances, it should be no problem for them to save one province and raise hundreds of thousands of taels of silver for themselves.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-nine The truth came out
But there is a good saying: the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment …
Let Sun Chengzong didn’t think that it was the officialdom in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces that disappeared after a bloody purge of Wei Zheng for half a year, although it was still unclear, such a thing as large-scale corruption still disappeared
Even officials who dare not commit corruption have no courage to intercept and pay taxes to the governor’s office.
Every yamen in the two provinces of Shaanxi and Shaanxi has allocated them office silver from the Governor’s Office except Wei Zheng, and there is not one or two extra silver.
Of course, even if they have silver, at this moment, they have become self-sufficient
Since the news that Shanxi Governor Wu Baotian first turned to Sun Chengzong reached Wei Zheng’s ear, the salary subsidy secretly given to them by the Governor General was cancelled by Wei Zheng.
At the same time, the officials of the provincial judges sent by Kelly Y Zhou also went into the jurisdiction of these officials to search for evidence of possible crimes and corruption.
Even if the system is more rigorous, if the government is willing to check it in the future, it can find out the evidence of an official’s crime, which is even worse. There are almost no regulatory agencies, and the benefits of officials are very great.
In less than half a month, there was a magistrate and two county magistrates … Before the ironclad evidence, they were arrested by officials sent by Kelly Y Zhou and convicted according to Daxing Law.
Because the whole process of detection and conviction went too fast, Governor Sun Chengzong Gen didn’t receive the news, and he didn’t know that more than a dozen officials were being censored and everyone was in danger.
Sun Chengzong doesn’t know that these situations have reached the same boat. Wu Baotian and others are clear about these things and know that Kelly Y Zhou is doing this …
But even though they knew that Kelly Y Zhou was retaliating against his betrayal, there was nothing they could do.
Because Kelly Y Zhou’s methods are aboveboard without any intrigue.
Even if he found Sun Chengzong and didn’t really grasp the governor of Shanshan, he couldn’t stop Kelly Y Zhou from exercising his provincial judges’ interests …
At this moment, in addition to regretting their decision to turn to Sun Chengzong, everyone is left feeling insecure and tired of coping with the censorship of the provincial judges’ office.
Wu Baotian, a bodyguard sent by Sun Chengzong to see his confidant, and others not only failed to see the savior’s idea, but also wanted to avoid these people and completely left Sun Chengzong to show Kelly Y Zhou that they had cut off from Sun Chengzong.
Of course, among these people, there are still some people who have no political mind and can’t see clearly the form and believe that Sun Chengzong is behind the court and will surely win the final struggle
I saw that Sun Chengzong sent guards to directly tell me what a painful experience it was. I hope Sun Chengzong can help the provincial judges and officials not to check again.
After hearing these officials crying, the guards were too frightened to neglect and hurried back to the governor’s office with a complicated expression of disappointment and shock to report to Sun Chengzong.
Sun Chengzong’s face was flushed with anger after hearing the bodyguard report in the lobby of the Governor’s Office.
Regardless of his status as governor of Shanshan, he shouted, "Kelly Y Zhou is this Kelly Y Zhou again …"
"What the hell does he want to do to clean up the official discipline? He didn’t discuss with the official governor of Shanshan. Did Kelly Y Zhou take the official seriously? Didn’t he know that he was checking that these officials were all official people?"
The authorities are fascinated by the onlookers … When Sun Chengzong vented his anger by Zhou Yuan,
Before Sun Chengzong, after a long period of exposure, the bodyguard vaguely felt that things were definitely not as simple as the Governor’s thought.
Ever since I followed Sun Chengzong into Datong, there has been no interruption in all kinds of conspiracies against the governor before me.
If these conspiracy departments are connected in series, a large network will be formed.
And the goal of this big net is that Sun Chengzong will push Sun Chengzong out of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces step by step.
Before the Sun Chengzong bodyguard didn’t want to think, he analyzed his heart and said it.
After listening, Sun Chengzong also calmed down slowly.
Eyebrows a wrinkly to the guards affirmed that "through these things, the official also saw it … the whole Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces don’t want to see the official continue to take charge of the governor of Shaanxi and Shaanxi."
"As you just said, they do so much just to force the officials out of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces."