"I still think you will die …" Aphrodite checked a Surdak’s body and didn’t find that he was injured. He felt that his spirit was very weak and said, "But it seems that he has recovered well. Hey! Surdak "
"I listen!" Surdak said weakly.
Aphrodite put her teeth in Surdak’s ear and said, "You’d better let me know before you do such a dangerous thing, so that I can be prepared!"
Surdak smiled hard and said, "I’ll tell you before!"
There was plenty of light in the room, and Aphrodite examined him to make sure that he was not injured.
Aphrodite stared at Surdak’s eyes with a touch of suspicion and said to him, "You seem to have changed, but you don’t seem to have changed. I can’t tell you that feeling."
Surdak lay in a soft big bed and wanted to smile at Aphrodite, but he was sleepy and his eyelids sank, and he closed his eyes and breathed evenly.
Aphrodite sat in the bedside chair and then breathed a sigh of relief.
Although she didn’t know what happened in Surdak, she was injured after all.
At that moment, when the signal was handed over, he would die. I didn’t expect to be lucky enough to survive …
Chapter 616 Magic grain colonization ability
Someone knocked on the wooden door of the hotel room in the corridor.
Aphrodite walked barefoot to the bed and woke Surdak, who was sleeping.
He looks a little better, but his spirit is still weak, and his brain is a little groggy. He looks out of the window, and Aphrodite wakes herself up. It’s time to return to the treasure chamber again this summoning.
"Hey, someone is looking for you, or should I hide?" Aphrodite whispered in his ear
Before Surdak could answer, Aphrodite picked up two magic patterns on the bottom plate with both hands, crept to the curtain and gently recited a spell. The whole person changed from instantaneous petrochemical to a marble statue.
The two pieces of magic grain armor in her hand are like hanging stone statues that cover half of Aphrodite’s bust.
Suldak lay dumbfounded until now, when he realized that the succubus could not only transform into a human form, but also become a stone statue and perhaps a bronze statue.
The knocking at the door became a little bigger. Surdak supported himself and barely looked at Aphrodite at the window in bedside language before saying, "The door is unlocked. Please come in!"
The door was pushed from the outside, then Beatrice poked her head in and looked at the whole room curiously. Her eyes first looked around the room and then fell to the bed. Surdak saw that the bed was weak. Sur Dackeby Beatrice looked slightly stunned and pulled Hathaway into the room.
She walked quickly to Surdak and asked him earnestly, "Surdak, what’s the matter with you?"
Hathaway has been squatting at the head of the bed at the moment, holding out her cold little hand and putting Surdak’s forehead and eyes full of cuts.
Surdak smiled at her reluctantly before saying, "I’m afraid I have a cold. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to keep the appointment these two days."
Hathaway leaned in front of Surdak and looked at his slightly gaunt face. There was a sadness in her heart that she couldn’t say. She frowned and said to him, "Come on, don’t say that you are sick. We didn’t even know that you were lying in a hotel with no one to take care of you. I should have come to see you earlier."
"It’s really bad here in the hotel. They don’t even know that you have been ill in bed these days!" Beatrice saw that the water bottle on the table had bottomed out, and there were a few apples in the fruit bowl on the table. It seemed that there was only food in the room and she couldn’t help complaining
"It’s almost ready!" Surdak tried to defend a.
His spirit has been devastated, and he has been depressed for the past two days, and he has lost a lot of weight.
Although the sea of spiritual knowledge is slowly being rebuilt at present, it will take some time
For Surdak, the biggest problem at present comes from the colonization of the keel in his throat. Although Surdak has a trace of dragon blood in his body, the strong stress brought by the keel almost makes his body reach its limit.
It’s like being burdened with hundreds of pounds, and your body has been in a very tired state.
He is lying in bed breathing a little heavy.
"I think I should stay and take care of you!" Hathaway sat by the bed and grabbed Surdak’s hand and said to him
Surdak didn’t want her to stay here and wait for the virtual door to appear. I really couldn’t explain it, so he said, "I can take care of myself without me. Don’t forget that I have the holy light …"
If an unmarried aristocratic lady wants to have a good name, she doesn’t insist on saying to Surdak, "Then let my maid stay!" "
Surdak shook his head. "I’m not that delicate. I’m fine myself!" "
The middle-aged housekeeper said to Hathaway at the door of the room, "Miss time is coming to Mrs. Amelia’s place. I don’t like to wait late!"
Hathaway ignored the middle-aged housekeeper.
Beatrice nudged Hathaway’s ear and wrote a few words.
Hathaway hesitated for a moment before sticking her face to her hands and hugging Surdak. She said with some reluctance, "Then you have a good rest here and I’ll come with you later."
"Good" Surdak smiled at her.
Beatrice also hugged Surdak, and then Hathaway took Beatrice and left the hotel in a hurry.
When Hathaway and Beatrice left, Aphrodite, the succubus, came over from the bed. She kept peeking beside her.
This hotel in Surdak has booked two rooms. Aphrodite lives in one room and the other room. Although he doesn’t stay here at night, he should at least have a hotel.
Aphrodite sat in Hathaway’s position just now, learning that Hathaway moved her headrest and Surdak’s chest’ giggled’. She said to Surdak, "You must find a reason to stop her from staying. My summoning can’t last that long …"
Surdak tried to push the succubus into the corner of her head by accident, and the succubus hurriedly flashed. She seemed a little unaccustomed to being touched by others.
"I know …" Surdak said, "But I’m afraid I have to stay here a little longer tonight, or you can send me back and call me again now."
There is no good reason why he can take it one step at a time.
Aphrodite, the succubus, gave him a cruel stare.
That keel is a heavy burden on Surdak. He stretched his muscles and his arms are a little sore, but he can also feel that with the dragon blood curse transforming his body, the strength condensed from all the limbs is gradually making his body lighter.
He was a little wobbly when he lifted the floor of the bed …
Then Aphrodite, the succubus, recited the spell, and a six-pointed star array appeared at Surdak’s foot. He stepped into the virtual door and returned to the treasure chamber.
The red dragon put its head into the treasure chamber from the stone wall. It has been waiting for a long time and felt a wave. It opened its eyes.
Surdak walked out from the inside through the virtual door.
He took a look at the red dragon and apologetically walked over and patted the red dragon, the giant blushing dragon, and Surdak would take out a bundle of red crystals to feed it as he had done a few times before, and wait there with his big mouth open early.
However, after Surdak said a word, he turned around and picked up the scattered fire elements, which had been somewhat attenuated, and then put them into a very strange box, and did not feed himself as usual.
He turned around and fluctuated again. A virtual door appeared again. Surdak stepped into the virtual space and disappeared again.
The red dragon lay on the platform and looked at the virtual door with his mouth dumbfounded …
This time, Surdak didn’t know when Hathaway and Beatrice would suddenly return to the hotel, so he didn’t have the treasure. After too long delay in the Chamber of Secrets, Aphrodite lay down and summoned him back to the Bena City Hotel.
Seeing that Surdak’s state has recovered a lot, Aphrodite is ready to go back to her room and have a good sleep.
Surdak was injured this time, and even she was affected.