"Well," Chi Yao just returned to his room and took out his mobile phone hidden in his pillow when he saw a text message and immediately dialed the number. "Are you satisfied? I performed today. "
Jing Muyun chuckled a slender forefinger in front of the French window and gently circled the glass. "Well, I’m very satisfied." I didn’t expect that she really decisively took Xiaojingyuao out. It was so cute to be so small in the baby! If he hadn’t been allowed at that time, he really wanted to hug his daughter.
"The baby is very good, but she eats a little more every day." Chi Yao held Xiaojing Yao and just lifted her clothes. Xiaojing Yao consciously held her white and tender breasts and sucked them, staring at her with big black eyes.
Jing Muyun’s mind was thinking about seeing Xiao Jing Yao’s eyes unconsciously softening his daughter in the afternoon! "Are you tired of taking care of your children?"
I’m fine. I can’t say I’m tired because she can’t change diapers. These are all helped by maids, so I feed her and help her bathe. What "Wood, I want to tell you something that you may not agree with"
"Well, you said," If it weren’t for getting married, what else would he disapprove of?
"I want to be the queen"
Jing Muyun was not too surprised to hear what she said. Isn’t it the queen’s purpose to find Chi Yao to return to the royal family and give her the throne? But Chi Yao said’ I want to be the queen’ instead of’ Let me be the queen’. "Are you voluntary?"
"Hmm" Jing Muyun has always disliked Country Y, and she also volunteered to be the queen, fearing that wood would get angry? "But even if you object, I will do it", because this can eliminate the misunderstanding between the two countries.
"I have no objection," said Jing Muyun. "I know there must be a reason for you to do this. Didn’t you say that Caesar also wanted the throne? I think you want to change the pattern of the two countries. "
Chi Yao laughed at the other end of the sentence. "The commander is the commander, and the problem is so sharp." The mind is clear and never blindly doubts that this is the commander! "But I still want to say I’m sorry. I didn’t know my mother was a royal and …" This is a place where Chi Yao felt sorry that her wooden parents died in the battle of Country Y, but she was the descendant of his enemy.
"I guessed it early in the morning," Jing Muyun sighed. "If the Queen didn’t doubt your identity, she wouldn’t have installed cameras and bugs in your suitcase." Before Gachi Yao said that Karin always looked at her with inquiring eyes, he probably guessed it, but he didn’t guess the importance of Chi Yao to the Queen.
Chi Yao was silent for a long time and didn’t know what to say at the moment.
"Be careful not to trust others easily in the palace." Jing Muyun is also well-advised and changed the subject. "I’ll try to see you in a few days."
"Well, I will be careful to die and protect Xiaojingyao." Even if Tali bites her, she won’t let them hurt the baby.
Jingmuyun eyebrows slightly wrinkled tone became dignified "don’t say that word"
"Wood, I’m serious"
"I’m serious, too. If you dare to die, I’ll fight not only with country Y but also with everyone!" If something happens to her, the whole world will be buried with her.
Chi Yao was silent for a long time over there and suddenly burst into laughter. "You are so cute, wood." Although I know that what he said is probably angry words, Chi Yao still feels very moved that her man is willing to fight with her!
Jingmuyun just wanted to say something, but suddenly the conversation was interrupted. The busy tone was "beeping" with a mobile phone. Jingmuyun stared at the mobile phone suspiciously for a moment. No, it’s only been less than three days since he gave Chi Yao his mobile phone. It didn’t finish so quickly. It must have been interrupted! Holding a mobile phone and looking at the palace, my eyes are slightly worried.
Chi Yao was interrupted by someone. After poking fun at Jing Muyun, she suddenly heard the sound of pushing the door. She decided to hang up and quickly put her mobile phone into the bottom of the pillow, holding Xiaojing Yao’s head and filling it with breast-feeding samples.
"Chi Yao, I just thought I heard you talking." Karin came in and saw a warm picture of a girl nursing.
"I’m talking to the baby." Anyway, Karin won’t understand what she just said in Chinese.
Karin nodded without thinking too much. "By the way, I heard that Tabas broke off her marriage."
"I think so." Chi Yao answered carelessly.
"Did you tell him about the baby?" This is the news that the queen said that she was preparing for her marriage in a month’s time.
Chi Yao or "he said he would marry me. I think he should tell him that I have children. As a result, he left me and ran away." She said that she was slightly wronged and pouted. "Putting it is to dislike me, an old woman who just gave birth to a child."
"You are not old". How can you be old before you are nineteen? Karin sighed, "I blame King Tabas for being too narrow-minded." Even this kind of thing can’t be tolerated, but it’s not good to pick up a ready-made one after giving birth.
Chi Yao shrugged. "The baby wants to sleep, Karin. You should go back to your room and rest early."
"Well, don’t be too sad. The queen will continue your search."
"Well" no matter how many times you come, the result is the same.
When Karin walked out of the bedroom, Xiaojingyuao also ate about the same. She yawned slightly with her mouth slightly open, and she was a little sleepy. Chi Yao put her in the quilt, patted her gently and put her to sleep, and then took out her mobile phone and edited a text message for Jingmuyun. Good night, I love you.
She didn’t explain why she suddenly hung up because she believed that he already knew.
The phone will light up soon. Good night. I love you, too.
Hide the mobile phone, and she will have a good night’s sleep with a little smile on her mouth.
Tally has been quietly staying in her room for the last few days, and she doesn’t know what she’s up to. Even Beth sometimes goes to her room to look for her and is kicked out.
This morning, Alex, who has never met before, unexpectedly appeared at the banquet table. Karin introduced, "This is Tally’s husband, your uncle Alex, and this is Princess Chiyao."
Alex looked at the pool and sure enough Tali said yes, she really looks like Dale. Alex bowed slightly to the pool and said, "Hello, princess."
"Hello" Chi Yao smiled and nodded. Alex, like ordinary soldiers, belongs to a big man. He looks rough, but after long-term training, he looks resolute.
"How’s Alex Bernie recently?" The queen asked while elegant breakfast.
"Marshal is very well. He asked me to say hello to him." Although Alex seems careless, he can see that he is cautious in eating and speaking.
Chi Yao took a sip of milk and turned his eyes to Alex. "Alex, I heard that you are a general of country Y. How many troops do you have?"
In fact, it is very dangerous to ask questions about the military, because it is very likely that secrets will be revealed. Alex can take precautions, but he quickly reacts that this is the palace for questioning, and it is one of our own. But why would this new princess ask this?
"Why don’t you answer?"
"Oh, I’m sorry," Alex smiled apologetically. "I’m a general and most of them are in the hands of marshals."
Chi Yao nodded. "But you still didn’t answer my question."
"… our army has a marshal one-third", but this one-third is finally commanded by the marshal.
Chi Yao put milk on Alex and clapped his hands. "You are awesome."
Alex was praised by Chi Yao as "the princess flattered" for some inexplicable reasons.
Tally is suspicious and glanced at Chi Yao. What is this little girl doing? She secretly pinched her husband’s thigh. "Okay, okay, stop talking. Let’s eat first. It’s getting cold."
After breakfast, Tali and Alex went back to their room and locked Tali’s door. "How’s it going?"
Alex took off his military uniform and sighed slightly. "It’s much more difficult than I thought." The former Marshal Bernie agreed to let him master less than half of the army, but he didn’t expect Bernie to firmly disagree that the military transfer must be approved by the Queen.
He even said that Bernie didn’t agree for the time being!
"This Bernie should not be intentional!" Tally cursed Bernie severely.
Alex also heaved a sigh of relief. "Tally always told Bernie about military affairs during this period. I’m afraid he will doubt me. I won’t go to the military area command these days." Bernie is a little old, but she should be cautious when she has been a marshal for so long.
Tali knew that this matter was urgent, but she was a little unwilling. "Well … by the way, why were you so honest when Chi Yao asked you just now?" Can’t he see that Chi Yao asked on purpose?
It’s the first time Alex saw Chi Yao. Before he saw Chi Yao, he heard Tally say that the new princess was annoying. Today, it doesn’t seem as serious as Tally said. At best, he felt that his mouth was a little fierce. "It’s impossible for the queen to look at me as a princess."