They also wonder which two dzogchen idle chat or don’t hate fighting, of course, many Maya people also hope that they can fight to the death, which will be great for Maya. Chapter 1719 Meet Wargo again.
After Yuan Xiong haha, I’ll join you from today. I’ll see who dares to bother us again. It’s good that we don’t bother each other. We were beaten and ate too much in Manhexing domain, and now we finally turned over. Li Yuxiao laughed proudly and seemed to be full of grievances. Now we are also venting.
Haha, I hope this war will be over soon. I need the light relic, so I can cash it. I’m thinking that I can also cultivate the power of the light heaven to a higher level. What will happen? I’m looking forward to Yuan Ye’s hard-pressed heart.
Listening to Yuan Ye’s saying that Li Yuxiao can touch his nose is a misunderstanding, and it’s also your one-step goal. It’s too difficult to respect people and break through them, but it’s still helpful to rely on relics alone. But Yuan Ye, if I ask you for help, I’m sure you’ll succeed. It’s like meeting people like Ling Tong who are fighting bears. Don’t put on a strong fight when the time comes.
I’ve seen Yuan Yemulinsen, and Li Yuxiao has already assigned Yuan Yeping to this level in dzogchen.
What kind of emergency does Li Yuxiao want? I’ll come to Yuan Ye with a message. Of course, you can find me before. Yuan Ye is also hiding that he will leave in the future. Of course, this kind of obscurity can’t be heard by ordinary people. Only when Yuan Ye leaves will he suddenly realize.
It’s good that you said this. Li Yuxiao immediately laughed. Although his strength is good, he is much stronger than him in this pretty river star field. Li Yuxiao is humbled. Li Yuxiao has stronger friends than Mulinsen, but Mulinsen can’t always cover himself in the pretty river star field, but Yuan Ye is different.
Hum Li Yuxiao couldn’t help laughing at the thought of Yuan Ye helping to think of some scenes after that.
Mulinsen smiled at this scene and suddenly remembered what solemnly said: Yuan Yema Manhe Star Domain will be short and calm now. According to reliable sources, at that time, the Maya world will probably launch a general attack, and several of us are also preparing for it. Then you, the power of dzogchen, must not be said in the blade day, but you will stay in the ground to deal with Wargo if you respect dzogchen in the Maya world.
Wargo Yuan Ye suddenly sneered. I’ll kill him if you don’t tell me. My treasure was hard earned, but he took it away.
We finally have a great circle on the good ground, so that we can rest assured that I can’t be away for too long. I don’t think I need to come here after you lead this ground. Remember that the war horse will bring the masters of Maya together, and you will also return to the territory of Amitabha this morning. The army is Mulinsen said seriously
Yuan Ye can watch Mulinsen float away. Yuan Yeda has reached this point. Mulinsen is really under no pressure. Yuan Ye meets a solution to the danger. That Mulinsen may not have time to come again.
Manhe Xingyu Qiushan was dressed in a white robe with a very long eyebrow and bowed his head. After getting many huge treasures, Wargo frowned, because he took Yuan Ye’s armor, sword and combat boots back even Yuan Ye’s golden furnace, but he always felt that these treasures were far from being powerful in his own hands. Yuan Ye’s hand was not even one tenth.
Wargo didn’t know that all these treasures had been confessed by Yuan Ye. Without blood, they wouldn’t be the masters of these treasures. The power of empathy was greatly weakened, especially when the furnace root of the artifact melting dome wouldn’t listen to him.
Suddenly, in Wargo Kenai’s time, the dark red sword, dark gold armor boots and the golden stove flew up unexpectedly and then flew directly into the distance.
What’s the matter? Wargo was frightened to disgrace and didn’t hesitate to chase him directly. It was faster than these treasures, but Wargo followed and wanted to see where this treasure was going.
Wargo soon felt a fairly strong energy breath, but the weapon flew in another direction instead of this person. In this direction, Wargo couldn’t feel anything. Before he realized the ability to control heaven and earth, he could see clearly those who were weaker than himself. For those who were stronger than his soul, it goes without saying that not every dzogchen could understand the ability to respect talents and magical powers.
Wargo was worried that there was a master hidden in front of him, but when he saw Yuan Ye, Wargo laughed and was relieved that others didn’t understand Yuan Ye. Didn’t he understand it? Wargo obviously recognized what secret method Yuan Ye had hidden his breath. After all, he didn’t control the ability of heaven and earth, and he didn’t have the soul to detect the breath, but it was too easy to hide things with breath.
I didn’t expect that you didn’t die. A cold hum wargo directly chased those flying treasures and forcibly seized them.
These treasures are in my hands. Do I want them back? Ridiculous Wargo sneered. I told you once that I killed you and left. I didn’t expect you to be lucky, but this time you were not so lucky.
Wargo shouted with excitement as if he saw prey. The militant blood of Maya was boiling. There is no doubt that the strength of Wargo, plus Yuan Yebao, Wargo absolutely believed in people and respected absolute enemies.
Yuan Ye looked at Wargo with excitement and expected Mulinsen to learn from each other, but now he is going to be a true statue of dzogchen desperately.
Now that everyone is here, let’s cut the crap. Today, either you die or I live. When Yuan Ye speaks, the palm of his hand stretches out horizontally, and a heart-pounding force appears directly.
I feel that Yuan Ye is not a grade when he reaches out his hand at will. Wargo’s pupil shrinks.
Don’t run away. Can you help me with World War I if you are stronger? I can’t do anything. Wargo also holds this Crimson Lotus sword in his hand. Yuan Ye can wear three-pole boots in a flash, but it’s almost moving, but it’s as troublesome as Wargo who doesn’t wear it slowly. It’s the most important thing that Wargo recognizes that it is not necessary to face such a small person as Yuan Ye.
On the other side, I have noticed the situation. Li Yuxiao also sneaked in. He knew that this level of killing himself could not help but watch.
Suppress the imposing manner around Yuan Ye Wargo. Both of them pay attention to each other and pay attention to each other’s every move. Once the attention is slightly relaxed, it may be attacked by the other party.
Suddenly the sword of Judah broke Wargo’s hand, and Crimson Lotus’s sword instantly pierced the depression, and Yuan Ye was also quarrelling and condensing a knife. The sword met with a sudden burst of gold and iron impact, and at the same time it tore through the chapter 1719 with a deep breath and met Wargo again.
After Yuan Xiong haha, I’ll join you from today. I’ll see who dares to bother us again. It’s good that we don’t bother each other. We were beaten and ate too much in Manhexing domain, and now we finally turned over. Li Yuxiao laughed proudly and seemed to be full of grievances. Now we are also venting.