In the constant illusion, it passed quickly, and it didn’t take long for the surrounding area to be quiet. People have already fallen asleep.
Stop the illusion. Situhao went to the window and looked at it. He knew it was almost time now. He immediately quietly left his room and came to the next door. He pushed the door gently and was beaten.
It seems that Beretta is really full of expectations for him, waiting for him in her bedroom.
Situhao’s heart was full of surprises. He bolted the door and rushed to Baili Dai’s bedroom as quickly as possible. Chapter 31 Step by step, 5 more.
Run into the bedroom of Baili Diane, sitting on the bed in the dim light, with an uneasy look. When she saw Situ Hao running into the room, her face turned scared and turned red as soon as she brushed it.
How did you-how did you get in? Berdyte asked in a panic
However, it is a characteristic performance to be afraid without being wanted by the personnel department
Situhao looked at her like this, and his heart jumped wildly for a few times. He actually found the first time that Gong Sunrelin had sex with men and women. That feeling made him deeply love Beryl.
This is not because the horse is going to take her, but because of true love.
Such a pure nuzhen shouldn’t stay in such a filthy place as the immortal Sect.
Your door was unlocked, and I came in with a little push. Why didn’t you lock the door?
Situhao knew that Bai Lidai was very nervous at this time, but he was not in a hurry to start work on her. Instead, he told him nonsense here first.
Everyone is talking, he wants his own nonsense, and slowly makes Bai Lidai no longer nervous.
I-I forgot.
It’s not good to forget. It’s dangerous to let many bad people in this world break in.
Although Stuart is the biggest bad guy, the serious expression on his face when he speaks can completely confuse people.
When Situhao was talking, his body was slowly approaching Baili Diane.
What is a master? This is a master. What is shameless? This is shameless.
First, he told Berdyte to put himself into his conversation, and then he helped her to get closer to her when she was distracted, so that she wouldn’t feel bad.
I’m not afraid of them. If they dare come to me, I’ll kill them.
Gnome male-"but there are also many masters in Xianmo mainland. When you meet those super powerful masters, they can make you have no resistance. Situhao said with a bad smile.
Situhao has come to the bedside of Baili Diane and sat down conveniently, and she is still very close to her body to the point where she is next to her body.
He sat down to blink his right arm and her left arm had made a slight connection.
Me, me.
Are you shy? You look like a different person from when I first saw you.
I’m not shy about being shocked by Situhao, and immediately said simply.
When she was talking, she pursed her mouth slightly and said that she was not charming and naive.
You were waiting for me when the door was unlocked, but why did you deliberately say anything about you? Why did you come in? This is a sign of shyness.
Me, me.
Don’t deny it. In fact, you still expect me to come, don’t you?
I didn’t expect you to come. Get out of here.
Thyme Diane voice fall to the ground SiTuHao has conveniently gently put his arm around Thyme Diane in his arms.
However, in response, Bai Lida immediately resisted, but when Tu Hao hugged her, she had already exerted strength, and she could break away from his arms again.
Dear, you know what I want, and I have to struggle. Situhao whispered in her ear.
Slight breath bursting in her pink neck crisp limp and numb feeling made her feel a little smaller than Shu’s struggling strength immediately.
Do you know that you are really beautiful? You are really beautiful to the bone. I have loved you since I first saw you.
Situhao posture unchanged still hug her in his arms and whispered in her ear
At the same time, his left hand gently dragged her pointed jaw head to the side and looked at her affectionately. She was immediately immersed in this feeling.
Bai Li Dai is just a master of indulging in the field without the personnel department. Is she his opponent?
Rough-handed, she has been brought into a delicate situation by him, and she can’t help but sink into the atmosphere he created for her.
Situhao saw that Bailidai had completely stopped his struggle. He gently bowed his head and covered his warm lips on Bailidai’s cherry mouth.
Two mouths and four lips gently fit together, and the male breath pours straight into her nose, which impacts her spirit more comfortably than comfortable.
His lips just wriggled gently on her lips, then swam slowly and kissed her snow-white cheek. She felt warm and wet, and the milk slipped gently on her face, which made her feel uncomfortable.
When kissing her, his left hand gently touched her right peak.
When Stuart touched her right peak, he immediately felt that her right peak was different.
Her breasts are not as round as those of other women, but show a cone shape, especially the ruby on the right peak shows a sudden feeling.
The distinctive chest brought a distinctive feeling to Situ Hao, and his spirit was stimulated to another wonderful situation.