It’s commendable to smash the fist artifact. Yuan Yewei smiled and looked at Shida. This Shida is not a smash, but Yuan Ye can have a good fight. However, he feels that it is very hard to practice melee attack defense.
Seeing this change, Mengfeng reflected that he was unhappy and rushed to the ancient immortal level to attack a war emperor, and Kim Jong-gen was caught by an iron pliers-like hand without coming to escape.
If you dare to kill me, I’ll let him be buried with Meng Feng and watch Yuan Ye nervously.
Threaten the lives of your people. I, a foreigner, let you live. Yuan Ye looked back at the wounded Shida and disdained that you Xuan Ming people are all like this?
Meng Feng, what are you doing? You’ve humiliated all your people, and Shida’s face is ugly. This is a great shame to the people.
Don’t talk nonsense. If you can win, do I have to do this? Even a loser can’t beat him. If you don’t kill me, I can let this woman go.
Yuan Ye shot up the night terrors and patted the dust on his sleeve casually. It seems that you always said you would kill me. I never killed you, did I?
What a refreshing face! But I won’t believe you. I’m going to catch this woman. I’ll go back together. You’re not allowed to follow me.
Hum, are you usually so defensive? I mean what I say, and I hope you keep your word. Let’s go. I’m not with you.
Don’t worry, I have one more request
Yeah, Yuan Ye’s eyebrows are wrinkly. Go ahead.
I want the gun in your hand. Meng Feng greedily looks at the night-terrorizing gun. He is not a stupid night-terrorizing gun. It is no ordinary gun to easily defeat the master of the ghost god level.
Yuan Ye’s eyes narrowed. You said you wanted my gun.
Cut the crap and throw it quickly. Mengfeng cold way
Well, since you want it, I’ll give it to you. Yuan Ye smiled and threw the night gun directly in the past.
Meng Fengran did not hesitate to catch the night-terrorizing gun, and immediately his eyes were bright and he stroked the gun body.
Suddenly the gun trembled at night.
Poof, the night gun gives milli a blow to guard against Mengfeng, and directly knocks Mengfeng back half a step.
Half a step distance makes Jin Luan out of Meng Feng’s control range. At almost the same time, Yuan Ye is even more deceitful.
When the night terrorizer returned to Yuan Ye’s hand, Meng Fenggen, a flash sword, didn’t react at the same time, so he was directly stabbed in the abdomen by the night terrorizer and his soul force was strangled by the night terrorizer.
Hum, that is, ordinary treasures drop blood to recognize the main situation. My artifact, your family knows too little about weapons.
Yuan Ye’s adult Jin Luan looked at Yuan Ye and cried.
It’s okay. Yuan Ye looked at Kim and smiled.
At this time, Yuan Ye looked at Shida. Go back and tell this guy that I killed my father. Don’t get the wrong person.
Starr doesn’t talk nonsense and flies directly into the distance.
Lord Yuan Ye, are you not afraid of being ordered by the elders to seek revenge on you?
Hehe, my horse is leaving here. He has to find me in advance. Besides, Yuan Ye seems to have already thought about it. Go home quickly.
Lord Yuan Ye, you saved me. I want to stay with you and make you a cow and a horse. Looking at Yuan Ye, I seem to be looking forward to Yuan Ye nodding.
Yuan Ye, wave your hand quickly. You’d better be a man. To tell you the truth, I’m here to get so many things done. Just solve a woman. Don’t solve it. Let’s have another one. Even if there is nothing between us, my wife will doubt you.
Your wife, Yuan Ye, looked at Yuan Ye with some ugly faces.
Well, Yuan Ye nodded and answered simply.
Oh, Kim managed to smile. She must be beautiful.
Which one do you mean?
My two wives may be three, but I can’t tell you for a moment, but they are all beautiful. Hey, hey, looking at Yuan Ye’s smirk, I suddenly feel relieved.
In this world, it is very common for men to marry many wives, but it is also common for men to marry one wife and treat the number of wives. Men are generally divided into two categories: one is a romantic, and the other is that the more women there are, the more it seems that they will never marry another after marrying two or three, and Yuan Ye doesn’t mind how many wives are golden. I don’t know if Yuan Ye doesn’t mind, but his wife does.
Lord Yuan Ye, I really feel like following you.
No, go home. I’m in Flame 6. It’s too far for you. Why do you run around with me? We’ll meet again. Yuan Ye’s hand suddenly reminds me of something. Right away, Dan said it was for the Xuan orcs, but he didn’t give them this way. Let’s just say that the two of us are destined to send you.
Lord Yuan Ye is such a precious thing, I can’t ask Jin Luan to immediately get scared and report to his father.
Fool, how many people can’t dream of it? Take it. Remember that nothing is precious and precious. We are also friends. Yuan Ye said that he would fly the Zunji Dan to Jin Luan and fly directly to the other side.
Hey, Jin Luan wanted to say something, but now Yuan Ye has already flown away.
Lang Lang Tian Yuan Ye just flies in vain.
When my son was born, a deafening sound came from behind Yuan Ye, which caused the birds in the mountains to fly away.
No, Yuan Ye looked back and saw a black spot rushing towards him. How did he know how to find me so quickly?
I didn’t think much about Yuan Ye when I denounced him. I immediately tried my best to speed up my escape. The strength of Mars boots suddenly increased sharply and disappeared into the cold wind.
The statue in the ares boots rises faster than that in the cloud boots, but even if the ares boots add Yuan Yedu, the black spots are still not close, and soon the black spots become bigger. It is a 60-year-old figure but the spirit is extremely abrupt. Behind the old man, three men are still in the middle of the ghost god.
This is always the father of Meng Feng, the third elder of the Xuan Ming clan, who has been ordered to be superior in three attributes.