"Oh!" Some soldiers cheered.
A man jumped out of the fighter plane and descended slowly with a parachute.
"Mom is waiting to blow you to pieces!" Political commissar nu way
The fighter plane is not far from the border. Chi Yao looked up and looked at the figure of the man with slightly narrowed eyes … She suddenly ran to the political commissar, "Please wait for the political commissar!"
"It’s too dangerous over there, don’t go there!" A soldier cried in horror
"Come back soon!" Zhu Xiaoxuan just bought food and didn’t see Chi Yao’s people when she came back. She also followed so many soldiers rushing outside, but she didn’t expect to see such a dangerous scene that Chi Yao was running to the fort!
Chi Yao rushed over and grabbed the political commissar’s arm. "Don’t move … let’s see who it is first!"
The political commissar looked at the girl doubtfully. "Sister in law, what are you doing?"
"Look who he is!" Chi Yao took a few breaths and then said to the political commissar
Section 154
The political commissar frowned, but he took the telescope from a soldier and looked at it. "Huh?" It’s okay not to look at it, but it scared his eyes wide open.
"Who is it? Is it … is it him? " Chi Yao was afraid to name Jingmuyun and was afraid it wasn’t him.
The political commissar handed the telescope to Chi Yao. "Sister in law, your eyesight is really good!" God, if Chi Yao hadn’t stopped him, he would have blown the commander to pieces!
Chi Yao took the telescope and saw the one who was parachuted with Jingmuyun. She was a little excited and raised her smile. It was him!
"Go and pick up the commander!" Political commissar direct order
"I’m going, too," Chi Yao said with a telescope.
"No, no, no, you can’t go. You’re pregnant. The waves are so big that it’s not good for the baby." The political commissar quickly refused.
Chi Yao bit his lip, which makes sense. "Okay, hurry up."
The speedboat soon reached the surface of the sea and caught the falling JingMuYun "Commander, are you ok? You’ve lost a lot of blood … "The commander was wearing a villa army, but he was a little black with blood.
"I’ll go back soon after a minor injury." Jingmuyun exhaled heavily. He didn’t want to delay at all now.
Seeing that it is getting closer and closer to the seaside, Jing Muyun’s eyes suddenly widened. He saw the seaside waiting for him. Shouldn’t she be in the city? "Faster"
"Yes … it’s the fastest."
As soon as the speedboat landed, Jing Muyun jumped into the sea and strode towards Chiyao, where the sea was over her knees. There was the man in her eyes who made her miss her so much.
Jingmu Yunli hugged her whole person into his broad arms. "Far away, my wife … I’m back."
"Well …" Chi Yao choked up slightly. "When shall we be together?"
"October 20th"
"When will you live together?"
"September 6th"
"When will you get the certificate?"
"February 2nd"
Chi Yao couldn’t help crying when she asked a question. In the end, there was really no problem, and she couldn’t remember the date. He also said that Chi Yao hugged him and cried "You finally came back."
"I remember when we first met on your birthday, didn’t I?" Jingmuyun light said in her ear
"Blare … you also said such a thing" Chi Yao gave him a hammer.
"I’m sorry" JingMuYun gently kissed her side face "I’m sorry to worry you, I’m sorry to make you afraid …" That fake JingMuYun should make her particularly afraid, right?
Chi Yao shook his head in his arms. "I wish you were back."
Jing Muyun at the seaside is holding Chiyao, and the waves are still washing away their bodies, but they just can’t bear to part, and they all feel satisfied just holding it so much.
None of the political commissar and the soldiers around him dared to talk and joke. It would be thunderous to disturb them when they were reunited with their husband and wife! And this atmosphere is not easy for them to disturb! ZhuXiaoXuan some can’t help but red eyes commander, you finally come back! You can finally rest assured!
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Chapter 177 I’m going to be a father.
"Report to the Governor General … Commander Commander flew away in a fighter plane …" The commander reported that the soldiers were trembling with help.
"You … so many people didn’t stop him?" Buckman said that he was very angry. What happened to his military headquarters? So many people didn’t stop a commander.