In miss He Yi reflective straight body seriously asked.
You go on with your horse and find a hidden place to hide. Come back to pick us up early in the morning and hand over the reins in your hand. At the same time, you have been caught by Silver and floated away quickly. That’s right. Unlike other people’s flying skills, it is a very fast and steady fluttering. This is also acacia that has always enjoyed it without feeling uncomfortable being carried.
Miss benefactor, don’t throw me. Behind him is He Yi, who is sad and mournful, but they are not stranded.
Chapter 11
Ten miles south of Los Angeles is a continuous mountain. In fact, there are such a group of mountains in all four directions of Los Angeles. I don’t understand what the strategic significance is, but I also know that it seems that this world city is surrounded by such mountains.
Today, there are three groups of people in Lujia. The first group of those Lujia brothers seem to have entered the mountains, but the second group left Los Angeles. According to He Yi, the third group came to hunt monster beasts. Although they didn’t really believe He Yi, it was a secret that Liu Fu somehow knew it, but it turned out that Liu Fu was really arrogant.
In fact, it is also said that the Liu Chang government has done everything possible to get these monster beasts to finally gather materials, so he is bound to buy and sell easily, and no matter how hidden he is, he can’t hold on to He Yi. It is also a pity that he has been found for six years.
Entering the mountainous area is a rugged mountain road, but it is not difficult for Acacia at all, because it is difficult for her to take the rugged mountain road with her. For her, it is as smooth, fast and labor-saving as taking a ladder. It is really simple for her to take someone with her top monster.
They stopped and followed for almost three hours before the team finally stopped, so Silver and Acacia also stopped.
Near the monster Yao acacia asked while looking at the surrounding environment.
Without silver, there was almost no force, so I watched the scene around three kilometers less. Except for that group of people, some wild animals expected the monster beast, but I didn’t find it.
According to their direction, we went to the front to miss each other, thinking that it was best to find it before they found it. Although I don’t know how they fuck it, I think the monster beast has a certain range of activities and they seized the opportunity. Now, if they want to find it first and let the monster beast avoid them, they can return with success.
Speaking of which, she doesn’t really want to confront them face to face. Although the surname Lu is not a good person, Acacia is also a white man. Although it is not a bad person, it is not Weiduofu who has stopped her. But she really wants to send herself to the front and become a target of public criticism. She is always just a passer-by in this world, and then she returns to hell after completing Master Yan, and everything in this world goes well with her. She has always followed the rules of this world, good and evil.
Of course, I’m actually afraid of trouble with her. She doesn’t want to be hunted down the day after tomorrow. If these people try to sabotage their actions in front of the landing house, they will definitely do their best after being conspicuous with Silver.
After going forward for a few miles, Silver finally stopped to smell the monster beast two miles ahead.
Acacia, listen to it. It’s probably because these Lu people are ready to have a good rest before they start work. It’s true that this trip is also a journey of horses and chariots. Although they are all masters, they are hungry, but it doesn’t matter whether you are a master or a low hand.
Let’s go and have a look. I’m excited to see the monster beast lovesickness. I heard that it’s two tiger-shaped monsters, but I don’t know if it’s the white tiger mother. Xiaobai thinks she left Chicheng five years ago and hasn’t seen them again. I think she’s more intimate with people than the two people.
A lamp of tea and kung fu have reached the place where Xiaoyin found it. A stream from the mountain gathers here into a small water pool. Acacia and Xiaoyin are at the edge of the water pool, and they both look at the water pool at the same time.
Two white tigers don’t leave after drinking at the water’s edge. They doze at the water’s edge. I think that’s where they live. Animals live by water. It’s also very common to move here.
We went to Acacia and took a look, and it was confirmed that the familiar smell came from Xiaobai. Although it has grown a lot now, the momentum is already different, but the smell will not change for her to recognize it at a glance. But the white tiger beside Xiaobai is not the mother of the white tiger, which makes her a little strange, but when I think about it, Xiaobai has grown up now. Maybe this white tiger is its lover, and maybe when I think of it, her face will smile unconsciously, just like seeing her relatives find happiness.
Two people just fell to the ground and they were already surprised. Two white tigers panicked and stared at two people, but the panic was also instantaneous. They just turned to wonder. Acacia knew that although Silver was incarnate, the smell of monster beast could still make other monsters feel it, but the small white was staring at her closely. I think she is very familiar with it, right?
Actually speaking, lovesickness monsters are really better than human beings in some respects. They never look at your looks but at your breath. A person may grow taller and his appearance will change, but the breath can’t change the false situation. Lovesickness is still eaten by the white tiger mother’s milk. People who wear the unique breath in this world almost immediately recognize lovesickness.
Xiaobai was still in the cub stage when she left. At that time, she could roar in different lengths to express her meaning. But this time, she has already grown up and can speak like a white tiger mother. And her voice is excited, but it makes Acacia stumble. Why are you here?
Er, when did I become a sister? Acacia was secretly upset, but it should be my sister. But now is obviously not the time to argue about this issue, and she was surprised to see Xiaobai. Although she was upset at heart, she pursed her lips and said nothing.
The white tiger soon became hostile when Xiao Bai was lovesick. The fact that there was no hostility long ago was just a doubt. Xiao Bai had been lovesick with it a long time ago. This human knows what she is like. When Xiao Bai barks, it has come to nothing. It is impossible to be with those people the other day
The two sides introduced one or two white tiger monster beasts to each other, expressing curiosity that Silver can actually transform into a human being, and Silver also promised to teach them this skill when things are over here. Even if it doesn’t teach, it will be lovesick in the future. For now, the monster beast clan is still quite United and pure, but they are still willing to share some skills privately, but when they all transform into people in the future, they may not be so private.
What about the white tiger mother? After the two sides met, Acacia naturally asked, thinking about it. I haven’t seen it before, but I really miss it so much that I asked more serious questions.
Mom and dad were taken away by those bad guys. Xiaobai said that the process was simple, that is, thinking in the same way. Mama Baihu took Xiaobai to find this secluded place. After Xiaobai successfully evolved, she happened to meet her. Now her wife, the white tiger and the three white tigers around her, still lived happily, but one day she was besieged by a group of human beings. Xiaobai and his wife finally escaped under the protection of Mama Baihu. Unfortunately, Mama Baihu wanted to be rescued. Unfortunately, where did they go to find it and Xiaobai was still injured. These days, they just recovered.
Acacia is better than anger. Xiaobai can rest assured that my sister will save the white tiger mother to ensure that she will not forget to be a sister if she is not a sister.
En Xiaobai has been born in the mountains and forests for a few years, although her body has become bigger. At this time, it seems that she is like a child. She feels relieved when she hears this, and at the same time, she has found a support. Generally, the burden in her heart has been gently transferred to Xiang Enshen. What should we do?
If they dare to touch the white tiger mother, then don’t blame me. Acacia is as cold as ice. Looking at the Liu Fu in the direction, I thought I wouldn’t face the enemy with them. Now it seems that I really can’t spare them, but the most important thing now is to save the white tiger mother first.
As a result, she said so bluntly that two tigers and one fox couldn’t stop nodding to her. After a lot of words, two tigers and one fox quickly left the small pond and sneaked into the depths of the forest.
Chapter XII
After a full rest, the Lufu Hunting Team finally walked again, especially when most of them got rid of the brigade with their faces covered. They marched forward quickly and quietly, and each of them was extremely energetic, observing the surrounding environment at any time. The more they moved forward, the easier they were. Be careful not to make a noise to disturb the two white tigers.
For most people in this continent, the Lujia people have a lot of doubts about the monster beast. They have secretly fought with the monster beast for a hundred years, so it is impossible for others except Lujia to know, but it does not prevent these elites from knowing something about the monster beast.
According to Lu Jia Dian Ji, monster beasts have some special habits just like human beings. They will live in a fixed place like human beings, and they will not stay wherever they go like ordinary beasts. They will occupy caves and keep them clean like human beings, and they will also put some decorative furniture on them. Of course, they are also brought from human beings. Although they are smart, their physical conditions determine that they cannot make those beautiful and delicate things like human beings.
They show that human language is stronger than wild animals, and they can still make people tremble. Although they are few in number, monster beasts play an important role in many human battles, and often a battle victory is finally affected by a monster beast.
A long time ago, when monster beasts first appeared in human sight, people were afraid that they looked like wild animals and were bigger and wilder than wild animals, but people also feared them because of their strength and because they could speak human language. People were always in awe of mysterious and unexplained things.
Now, the monsters have not kept their mystery, but tried their best to integrate into the human world. When humans can accept them and give up a lot of honor, what they can do is nothing more than war. Others are just heavy and pure labor. The monsters are very simple and want to live with humans, but human beings are too cunning. How can they make the monsters so powerful and threaten themselves? Although the monsters don’t seem to have that plan, it’s a pity that human beings are always one word, that is, nip in the bud.
In the temple, the world is leveled and wars become scarce. Then two cases will never move the monster beast. The glorious history of the monster beast has slowly disappeared. Now, although the monster beast seems to be accepted by human beings, its status in human beings is not much higher than that of enslaved servants.