It turned out that the square paved with bluestone is now full of potholes. Yi Yu rarely found a piece several feet wide, took out a small tea table and threw a futon. This guy actually poured himself here and drank himself. He seemed to appreciate the bloody taste in the killing battlefield.
Yi Yu didn’t wait long to see the west and the northeast coming at the same time. Although it’s still far from being human, it seems that many people come to see the number of swords. It seems that they still attach great importance to Zhushan Sect, an ally, but I’m afraid they wouldn’t have thought that such a big Xiushan Sect was defeated by Qingcheng Sect in such a short time and then vanished!
Yi Yu holding the glass saw that the two groups of people fell in the vicinity almost at the same time. It was someone else who came from the west. It was the nearest savage mountain Long Didong haha. The bodhi old zu followed behind him with sixteen or seven proud disciples who were not weak. They came from the northeast and were acquaintances. It was the wu-tang clan seat. However, in addition to several female brothers in wu-tang clan, there are even Ling Hun and his wife’s daughter Ling Lvhua watching, which is not like the previous mental trance. Ye Bin and Ling Yunfeng should have recovered, and there is also a woman who Yi Yu has never seen before. Xie Ying is very similar to four beauties, and it is also a feast for the eyes.
Although they should be allies now, after all, there are still good and evil points, but they still haven’t mixed together. One north and one west are turning into horns, which is bound to surround Yi Yuwei in the face of the silent and dilapidated scene of Xiushan Sect. Everyone was shocked. They couldn’t believe that Zhushan Sect was so destroyed!
Yi Yu didn’t even get up and still lay on the futon, holding the glass and drinking it off on both sides. "When you come, sirs!" I don’t know what brings you to my Qingcheng School Zhushan Bieyuan! " If you want to know the aftermath, please go back to Whatever you want.
Back to the four hundred and ninth at your disposal ()
Back to the Qingcheng School, Yi Yu didn’t follow the crowd after it wiped out Zhushan Sect. Instead, he stayed in the ruins of Zhushan Sect and waited for the coming enemy allies. What did he really want to do? Do you really want to be arrogant and show off?
Ha ha the bodhi old zu frown way "Yi Yu friends joking! When this is the main altar of Zhushan Sect, it turned out to be your Qingcheng Sect! "
Yi Yu smiles. "It used to be Zhushan religion, but it was gone just half an hour ago! Of course, thanks to the bodhi old zu! We wouldn’t have come to verify the news of the eastward invasion if Taoist friends and the bodhi old zu who were trapped in Dingdao came to our Qingcheng Sect to report that Zhushan Sect was in collusion with Xiji Sect. Now the evidence is conclusive. Naturally, the Qingcheng Sect has been noble and decent since ancient times, and it is duty-bound to send troops to resist foreign enemies and eradicate such scum! Presumably, all of you must have heard the news and come to help! However, this kind of affection has been appreciated by the Qingcheng School, and now Zhushan religion has been destroyed, leaving the western Western Western Sect clamoring for natural carelessness. "
Everyone’s face froze. Although everyone knows it at this time, they can’t leave a face before they officially turn their faces.
Just then, I saw that the girl in red suddenly rushed out and said, "Where’s my sister?" Where did you get her! " Is this girl in the head oblique beam a bun is much more nifty and lovely, mostly Xie Ying twin sister Xie Lin, but now this girl is a face of anxious color should be rushed to Yi Yu thanks to her Ye Bin and Lingyunfeng all know that Yi Yu is powerful and grabbed her quickly.
The girl threw herself into Ye Bin’s arms and cried, "Aunt! Sister! Sister, she … "
Yi Yu is a casual way "your sister? I don’t have an aunt like you. Why did you come here to find my sister? By the way, who is this girl? Is it evil influence? "
"Bah! You are evil influence! You are Yi Yu, the most hateful bastard in the field of fix true! Give my sister back! " That Xie Lin also forgot the image of a lady, earning Ye Bin’s arms and pointing to Yi Yu to drink and scold a way.
At this time, the strange flower Ling Hun finally spoke, "Yi Yu Daoyou! This Xie Lin girl is the master of Xiao Hanshan’s forbearance. If you meet his sister, you should inform her that there is a misunderstanding. "
Yi Yu smiles to say, "Oh! No wonder you have such a big temper! It turned out that there was someone behind it! But who are you little Hanshan brothers looking for here? Zhushan religion here … Oh! Now it’s my Qingcheng school Zhushan clause! Before you came, there was no one here except me or no one alive! "
Everyone was surprised when they heard this. Although the Zhushan Sect altar was already dilapidated and saw Yi Yu alone, it was naturally that Zhushan Sect was defeated. But now, listening to Yi Yu’s words, it means that Zhushan Sect people have all died here, which makes people believe it!
Strange flower ling muddy doubt way "easy jade friends! That Zhushan teaches Wan Yu’s younger brother … "
Yi Yu sneered at a "collusion between foreign bandits and bandits" and what kind of hand is mercifully justified? All is annihilation! Is it necessary to let them take a breath and continue to harm our Chinese compatriots? "
"Kill them all! Ten thousand monks! " Although I’m used to the big scene, I’m still amazed to ask this statement. Next to everyone, I don’t blame them, and they are all stunned! This is a little too incredible! It is not a miracle to say that the Qingcheng Sect destroyed Zhushan religion. After all, the strength gap is there! But it’s really incredible to say that the Qingcheng school will exterminate Zhushan religion! Even if 10 thousand people kill casually there, I’m afraid it will be troublesome for a while. What’s worse, 10 thousand people fix extraordinary things! And the scene was so clean that not a single body was left!
Yi Yu grinned, "Don’t you still believe in SIRS Taoist friends? I, the Qingcheng Sect, have always been adhering to the purpose of putting an end to evil. Once it is harmful to the sky, evil people will definitely cut the grass and never let it regenerate like weeds, otherwise more good people will suffer! "
At this moment, suddenly a handsome boy rushed out from behind the bodhi old zu, and stared at Yi Yu with a vengeance. "No! You’re lying! We Zhushan have taught ten thousand people to inherit for thousands of years. How can it be said that it can be destroyed! The bodhi old zu of Zhushan in my family is even more magical, and it is by no means a shame like you who can overcome it! " It turns out that this person is taking advantage of the chaos to slip away from the secret passage of the back hill and go to the outside for help.
Haha, the bodhi old zu laughed. "Let’s fix the true boundary is a place where the strength is high and low. Now your strength is comparable to that of World War I. If you are careless, you will lose your seat. Although you are also a lover of noodles, if you support yourself at this time, you will lose your face even more!"
Yi Yu smiles. "I’m flattered, bodhi old zu! However, the collusion between Zhushan and Xifan is the bodhi old zu himself, and I, the Golden Whip Cliff, informed us how to protect these traitors today! Can it be said that the bodhi old zu also has a mind to abandon his ancestral homeland? "
Haha, the bodhi old zu’s face changed hands, and the golden light of the flying sword flashed and trembled. Obviously, he was extremely angry! However, Yi Yuyan is also a story before and after. It is really that he and the bodhi old zu are trapped in the golden whip cliff. I didn’t expect that now it has become a story of people running on him! However, this old devil has lived for many years, and his face is already as thick as a wall, and he ignores this statement.
"Hum! Zhushan Sect is your Qingcheng Sect. What evidence do you have that they colluded with Xifan to plot evil? I think.
Qingcheng Sect oppresses others and persecutes fellow travelers! "
For ha ha bodhi old zu bite Yi Yu also dismissive sneer at a way "persecution fellow? I am a noble and decent Qingcheng Sect! In ten thousand, when did Zhushan teach this evil spirit to become a fellow! ? Master, since I was a child, I have to teach me how to fight demons and get rid of them! Even if the Xiushan Sect didn’t collude with outsiders, it is necessary for me to destroy the Qingcheng Sect! What’s more, now that Zhushan Sect is dead, I say they collude with foreign vassals, then they collude with foreign vassals and traitors! "
As soon as the voice fell, I saw Yi Yu’s eyes flashing. Although his figure did not move, haha, the bodhi old zu immediately knew that it was not good! Reaching for the Zhushan godbrother beside him, but after all, he was too late to see the hapless Xiushan godbrother disappear with a flash of white light!
Yi Yu sneer at the boss and look at the man who has already fallen into his hands! The embroidered mountain brother still doesn’t know what’s going on, but he feels dazzling white light, and then his neck can’t breathe if he is just pinched by pliers, and his whole body can’t breathe. Yi Yu will throw the man to the ground and step on his chest with a touch of Jian Qin.
Just like cutting a piece of rice paper, "Gollum"-the Zhushan godbrother’s head has rolled into a pit next to it.
You!’ At this time, haha, the bodhi old zu has been very angry. Just now, he did say that he would protect the life of this embroidered mountain godbrother, but Yi Yu was so bold that he took people away from him and killed them! This is different from slapping the bodhi old zu in the face. He can’t hold back if he is self-disciplined! "Good good! Yi Yu, you are really good! "
Yi Yu sneer at a way "bad again? It is people who don’t attack me, I don’t attack, and if they attack me, I will kill! Zhushan religion is so long, so is Didong! " Say actually looked at the dozen younger brothers behind the bodhi old zu, and laughed. "Haha, the bodhi old zu is naturally hard to find an enemy, but it is not easy to cultivate an apprentice!" I wonder how many swords they can resist me? "
"The thief dares!" Haha, the bodhi old zu was so angry that Yi Yu threatened him in this public! If this matter goes out, his face will go further! Gnashing way "Yi Yu! If you dare to touch my eldest brother, Dong Di, I … I will slay you, one hundred brothers of Qingcheng Sect! "
Actually, haha, the bodhi old zu came to say that it is impossible to kill Yi Yu. Although he is better than Yi Yu, it is really not an easy task to kill Yi Yu. What’s more, Yi Yu and his wives who can’t be provoked! Haha, the bodhi old zu really doesn’t want to fight Yi Yu, but he has to because of the situation.
Yi Yu is the so-called smile way "oh? It’s an interesting game, but it doesn’t seem to threaten me. You have your own granduncle and grandmaster to deal with it. Besides, I send 12,000 elder brothers from Qingcheng to congratulate you at any time. If you have the strength, you can attack my Golden Whip Cliff like this and kill him cleanly! Not happy! "
Seeing Yi Yu and Haha, the more the bodhi old zu said, the more stiff they were, the more they would do it again. wu-tang clan, a half-year-old nun, quickly came out to make a circle field and said, "Please calm down, two Taoist friends. Let’s talk slowly. At this time, the foreign enemy in Xifan has not retired, and there is still a big war. I can’t make another fuss when I wait for my own family. Isn’t it true that the relatives are bitter enemies!"
"Hum!" Haha, the bodhi old zu is not talking any more. Although he is very angry in his heart, he also knows that it is impossible to really move down the Qingcheng Sect just by his long Didong family. If you continue to entangle with Yi Yu at this time, I am afraid you will lose your strength and others will make a wedding dress in vain.