Jade Ding Tiandi discovered that the bearer was Leitian. He thundered that Leitian was your way to die.
Jade Ding, don’t you dare to come to me? I said in Leitian of World War I, the New Year’s beast returned to the dragon and sank the star gun.
Yuding came to Leitian with a green light. He looked at Leitian sullenly.
No wonder you dare to come to the advanced heaven emperor. Hey, the jade emperor came to make you become me.
Leitian’s heart moved with a good smile. My jade emperor said that I had the practice method of the zodiac in my hand, so he asked me to come to you.
Leitian directly to the jade tripod desire disturbing jade tripod stare blankly a grimace of a grin.
Leitian, you want to break my heart. Do you know that I have got those twelve words? You are just a stepping stone to me this time.
Leitian said indifferently that everyone is a stepping stone to the Jade Emperor. What are you and me doing to kill Zixiao Palace?
How dare you? If you dare to kill Zixiao Palace, I will give you the twelve words of the ecliptic.
Yuding’s face changed continuously, and finally she gnashed her teeth and killed you. I can get the words as well.
Idiot leitian said, "Let the Yin and Yang rob the thunder stars." A large array of 36,000 thunder stones was suspended in the jade tripod, and suddenly the jade tripod was dark with twinkling stars.
The jade tripod roared with laughter, and a square jade tripod broke ground from the earth.
I have built a road. Since then, there are no rules to bind me. Twelve golden yellow characters on the jade tripod feet are moving, forming a door. In this door, the jade tripod is not affected by the Leitian fairy array, but its strength is several times higher.
Leitian also means that he let Luo Xiu Xiaoyu, the main fairy town, ride the Nian beast and rush to Yuding Tiandi.
This large array of stars has changed a lot after Luo Xiu’s light rain. Although the jade tripod can still communicate with the jade tripod’s vitality, most of these vitality are frozen by Luo Xiu’s yin and burned by the light rain and the sun’s gas, which is simply to forcibly plunder the jade tripod’s strength.
Even taking away one or two percent will have a great impact on the battle.
In Ziwei Palace, the jade emperor sat at the top of the palace and looked at Yu Dingtian’s battle. Seeing Leitian’s release of Yin and Yang, the jade emperor smiled and was prepared to deal with himself.
If it weren’t for the powerful Zixiao Palace, I’m afraid Leitian would suddenly and violently kill people.
I was really mistaken. This man is calm and meets with great events on weekdays, but he has the courage to fight to the death. Fortunately, he didn’t let him do it, otherwise the Ziwei Palace would be badly damaged.
Let Yuding kill him first, and then let him go to that place to open the way for himself.
It’s nothing to die a jade tripod. That road can be built by hundreds of jade tripods. When it comes to 33 days, the strength will be expanded by 10,000 times, and the pattern of Chang Zhou Yuan will be embraced.
After all, those innate saints plan to fall into this universe as a testing ground for everyone, but they will never be willing to be a passer-by
The sage can watch but can’t take part in this change, otherwise, Emperor Ziwei will take his cronies with him to say that separation is actually escape.
Leave this chess blank, you will benefit this chess and then erase it.
The jade emperor’s eyes turned silver, and the pupil disappeared. The fighting in the jade tripod was not lost. He saw the magical changes in the jade tripod in his eyes, and he also remembered them and restored them into a variety of symbols in the pupil, which also became the text of the interpretation avenue.
Thirty-three days later, other celestial emperors also discovered Jade Ding Tian. The fighters wanted to come to help Jade Ding, but they were stopped by the tremendous pressure from the Jade Emperor in Ziwei Palace.
The Heavenly Emperor became suspicious. What is the Jade Emperor going to do? Is he going to take it for himself for 33 days and erase everyone one by one?
The Jade Emperor’s voice resounded for thirty-three days at this time.
Don’t talk about who wins and who loses Yu Dingtian. I won’t return.
The Heavenly Emperor was a little relieved, but he didn’t leave the plan to fight for the Jade Ding in Leitian for many years. In thirty-three days, the Heavenly Emperor could exert his strength at will, and everyone wanted to see what the third-ranked Jade Ding Heavenly Emperor did.
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Chapter six hundred and sixty-one Cut the jade tripod
Chapter six hundred and sixty-one Cut the jade tripod
Leitian didn’t know that the Jade Emperor’s powerful ability can see through the enemy’s main source, but he still didn’t exert the strongest force. The twelve sources were hidden in his body, and the metal worms were sleeping. It was the dragon, the heavy star gun and the six yang rushing to the enemy in Lei Jian.
He did this, of course, not to guard against the Jade Emperor, but he felt that the Jade Ding Emperor had practiced bifurcation and had to use his strongest strength to defeat it.
In the large array of Yin and Yang robbing the thunder stars, Leitian Thunder and the sword meaning are double. The six Yang rushing to Lei Jian is almost unaffected. The body of Yuding Tiandi is exposed to a silver star robe in Yuding Tiandi’s body. Leitian Jianwan is chopped by the robe and slid to the jade tripod with the feet of Yuding Tiandi.
The jade tripod and jade tripod are connected together. Unless Leitian can destroy a jade tripod with one sword, it’s true to break this jade tripod.
This jade tripod is also an immortal instrument ordered by the Jade tripod Heaven Emperor.
His road numbers are all from this jade tripod.
What gives Yuding a headache is the leitian dragon sinking star gun. This weapon is the most ferocious weapon in the universe, and the fierce beast can even turn into a black hole in the universe to devour his jade tripod power crazily.
Thirty-three days are still one, and the power of Jade Ding Tian can be quickly restored if it is swallowed up. Even if it has just been fought for hundreds of thousands of years, it will not cause fatal damage to Jade Ding Tian.
However, the more the dragon gun devours its vitality, the stronger the change. Of course, it is impossible for Yu Ding to be beaten like this.