The young man nodded and lifted the man in yellow to throw him away.
However, the drunken man in yellow changed into a black mist, which suddenly gushed from the man in yellow and sprayed on two guards.
Both of them were surprised, but the strange fog penetrated into the body in a very short time. They even fell to the ground soft and their skin was enchanting red before they even screamed.
But the man in yellow jumped up and his chubby face was not slightly drunk, but he was somewhat proud. It is also possible for him to really beat two people in a strong life and death situation, but it is impossible to live with two people.
Meng Fei saw Li Chengtian’s crispness, which knocked two life-and-death guards to the ground and secretly frightened him. He floated from the dark to praise Daoge. It’s really a good means. I don’t know what poison this is, but it can paralyze two life-and-death guards, and one of them has reached the semi-bone condition.
This is the black crisp fog, which is the secret of my star palace. It is rare to see it in other places. It took my master a lot of money to get such a small bottle from the star palace. Unfortunately, it is in their hands today.
Don’t talk too much. Let’s go into this chamber of secrets. This black fog can paralyze them for several hours. When we were a few hours old, Li Chengtian smiled faintly. Two guards were paralyzed. They went straight into the grandson and bodhi old zu to close the chamber of secrets, threw the guards in the corner without killing them, and then looked at the chamber of secrets.
Meng Fei suddenly followed and went in.
This secret room is ten feet in size, and it is made of solid stone slabs with a width of one foot. However, there is nothing outside except a pair of jade pads and a tripod incense burner.
This grandson and bodhi old zu is very simple and clean.
Meng Fei looked at a secret room a little and had to admit that he had to find something strange in this secret room, not to mention the star demon king’s military code
But he doesn’t believe that there’s really nothing here, Chang Sun-fu. If you really hide the star demon king’s military code, the bodhi old zu is the most suspicious.
Meng Fei frequently observed that Li Chengtian came to Li Chengtian, which is very complicated and ingenious. If he is looking for something in this secret room, Li Chengtian is better than him.
However, Li Chengtian scanned the chamber of secrets and carefully examined every place in the chamber of secrets.
In less than a moment, Li Chengtian suddenly pressed several stone tablets in the chamber of secrets, and the stone walls on the side of the chamber of secrets creaked slowly to reveal a cave.
This is a natural cave, which is narrow, but two or three people can pass through it, risking a cold and humid atmosphere.
Grandson bodhi old zu xiu is high, but this skill is not so high. I expect it’s good. The biggest secret of Grandson’s mansion is in this cave. Adults Meng come in with me and have a look. Li Chengtian hey hey smiled and walked into the cave. Chapter four hundred and ninety-nine Stars and Trees.
Meng Fei smiled and followed.
However, his heart became more and more alert. At the end of the day, the biggest danger was to come to this star palace full of smiling faces. There was no simple generation.
When he finds the military code, he doesn’t believe that this is okay. He always talks about Meng’s adult, and the Star Palace Campaign will show mercy to himself.
They walked along the grottoes for hundreds of feet and finally found a very clean grottoes.
When we get here, we can walk along the road. The blue starlight flows from the front, and the blue starlight makes Meng Fei feel a biting chill. These stars are strange.
Meng Fei soon turned his attention to an old Gu Teng tree.
In a cold stone, there is an old tree with a height of more than tens of feet. This tree may be more than tens of thousands of years old, and it has three green blue flowers.
However, this old tree is protected by a pale white light curtain. If it is good, it should be the grandson and bodhi old zu to protect the tree array.
Li Chengtianxing’s demon king should leave a military symbol for this old tree. Meng Fei smiled and stared at that tree, but he was far away from the old tree Li Chengtian.
He didn’t make a move. First, although his physical strength is strong, the three forces can’t adjust the method to solve the old tree array ban. Once the array ban is touched, it is likely to disturb the grandson, the bodhi old zu and other people in the grandson’s house, which is not good.
Secondly, he doesn’t want to cause Li Chengtian misunderstanding. He wants to compete for this spiritual tree.
Lord Meng, I’m not afraid to tell the truth that this tree of stars is the Star Devil, and that the military symbol is this road, which has been absorbing stars for tens of thousands of years. Today, it has become a heterogeneous life and evolved into a spiritual tree.
This spirit tree is bound to be full of magical effects, but its three pieces don’t seem to be enough. Li Chengtian turned to Meng Fei with a smile.
These three spirits turned out to be found by the cabinet first, but when you Meng Fei said humbly.
Li Chengtian is really strange this time. He also Meng Fei will never give up these three stars. It is difficult for them to have a hard fight. I didn’t expect Meng Fei to be humble at this critical moment, but he didn’t move.
He wondered if Meng Fei was trying to pull some tricks, but was the trick in front of him?
Since Meng’s adult can’t see these stars, I’m welcome. Li Chengtian, two people chatting, has carefully come to the front law around Lingshu and quickly start to break the forbidden front law. The danger here is not a place to stay.
Half an hour later, the white law was cracked, and with the disappearance of the blue water curtain, three immature stars also entered Li Chengtian’s hands.
Li Chengtian was full of joy and hardships at this time, and finally found the master’s weapon. The most important thing is that he also got three stars. Although his potential is very low, he can also resonate with the stars, otherwise he will not be able to become a star service in Bayu Poetry. With these three stars, he also has the opportunity to practice the stars.
Meng Fei waited for Li Chengtian to see the stars. He didn’t go to the star tree until he wanted to see what this symbol body was. At this moment, he suddenly felt alert and looked at the entrance of the stone cave. He was slightly hidden in a rock face of the cave.
Li Chengtian didn’t blink as slowly as he did. He had shrunk in a shadow near Lingshu and stared coldly at the mouth of the cave. He sent a secret message to Meng Fei to cooperate with the action. Today, the military government is close at hand, even if it encounters an enemy, it will be a pain killer.
There is a slight news outside the cave, and people are coming in.
Meng Fei in caves outside looking forward to that quietly close to the science of uniting the come in and then Meng Fei hold up the shield will be a flying needle in the palm of your hand left hand hold a pile of operator paper silence in my heart.
Two ChangSunFu guards in the secret room were all numb by the black fog. The ChangSunFu people are afraid of a ChangSunFu, and they have all been alarmed. It should not be ChangSunFu people, so others came in.
After a while, a deadly shadow appeared at the mouth of the cave, but the man seemed to know that the ambush did not come in immediately and did not give Meng Fei Li Chengtian a chance to attack him.
The man laughed and laughed. Li Chengtian, Meng Laodi, don’t hide. I know you are in this hole. We are all looking for treasure and will be angry.
Who are you signing up for?
Li Chengtian, don’t you recognize me? I don’t know what the gray robe practice has done. The shape of the avatar’s fat face has shrunk by nearly half, and finally it has become a thin monk, but it has grown into a sheng Lian Yin, and it has become cold.
After ChangSunSheng recovered, a big knife stood in front of him and slowly entered the cave.
Meng Fei couldn’t help but frown. No wonder he feels so familiar.
Who am I talking about? It’s hello, strange magical transformation. Actually, I was deceived by you in Dalian. In the past, Li Chengtian burst into laughter, but his eyes were fixed on the location of the cave. After he got the military symbol, he looked for an opportunity to rush to the cave and walk as far as he could.
He didn’t care too much about Meng Fei, but he didn’t dare to lose sight of the ChangSunSheng.