Qin Sushan immediately moved to the mountain after a little meditation.
Look at his wide robe and big sleeves fluttering around without a military horse beside him, which shows that this person really lives up to his natural and unrestrained reputation.
The hillside heron has bowed down to the ground towards the old man in red, and the black guard has knelt down behind him.
The origin of the man in black is not enough, but the name of Mahatma Gandhi Guevara has already resounded through Cangyue mainland for nearly a hundred years.
The character in the story suddenly appeared in the center of the battlefield and cast a spell to stop the war. No one dared to annoy the super care teacher, whether it was the Northwest Frontier Army or Qin’s military forces.
Although Gandhi Guevara, the magic teacher of the name tree shadow, has not appeared in front of the world for nearly half a century, his seven brothers have made an immortal name in Cangyue mainland.
The theory of seven experienced senior wizards in actual combat is a powerful force to change the pattern before a country.
Who’s your brother? Just now, that chain of crazy thunder clouds was terrible, and a small spell instrument was wasted in vain. It was too wave, and the magic teacher Gandhi Guevara said with a face of randomness
Tu Tianlu’s heart said that if I knew that the chain crazy thunder nebula was so powerful, I wouldn’t want to release it.
But of course, he didn’t want to admit his mistakes. Instead, he said with a supercilious face that it was my father’s adult who gave the younger generation a protective device to win the battlefield by hook or by crook. My father was the first wizard in the Northwest Army. Tu Zhen must have heard of his name.
As soon as Tu Tianlu lifted the father, it seemed arrogant, but it was actually a life-saving thing. Although he didn’t want to admit it, the fact is that this military action against Qin Xiangcheng has completely failed.
Before the death of Cangyun, the army was defeated by 5,000 elite riders, and less than 2,000 riding Qin’s military forces have also rushed to the hillside. Moreover, the magic mentor Gandhi Gewa is in a big change to fight again, and this hundred black guards may not be able to protect himself.
Tu Tianlu thinks that the situation is unfavorable again and again, but it is also an overestimation of the fighting capacity of Qin’s military forces. The main reason is that he was killed by Qin just now and he was forced to move his father’s title. He thought that with his identity as a care mentor, the care mentor Gandhi Guevara had to give his father a face to spare his life.
Tu Zhen, why haven’t I heard this name, old monster? Have you heard it? Gandhi Guevara turned and asked.
Black dress person shook his head with a fine expression, threw Qin out and said coldly, you treat him first. I’m not good at saving this. I’ll kill everyone here and then blood sacrifice will transfer vitality to him.
When I heard the black dress person talking, I didn’t lie prone to slaughter herons. Even Qin Sushan couldn’t help shivering with blood sacrifice. Is this the necromancer who can stand side by side with Gandhi Guevara?
The magic teacher Gandhi Guevara took over the Qin dynasty and at the same time, his body was red and he didn’t know what wonderful method woke up the Qin dynasty’s consciousness.
Kid, what’s your name? The magic teacher Gandhi Guevara said softly.
Qin out feel whole body comfortable many heart know must be the old man saved himself calm way, my name is Qin out.
Oh, hello, Qin Chu. The old monster next to me is a magician. Are you willing to give up the belief of being a soldier and magic to us? The magic teacher Gandhi Guevara said a word, and everyone present held their breath, and the heron was on the side, and his eyes were burning with fire.
The warrior believed in Qin’s destruction, and then he showed a rather embarrassed expression and said in a very small voice, of course I would like to. I am a magician.
What? At least half the people in the black guard fell to the ground. This guy who is so fierce that he can even play with the five-level bucket casually, and now he actually calls himself a magician.
Ah, even the magic teacher Gandhi Guevara is stunned. Things have really changed these days, and the world is still so tough and magical.
Ok, no matter what your status is, it’s good that you always want us two old guys to use magic. Then you should listen clearly. From now on, Qin Miao is my old monster’s younger brother. You have no relatives on both sides. Please say something. After two years, let him go home. Can you not kill too many people without fighting? You will understand.
Who dares to say no when the magic teacher Gandhi Guevara speaks personally?
Qin Sushan shook his folding fan in his hand, but at the same time, he was very surprised. At the same time, he was very happy. Qin was always a part of me. He was able to be taken by two strange magic teachers and his brother’s future was limitless. Moreover, his worship of the teacher was equivalent to picking up Qin’s two big backers. I still can’t see it now, but after a few years, the stakes will be serious. It is really a strange fate.
Tu Tianlu fell to the ground and looked at Qin. His eyes were full of jealousy and hatred. A care teacher was behind him as a backer, but this hateful guy was backed by two care teachers.
It was he who stole my woman, and I lost the victory of the war and the opportunity to meet two magic teachers. Qin Chu, you wait for me, and you will not die and slaughter herons, gnashing your teeth and secretly saying in your heart.
Qin was held in his arms by the old man in red robe, and he observed the great hatred in the eyes of Tu Tianlu from a good angle.
Wait a minute. I still have something to do. Qin Xiao barely managed to get up half his body and said reluctantly
Gandhi Guevara is going to fly with Qin out. As soon as he listens to the apprentice, he slows down and says that your injury is very important. Hurry up and treat it. What else do you want?
After saying his word, Qin put out his hand and waved the half-heavy lance that he had not let go.
This one with a pair of vigor, after being shot and sold, Qin destroyed the individual like a deflated ball, which collapsed in the old man’s arms and completely fainted.
Everyone present didn’t expect Qin to destroy the crime in front of two care teachers. Not only was Qin Sushan startled, but even the heron who was shot through his chest was stunned for half a day, stroking and piercing his chest with an iron gun.
Wizards have always been weak and butchered herons to protect themselves with blue water, but they were blown to pieces by Qin Destroyer. Hundreds of black guards around them are the best bodyguards, but because of the two magic instructors, no one thought that Qin Destroyer could say that butchered herons were destined to die in Qin Destroyer’s hands.
Tu Tianlu’s eyes were wide open, and he was unwilling to fall on his back. The worst thing in his life was that he met a guy like Qin Chu who didn’t press the usual card to limit his resentment.
Gandhi Guevara hugged the murdered boy in distress situation. The old care teacher’s face changed and then became very wonderful.
The guards in black are in an uproar. If it weren’t for the name of the magic teacher, they would be angry and kill the heron. These people don’t have to live.