Zhang Sheng doesn’t believe it. Is this the only beast guarding here?
Then what do you want? Huang Zhini gave Zhang Sheng a white look.
Hehe, it’s nothing. I just don’t believe it. After all, this is the place where the God Chiyou is sealed. Can a beast stop the descendants of Jiuli clan?
Huang Zhini sighed, but you little baby look smart at you. Why are you suddenly confused? I’m the one guarding this place. You just beat me.
Zhang Sheng smiled at once. Yeah, maybe no one thought that people could beat their predecessors at the beginning.
I just said that it was the number of days that you untied this seal, and I didn’t continue to stop you, Huang Zhini said lightly
Zhang Sheng smiled and thanked his predecessors.
Huang Zhini laughs. You’d better go quickly.
Zhang Sheng took the whole Excalibur and flew warily to the hill. Although Huang Zhini didn’t look like he was lying to him, Zhang Sheng couldn’t help but be cautious and guard against people’s hearts. Zhang Sheng still understood this basic principle.
Zhang Sheng’s sword split the mountain into a long affairs box about Zhang Yu’s width, and it appeared in front of him.
Just now, this affairs box suddenly exploded outward, and Zhang Sheng, a powerful energy in Jiuli, was crazy, but it was at this time that she heard a piercing beast, a blue light flashed beside this affairs box, and now a tall beast appeared.
Zhang Sheng took one look at God beast pie pie and said, You beast will come again. Isn’t this a dead end?
The god beast angrily drank a long tail and hit Zhang Sheng. Zhang Sheng’s mouth showed a smile and waved a sword. The tail of the god beast was cut off by Zhang Shen. When the god beast ate pain, he spit out a raging flame. The temperature of the flame was very high, which was almost comparable to that of Samadhi. But how could Zhang Sheng be afraid of this flame at this time?
Zhang Gaosheng’s strange call-You beast blame you for coming at a bad time.
He quickly crossed the flame and clearly saw the fear in the eyes of the god beast, but Zhang Sheng’s sword-wielding speed was not slow. It was a sword-wielding that cut the god beast in half and the turbulent blood jet scattered all over the floor.
Zhang Sheng carefully hit the affairs box, which really contained the human-god body, but Zhang Sheng frowned on his limbs, but he still put the human-god body up.
Why didn’t Zhang Sheng ask Huang Zhini about his limbs
Huang Zhini has no limbs when she says it. The limbs of Chiyou are not sealed here.
Er, Zhang Sheng was startled and immediately asked where it was sealed.
Huang Zhini ha ha smiled and said slowly, you should be able to understand what I mean.
Hell Zhang Sheng was surprised.
Huang Zhini laughed. I don’t know where it is. You should ask someone else. Well, you’ve got the body of Chiyou and you should leave here.
Is Zhang Shengying way
Huang Zhini took Zhang Sheng and asked the elder, Do you still want to stay in Diablo Island?
Hehe, of course I won’t stay here. I’ve had enough of loneliness for ten thousand years. I want to swim in the three realms and live the life I want.
Zhang Sheng laughed. Senior can always go to the celestial world to find me. Junior is always waiting for senior.
We’ll see
Zhang Sheng said goodbye to Huang Zhini and left Diablo Island. Zhang Sheng never took a boat again, but in order to avoid the boatmen being attacked by sea monsters, he returned to the demon world with a huge ship.
Qingniu was seriously injured, not only his body was damaged, but also Yuan Shen was seriously injured. Zhang Sheng was not enough to cure Qingniu’s injury. Zhang Sheng should return to the celestial world as soon as possible and let Yuan Tianzun treat Qingniu.
However, Qing Niu has just returned to the demon world, and it is not long before the demon world is in a period of peace and stability. If Qing Niu leaves the demon world again, what turmoil will happen sometime in the demon world. Before returning to the fairy world, Zhang Sheng is responsible for completely calming the demon world.
Zhang Sheng thought for a while and then he had an idea.
At this time, Zhang Sheng, who was seriously damaged by the green cow Yuan God, easily infiltrated the knowledge of God, and after slightly diverting the memory of the green cow, he remembered it, and then Zhang Sheng changed the green cow and returned to the demon world.
King Qingniu came back. When Zhang Sheng returned to Qingniu Town, the monsters in Qingniu Town cried happily.
Zhang Sheng burst out laughing with a green cow and then flew back to the palace directly.
Zhang Sheng decided to make Qing Niu the main demon in the demon world. Although all the monsters are unruly, Qing Niu is the first master in the demon world. This time, he came back safely from Diablo Island, and his name has reached a climax. At this time, Zhang Sheng still has the magic stone in his hand. Zhang Sheng grasped that Qing Niu was the main player in the demon world.
Zhang Sheng sent a demon king’s order to a demon world in the name of Qing Niu, so that the other two demon kings in the demon world could come to Qing Niu City to tell the story of the demon king’s order, and soon the demon world shook.
What does Qingniu want to do?
Do you want to ascend the throne of the demon world?
Although he is strong, he is not enough to be the demon Lord.
Now that the demon king has issued an order, let’s go and have a look
Bailong posted a post with a green cow town, but he frowned slightly and whispered, eldest brother, what are you going to do? Do you really want to be the demon Lord? So it won’t lead many ancient demon kings so much?
Three days later, the monster Hou Hongshi, from all walks of life, got together again after parting, and this time it was more polished than that in the Red Lion City, and many monsters were stronger and stronger, and so many monsters gathered in Qingniu City, not all of them had some enemies. At that time, Qingniu City was tense and delicate.
Qingniu held a big banquet in Qingniu Palace, and was invited by the Monster Department. The hall of Qingniu Palace was crowded with people, while Mrs. Bailongji was sitting in the first place, and neither of them spoke. Bailong was cold and frosty, and Mrs. Ji was frowning and obviously worried.
Chapter two hundred and forty-six Dark War
Chapter two hundred and forty-six Dark War
Green cow came from behind only after the monsters arrived. A cow’s face showed overbearing laughter and sat on her throne several times.
Eldest brother asked us to come here today. What is the matter? When Bailong saw the green cow coming, he couldn’t wait to ask.
Zhang Sheng took one look at Bailong, ha ha smiled and said, "Don’t worry, my good brother." Then the conversation turned to other monsters in the hall and said, "You can come to Qingniu Palace today to give me an old cow face. I’m very grateful. I’d like to propose a toast to you first.
All the demons took the wine in their hands and looked up and drank a cup together.