The strength of these four deities is almost the same as that of the five deities. If the joint efforts are more secure, the speed of destroying this ancient dngi fairy array will be four times slower.
When the protoss is short now, the celestial army is estimated to have been attacking the protoss arrival mainland.
The other three deities nodded and said that four people each chose a dngue and walked in. This dngue was ambushed by soldiers everywhere. After the four deities were divided, the first deity hesitated, took an eyeball-like bead and threw it in half.
After the pearl flew in, it shone brightly, which made dngue shine ahead. This dreamland disappeared, and lu came before him in a large array.
The god emperor grimaced and waved his sword and rushed to a group of soldiers in front.
This group of soldiers suddenly put a strong light sh to the bead on the top of the God Emperor’s head. The soldiers are wearing armor and they are also Leitian Star Warriors.
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Chapter five hundred and fifty-three Multi-party game
Chapter five hundred and fifty-three Multi-party game
The rain outside the ancient dngi Fairy Array discontentedly told the dialogue that the Qingcheng Sect stole jin and was still fighting hard, but refused to continue.
Let’s forget it. They continue to consume immortals. They want me to search for the latest updates.
Hum, are you unwilling to give up the immortal or Li Hongxiu Xiaoyu to ask?
I don’t want to answer in vain.
I’m not willing to give up, and I can’t break our practice. Is it true that a third person will join us again? Xiao Yu, Luo Xiu’s sister, won’t forget to join Luo Xiu at this time.
Luo Xiudao Leitian, if you want, let him not be willing to part with or use Bai Tea. It is really a good nv. He is not willing to abandon the avenue because of this mortal feeling Leitian. It is estimated that he will not care about anything.
Leitian wry smile way in front of two people for the first time this can’t?
He thought to himself that the loss of Qingcheng Mountain was too big, and there would be one less helper to deal with Kunlun later. What can I do if Qingcheng Mountain sent Li Hongxiu to repair himself?
The problem is that his criminal record is not enough to explain, and besides, Ma Rong is not far away to watch the game, which is even more unspeakable
It’s good for you to drag the drizzle road against Qingcheng Mountain. What do you mean by letting go of this benefit and winking at the opening angle?
Leitian thought, I don’t want to wink at you. I don’t want Qingcheng Mountain to be unlucky. I’m afraid I’ll give Zhu a sword tactic when these four guys can control it. This is the biggest benefit.
If you can get Zhu Xian’s sword tactic, you may even be able to coax Zhu Xian’s four swords into coming.
You can’t give up these for short-term immediate interests.
But this can’t be said to leitian look at the opening angle, and he can’t refute the odd light rain.
This is the unique feature of the immortal sword. Leitian has long coveted these four Gu Jian pieces. This sudden incident gave him a glimmer of hope.
Zhu’s quality should be the highest in other teachers’ N.
Never before has Zhu, a fairy grass turned into a demon, been able to practice to this extent, and Zhu has no pulse all over his body, which is the track of absorbing the vitality of heaven and earth.
Her human incarnation is integrated into one mass, and her cultivation speed is also rising.
If we can advance to the Emperor of Heaven, we can guard Qing N, and we don’t have to worry about any troubles in heaven and heaven anymore.
Luo Xiudao: Let’s talk about it later. I think Penglai can still hold on for a while, and it will not be worse than Qingcheng Mountain.
Xiaoyu doesn’t believe that Penglai’s strength is really not Qingcheng Mountain, let alone Kunlun Mountain.
She glanced at the Kunlun Ma Rong that Ma Rong far to leitian side two beautiful nv nod a face of smile.
Xiao Yu’s face was frosty, and a ray of firm but gentle in her eyes was grabbed by Leitian.
The attack power of the eyebrow-folding sword is not small, but it is also a headache to be attacked by the counterattack force. Most people, even the Emperor of Heaven, can’t counterattack the light rain, but Ma Rong can definitely.
At this time, Ma Rong ji’s evil is not worth it.
These thoughts are buried in the brain, but he can’t attack Ma Rong by Xiaoyu, but he will hold firm but gentle in his hand and then he will be stunned.
This firm but gentle performance is this powerful but virtual strength ratio.
Bai Qili’s grip seems to be holding a mass of cotton hu. Even if two people practice the same magic, it is unique in fencing and light rain.
Fold the eyebrow sword leitian want to crush firm but gentle also want to hu great strength.
Xiao Yu didn’t want to attack Ma Rong with this sword root. He immediately smiled. His smile was for Ma Rong with a hint of apology.