I don’t know whether the old man came to meet me because I stayed at his house for a night or for other reasons. Hall treated me much more affectionately today than yesterday.
The tea has been cooked, and he smiled and said to me, let’s have tea.
We sat down at the table, and a strong woman, a daughter-in-law of his, brought a bowl of milk, and his sons came into the room one by one.
Your children are all so tall, I said to the old man
Yes, he said while biting a small candy bar, it seems to me that my wife has nothing to complain about.
Do they all live with you?
We’re all together. We all want to be together. Let’s be together.
Are you all married?
Just this Prick The Ghost hasn’t got married yet. He pointed to Fei Jia, who is still leaning against the door, and replied that Wa Xia is still young and can wait for a few years.
Why should I marry Fija? She retorted, "That’s all I need. Why do I need my wife to quarrel with me to relieve boredom?"
Hum you, I just know your mind. You are the wind brother. You want to fool around with the girls every day. You are shameless and hate the old man to imitate the girls and say that I know your mind very well. What the hell are you doing?
What is it about begging for a wife?
My wife is a good long-term worker. Hall said very seriously that my wife serves men.
What do I need long-term workers for?
You’re not just trying to be happy. I know what you’re thinking
Well, in that case, you can marry me. Well, what’s the matter? Why don’t you talk?
Hum, forget it, you naughty boy. Look, we are not afraid of disturbing the master. I will marry you. Don’t worry. Oh, master, don’t take it amiss. The child is too young to understand.
Fija shook her head.
Is Hall at home? karic came into the room with a bunch of strawberries in his hand. He picked them for his good friend, Old Hall, and warmly welcomed him into the door. I took a surprised look at karic. To be honest, I didn’t expect a cultivator to be so warm.
On this day, our hunting was three or four hours later than usual, and I also made two new acquaintances in Hall’s house for the next three days. I was very interested. I don’t know what won their trust. They talked freely with me. I was very happy to listen to them and observe that these two friends are nothing like Hall. He is a serious person who runs a business and manages his mind. karic is a purist. On the contrary, he is homesick. Romanticism belongs to a kind of person who is warm-hearted and imaginative. Hall is practical. He builds houses and saves money with other powerful people in his club. Do a good job in karic’s wearing tree shoes. Hall’s whole family listens to him. karic once had a wife. He was afraid of his wife. He didn’t have a child. Hall saw through Mr. Porudkin. karic respected his owner, Hall. karic often defended him. karic also respected him. Hall rarely talked. He smiled from time to time. What’s his opinion was in his heart. karic spoke very well. Although he didn’t talk as eloquently as a glib person, he had many specialties. Even Hall admitted that he was better at chanting spells to stop bleeding, to cure convulsions, rabies and drive
Hall, in front of me, karic took a newly bought horse into the stable, and karic took the horse in with a serious and determined air. Hall always refused to believe that karic was closer to him, but Hall was closer to people. karic did not think carefully and blindly believed that Hall regarded everything more than he often mocked the world.
Hall is well-informed, and I have learned a lot from him. From his account, I know that every summer when the mowing season is approaching, a four-wheeled vehicle with a particularly small style will come to each village, and a man in a long coat will take the car to sell the sickle, a sickle will cost one ruble, twenty-five kopecks, and a half-ruble banknote will be credited with three rubles. A silver ruble will not be credited to the farmer. He will come back to pay the money after two or three weeks. The farmer has just finished paying off the oats, and the farmer will pay off the bill in the hotel with the buyer and seller.
Some landlords want to buy sickles with some cash and give them to the cultivators on credit at that price, but they are very unhappy and very regretful, because they will lose a lot of fun because they can’t play sickles with their fingers and listen to the music in their hands, and they can’t ask greasy vendors for 20 times how to feed them, man. Sickle is not so good, right?
The same is true for buying and selling scythes. The difference is that at this time, when the women also participate, the vendors have to beat them, and they can get a bargain if they want to do it.
However, when women are engaged in another kind of business, the buyer of materials in the paper mill entrusts some specialized personnel to buy rags. These people are called eagles in some counties. This eagle gets 200 to 300 roubles of banknotes from businessmen and comes to eat. However, he and his noble bird with the same name are completely different from the common ground and boldly pounce on food, but they are cunning tricks. He parked his car in the bushes near the village, but he wandered around the backyard or back door to pretend to be passers-by or loitering. The women guessed his arrival by feeling and secretly went to meet him in a hurry.
In exchange for a few coppers, it is not common for women to give rags to eagles. Recently, women have found a most economical way, that is, to steal their own linen and sell it in the same way. As a result, the eagle buying industry has expanded, but the men have also behaved a little suspiciously. As soon as they hear the eagle coming in the distance, they will take preventive measures quickly and quickly
Seriously, isn’t this cowardly enough? It’s a male thing to sell linen, and they do sell linen, not to the city, but to foreign vendors. These vendors always take forty as a Putt Tsar’s Russian weight unit because they don’t have a scale. One Putt equals 1638 kilograms. You should know what a Russian palm looks like, especially when the palm is dedicated.
I’m a wet behind the ears, and I’ve never rolled in the mud in the countryside. People in Orel Province often say that people have really heard a lot.
But Hall didn’t talk all the time. He also asked me many things. He heard that I had been abroad, and his curiosity came to karic. But karic listened to me to describe the scenery. However, Hall was interested in the administration of the country, but he analyzed everything one by one. Tell me about this kind of thing in their place. It’s the same as ours. karic expressed surprise when he listened to my story. Oh, my God, Hall doesn’t knit his brows. This kind of thing can’t be inserted here like this.
It is also necessary for me to relay his inquiries to the readers one by one, but I got a belief from our conversation, which I am afraid I never expected. This belief is that Peter the Great shows the main characteristics of Russians. His Russian characteristics lie in his innovative spirit. Russians believe in their own strength, are not afraid of changing themselves, and rarely miss their past and face the future bravely. He accepts everything that is good and where it comes from. He never asks him if he is healthy and laughs at the dryness of Germans, but in Hall’s words, Germans are very interesting people and he is willing to tell them.
Hall has talked to me a lot because of his special status and actual independence. These words can’t be heard from other people. Some cultivators say that he is really ignorant of his status.
I really heard the simple and witty Russian language for the first time in Hall’s talk. As far as a farmer is concerned, he is very knowledgeable, but he can’t read. karic can read. This damn thing can read. Hall said that his beekeeping never died. You didn’t let your child read. Hall was silent for a while. What about other children who can’t read? The old man didn’t answer and changed the subject. It can be seen that no matter how clever he was, his prejudice was stubborn in some ways.
Compared with him, he looks down on women from the bottom of his heart and makes fun of them when he is happy. His wife is a nagging wife who never leaves the kang. People ignore her, but her daughters-in-law are as afraid of her as the emperor. No wonder in a Russian folk song, what is a family if your mother-in-law sings like this? What is my son if you don’t beat your young wife?
Once, I tried to arouse Hall’s compassion by talking to my daughters-in-law, but he retorted with peace of mind that I must take care of these little things and let the women quarrel. It would be worse if they didn’t quarrel. Besides, there is no need to take care of these messy things.
When the vicious granny crawled from the kang, she called the watchdog from the aisle, muttering, "You come, you take a poker and hit the skinny dog on the back, or quarrel with passers-by at the bottom of the open shed to relieve boredom." This is Hall’s statement, but she is still afraid that her husband will return to her kang as soon as he orders her.
But it’s particularly interesting to listen to karic Hall’s argument, especially when the question involves Mr. Porudkin. karic said Hall, don’t say him in front of me. Hall retorted, then why didn’t he even give you a pair of boots? Look at what you said I need boots for. I’m a farmer, too. Look at Hall. Put your feet up here and let karic see his boots. karic replied, Oh, how can others be less than that? You have to pay a few dollars for tree shoes. I’m afraid I need a pair of tree shoes when I go hunting with him one day. He gave me ten tree shoes last year. Gaby karic turned away in annoyance and Hall burst out laughing. At this time, his small eyes became two seams.
Karic sang beautifully and played the lyre for a while. Hall listened and suddenly turned his head in a sad tone. He sang the song "My Fate, Fate". Fei Jia never missed the opportunity to make fun of his father. Why did the old man get sad? But Hall still complained about his fate with his chin in his hand and his eyes closed.
But at other times, there is no one who works harder than him. His hands are always idle, either repairing the cart or repairing the fence to check the harness.
However, he was not particularly clean once. When I arrived at this point, he replied that people in the house had to live with the smell.
Go and see how clean the hive in karic is when I refute him.
If the master is not clean, the bees can’t stay, he sighed
Once, he asked me, how about your territory? Is it far from here? About 100 Russian leagues? So, Sir, do you live in your own territory? I’m afraid living in your territory is mostly a pastime of hunting game. To be honest, it’s not bad. Sir, you can beat your grouse, but the village chief should change it frequently.
On the evening of the fourth day, Mr. Poludkin sent someone to pick me up. I was reluctant to part with the old man. I got on the cart with karic. Okay, goodbye, Hall. I wish you good health. I said goodbye, Fija. Goodbye, sir. Don’t forget us.
We set off. The sunset glow has just turned fiery red. It must be a fine day. I looked at the sky and said no rain. karic said it was different. Look, the ducks are desperately splashing water. Besides, the grass smells so strong