However, similar to the Sect of Zhi Wan, it is second only to Qingyun Gate, which is a large sect. There are also more than three monks in Qingyun Gate area. There are more than ten elixirs in each clan, but Yuan Ying is able to sit in the town.
The secondary clan is also controlled by Qingyun Gate. Of course, Qingyun Gate is also quite lenient with these clans.
The three real people of the Three Gods didn’t expect that the Godsworn sitting in the Golden elixir opposite Fengyun would be the Godsworn guarding Qingyun Harbor.
A little surprised
After looking at each other, the three real faces eased slightly.
Opposite the elixir, it was only repaired at the beginning of the elixir, but it was self-reported by Sun Haosun Chenxiang.
It’s said that it’s a friar with a title, Qingyun Gate, and the status of a friar with a title is not low. It’s reasonable that a friar with a sting needs a gift when he meets.
It’s not good to be too lazy.
Hirozo consciously controls the bald eagle and backs off a little.
Lan Guochun’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of light and slowly stood up from the bald eagle. He arched his hands and said with a smile, "But after 12 days of natural disasters, he became an immortal and cut the magic road."
Zhewan’s first-class clan has its own well-developed intelligence system, which is no stranger to Sun Hao’s name, but the first time I saw Sun Hao, I didn’t hook the monk who said the title with the smiling boy in front of me.
Sun Hao also smiled and handed over, "I just don’t know if Elder Lan surrounded me. Is there anything I can do for the Fengyun?"
Lan Guochun looked up at the sky and said, "I’m Fengyun, or Fengyun, and two real people are in charge. I didn’t expect to be replaced by agarwood bro. I take the liberty to disturb and hope agarwood bro Haihan."
It’s a common occurrence for monks living in Nanyang to fight against the sea animals with the strength of the elixir. The monks with insufficient strength have long been able to live in Nanyang, but they are not strong.
Sun Haoli’s real-life record in the later period of cutting the magic road is so sparse and common in the eyes of Brother Nanyang then.
Of course, because Sun Hao is the real person of Qingyun Gate, no matter how big the moisture is, Sun Hao is the upstart of Qingyun Gate.
Friars living in Nanyang are all quick to become clever and clever, but it is not necessary to use superficial words to refer to Shu Sunhao as an enemy of then.
Therefore, although Lan Guochun did not take Sun Hao seriously in his heart.
However, the tone of the face is full of Sun Hao’s face. The temporary elder of Qingyun Gate called Sun Hao’s brother, and he also showed a bit of kindness and said that he took the liberty to bother Sun Haohai.
Sun Hao smiled. "Elder Blue is kind. I don’t know. Elder Blue might as well say that the range of agarwood’s ability will help each other."
Languochun nodded his hands and arched "thanked agarwood bro first. The thing is …"
Lan Guochun made it clear in a few words.
Nanyang is rich in resources.
However, in the deep sea, it is not common to help monks in the later period of then, especially to break the Dan and give birth to babies.
To obtain higher-level cultivation resources is bound to be accompanied by great danger.
For example, the degree of development is not very high, and there is no developed sea area in Xikui Island, which is a treasure trove for Godsworn then.
The pure purpose of the blue country is simple "land reclamation in the sea"
Three top ships with about ten then attached to them, more than 2,000 Buddhist monks are the main force of land reclamation.
The original Lan Guochun has the possibility of reclaiming a small piece of sea area in this way.
However, when Lan Guochun led the fleet to approach the uncultivated virgin waters, he was surprised to get very bad news.
The five elements of the devil clan and the Nanyang Island Alliance fleet still saw him take a fancy to a sea area, and the three fleets were all ready to open up wasteland.
Daxikui Island is not a desert island. The three forces, namely, Guangqingyumen, Wuxing Magic Sect and Nanyang Island Alliance, all have different entry points.
However, if the same sea area is developed, the final struggle will be inevitable, and there is a possibility of a large-scale naval battle.
Lan Guochun felt that his strength was insufficient, but he was not allowed to return to Qingyun Harbor to pull the team.
In a hurry, Nanyang made a local expedition to enrich the team. It is suspected that the top-class seagoing ship Fengyun was discovered. The monks guarding Fengyun were only two early days of then.
Moreover, Fengyun’s status is actually the sea of Shenzhou.
The Battle of Shenzhou in Ba Hai is equivalent to a solid defensive barrier.
For various reasons, Lan Guochun decided to "persuade" Fengyun to join his own land reclamation team.
Jin Li, two real people are in charge, and the real people are not dragged by the boat
The Three Gods surrounded Fengyun in layers.
Let LanGuochun didn’t think it was Fengyun, who was actually the brother Sun Hao and Sun Chenxiang guarding Qingyun Port, but it was not good to forcibly conquer.
Unless the Three Gods can unconsciously erase all the monks of Fengyun and remove all traces, it is really not strong.
Otherwise, the Sect of Zhi Wan will be doomed.
Land reclamation in the sea?
Lan Guochun smiled at Sun Hao after explaining, and sent an invitation to Sun Hao. "The original sea resources of agarwood brother are very rich, and there will be special cultivation resources in the sea area. Once the land reclamation is successful, there will be great gains. If agarwood brother intends not to join our land reclamation team?"
Corleone thoughtfully slightly.
Heart is meaning to move.
The main purpose of Sun Hao’s coming to Nanyang was to forge Sumeru Tower and cultivate the golden wheel.
At present, the Wannian Yintie and the underground fire sand have been collected. When Sun Hao is given a little, the first step of refining in Sumeru Condenser can be completed, and refining can be brought into Dantian to warm up and slowly find the rest soil.
The reason of conation comes from the fact that the cultivation data of the golden wheel show that the island of Daxikui is likely to meet the special environment and resources needed by Sun Hao’s golden wheel.
Moreover, land reclamation in the sea area is also attractive to Sun Hao.
Sun Hao’s gas refining repair is about to enter the middle stage of then, and it is a matter of time before he arrives in dzogchen. Sooner or later, Sun Hao will face the same difficulties as Lan Guochun.
Sooner or later, Sun Hao will have to break the resources of Dan Shengying himself.
There is no doubt that reclamation in sea area is an effective way to obtain cultivation resources.
Even if Sun Hao didn’t lead the land reclamation or couldn’t get the main cultivation resources, it is possible to borrow some experience from the land reclamation area and get some secondary resources.
Sun Hao thoughtfully weighed the pros and cons in his heart.
Fengyun, two real people and Godsworn Tsukiji are just like Sun Haoyou.
On the one hand, it is very attractive to open up wasteland, and it will definitely be worthwhile to succeed. Maybe after this trip, everyone can earn a generation of cultivation resources.
But on the other hand, the danger is great, and the unknown sea area is full of crises. Maybe there will be a big naval battle and the probability of falling to Nanyang will be great.
Brother Fengyun lost his life. Sun Hao made a decision in one word.
Sun Hao really thinks about whether he should join the land reclamation team.
Opposite the one-eyed Hao San woman.she said "agarwood bro, although you are low, but how is it also the title of Qingyun Gate? Brother wouldn’t be so timid? Don’t dare to play when you hear the five elements of the devil? "