"Well, congratulations, girl, you have won a great fortune." Liu Yu is really happy for her. If he really leaves here in the future, Chen Jiali will have the ability to protect himself.
Moreover, her strength comes from the fairy treasure technique, which is almost the first-class fairy and will not be squeezed out of the territory.
So he can go to the big dipper with peace of mind.
Knowing that the big dipper is in danger, it is enough for him to go there, and he will not take anyone away. This is his decision.
"Girl, try hitting me with a punch."
Liu Yu stepped back a few steps and wanted to try the explosive power of this fairy treasure technique.
"Ah?" Chen Jiali leng one.
But in the end, she nodded, tightened her powder fist and hit Liu Yu.
A touch of fairy light flowed out from the tip of the fist and directly bombarded Liu Yushen. However, Liu Yushen’s body was already jade bone Dacheng and could withstand such a small blow, and Chen Jiali did not make efforts.
"If you try your best, if you can control this force well in the future, you should be able to master the enemy." Liu Yu said lightly that ordinary mortal bodies can make this great accident, which will probably shake the whole martial arts world.
But these are all wonderful abstruse fish instruments.
Since Chen Jiali will wear the bones and veins around her, she has been thoroughly refined, but she is still unaware of it.
Chen Jiali looked at her with a cute face, and Liu Yu’s words made her unable to relax for a long time.
She never thought that she would have such a great change.
Suddenly, a black cloud appeared at the top of Liu Yu’s head, accompanied by thunder, and even his face changed wildly!
Chapter 49 Are you sure you have a brain when you go out?
"Brother Liu … why do you have dark clouds on your head?" Chen Jiali was startled. Looking at Liu Yu’s downright dark clouds, she always felt a sense of foreboding.
"I … I don’t know"
Liu Yu felt special bullshit. He looked at the dark clouds overhead in wait for a while.
"What’s going on? I feel that my physical strength has been mobilized. "
"I’m scanning the host’s human condition. Ding! The host is about to break through the barrier of entering the Taoist peak and step into the realm of God in one fell swoop. "
Liu Yu’s pupil shrank sharply.
It all happened so suddenly. Did he just get too close to the fairy fish? His strength has long gone beyond the half step and he can fight across an entire realm.
Now it is a breakthrough.
But … What is this time?
"What’s this dark cloud down there? I’m a little scared." Liu Yu asked again, still flashing with Lei Guang.
You didn’t tell me about being struck by lightning, okay?
"Host, you should be prepared."
"Mao?" Liu Yuxin has sprung up a very fucking taste again.
This has been a pit for the host.
"Host you are too powerful, and this piece of heaven will not destroy you," said Yao Yao.
"Armageddon?" Liu Yu’s face is black.
Being handsome is wrong, being too strong and being struck by lightning? What the hell?
"If you carry this piece of heaven and nature, but you can’t carry it … I’m afraid you’ll die," explained Mo Yao.
"oh? So you’re saying I’ll make it through this day, and it’ll be Fanai? Is it wrapped and not squeezed out of the domain? " If that’s the case, then he can still enter this day even if he is away from the divine realm in the future.
"Well, from a theoretical point of view, that’s it."
Half a step, the peak of God’s realm, the strong will stay in this world for a long time, and even if they pass by the earth, they will come in.
This truth is like saturation. After the earth was born, it was completely saturated. If the gods came in, I’m afraid it would make heaven jump.
What about the sacred land in the tomb of the United States? How did he explain it?
"Maybe he also succeeded in Du Jie before he entered the earth?" Liu Yu speculates that this is the truth.
"Help me suppress it. I don’t want Du Jie to prepare yet."
Du Jie needs to throw away all distractions. He still has a lot of worries. At this time, it is definitely the most difficult to rush to Du Jie even in the most dangerous Armageddon.
"Belle, let’s get out of here first."
Liu Yu took the girl’s hand and hid in the wormhole.
Now that Chen Jiali has mastered the spell, she needs to control it well. When she gets back, Liu Yu will give Jiali the knowledge of fighters, which is very special.
Not only that, Xiao Long has its own magic weapon and a small world, so it is best for Chen Jiali to go in and learn to control his strength.
After a week’s practice, Chen Jiali has initially mastered the strength of body parts, just like the explosive force of the fist that hit Liu Yu’s identity was outrageous and hard granite. She became very fragile before this punch.
"Xiao Yu, why have you been stuffy these days? At the beginning, your mother’s college classmates happened to develop a restaurant here in Hao Yuncheng. Today, there is a chef performing live cooking. Let’s go out and have a look. "
Lin Yunxia knocked at the door early in the morning.
"Well, we’re going to start as soon as we pack up." Liu Yu promised to come here these days, and Chen Jiali also gained a lot. Although he hasn’t finished controlling his physical strength, it’s not bad to go out for a walk without haste.
Lin Yunxia University has a lot of students, and all the girls are ambitious. They once thought about starting a business. Now four people in a dormitory have succeeded, but she has delayed it for more than ten years.
This restaurant has established this Wanzhai Mountain, and the business is very hot. It has invited Hao Yuncheng’s top chef to perform some cooking in the store, and the kitchen is directly established in the hall. The chef will do a good job in front of everyone and enjoy it.
Usually, customers come from scenic spots. These people go out just to be quiet, but it’s good to have some fun occasionally.
So many tourists poured in here early in the morning.
Liu Yu’s family came here at noon.
Lin Meijun came out to meet her personally, which is not only the female owner of this restaurant but also the sister Lin Yunxia. When she started her business, she took Lin Yunxia’s advice and entrepreneurial direction, which made her today.
Coming out with Lin Meijun is her daughter Wang Yajing, who is two or three years younger than Liu Yu and looks nice, but the sight revealed from those eyes is that she doesn’t like Liu Yu’s family.
"Yajing, you take Xiaoyu and them around to visit a little Yu. When you are older than you, you can call him brother." Lin Meijun woke up and then took Lin Yunxia and his wife into the tea room.
"I know mom" Wang Yajing nodded his head, but he didn’t say much, although he was very reluctant.
"Brother Liu Yu, come with me."