From Li Yueling to his killing jade heart to save Cher is just a few breathing things-a real person is also a golden fairy. If he really wants to do it, it is indeed an opportunity, but he didn’t see Li Yueling’s body clearly because of his golden light, and his five elements of fairy armor because he clearly knew that Li Yueling was a big pick and a golden fairy. It was not his level of strength that could shake people.
A real person died in vain, but he didn’t do it. Even if he died in the hands of Li Yueling, a real person crushed his heart and was angry. Today, he has nothing to think about. One thought in his mind is to save his life and go back to Tianshi to teach Leishi real people to solve the problem of killing stars from heaven.
At the moment he is quietly crushed a signal jade operator.
This can’t be said that this real person is timid, but because the pick of Jin Xian is a myth in addition to three days, which has always been the case. Can a real person afford the courage to fight against a pick of Jin Xian?
Yu Yu lacks a Taoist priest, not to mention seeing his master’s ugly face. He has realized that it will be difficult today. At this time, he has retreated behind a real person and even dared not look at Li Yueling with a strong murderous look.
Chapter three hundred and twenty A tooth for a tooth
Today, neither of you want to leave this Wanling Mountain alive. I, Li Yueling, said that I had witnessed the situation in which Cher was bullied and hit hard by a real person, their mentor and pupil. Li Yueling was really angry this time, but it seemed dull to say a word, but it made my heart uneasy.
Li Yueling also spoke at random, and the glazed lamp was taken by him. It seemed that he threw it at random, and the glazed lamp core suddenly shone bright and white sparks in a sudden whirl, and the skyfire was scattered and instantly woven into a whole to isolate the outside world.
Li Yueling’s quick hand is an instant event, a real person is rooted in reverse forming, and a real person just shows his face. He is also a knowledgeable person. Although he can’t say for sure that he is waiting for a magic weapon to be released, he turned out to be a real person after trying it. That is to say, how ugly it is.
Being original is the chief elder of Tianshi Sect, and our palm teaching is the tenth Leishi real person in the pick list. You don’t want to mess around. The immortal is also afraid of death. It is forbidden to be Li Yueling’s opponent in this area. At this moment, his voice is slightly trembling.
No matter what nonsense you are, elders, even if the Jade Emperor comes today, you two dog bastards, Li Yueling, rarely swear, let alone swear. But at this moment, he is afraid to see a real person’s flustered expression, and Li Yueling’s murderous look is getting stronger and stronger.
Why don’t you ask right and wrong about this demon fairy head? It’s amazing that you’re a pick Jin Xian. Just now, you killed someone, but my family taught you. Considering that the latter real person is holding the idea that he can delay one more moment, according to his estimation, when two pillars of incense are over, the family sects will be able to come. When the real person who teaches Lei Shi arrives, nothing will panic.
You should know that Tianshi Sect can be regarded as a middle school among many sects of Cangdi Xianxing, but their palm teaches Leishi reality, but it is a famous person in Cangdi Xianxing. It can be said that Tianshi Sect can rely on Leishi reality to support itself.
Even in three days, Leishi’s real strength can rank among the top 20 in the 500 Luo Jinxian.
Even in three days, it was announced that the pick of the Golden Fairy List ranked tenth, which was ten places lower than that of the Shushan Sword School.
But Li Yueling didn’t know that Leishi was a real person, and even if he knew, he wouldn’t care.
Cold swept a real person Li Yueling nodded slightly and said, you are right. I remember the Tianshi Sect. When I pick up you two.
I’ll pay a visit to you personally. Maybe at this time of the day, Emperor Xianxing will never send a celestial stone again. It seems that Li Yueling has angered Cher’s injury to a celestial stone style.
Speaking Li Yueling is to release a soft golden awn and wrap the snow in the coma recovery in his arms. This golden awn just floats and hangs behind Li Yueling, while he is keeping a close eye on a real person who seems to have laid his hand on it.
How dare you? It’s hard to imagine that this person still dares to start work after smelling the name of Leishi.
Want to say something about when Li Yueling, with a cold smile on her mouth, is brazen, with a great impact on her body, and a real person doesn’t even have enough time to talk.
Life matters. A real person suddenly sacrificed the cold jade xuanjing axe. Seeing a colorful cold star shining, he missed blocking and dissolving Li Yueling’s two immortal swords with a wave of his hand.
Wait, you listen to me. With the magic weapon of the cold jade xuanjing axe, a real person blocked Li Yueling’s first blow and immediately delayed.
The dead can’t talk. You can’t talk in my eyes. If you die, Li Yueling completely interrupts a real person, a ghost eats the soul, and an instant sacrifice is made to Li Yueling. Today, the magical power must be sacrificed to move a magic weapon, and a real person can be picked up by that jade-deficient Taoist, and a foot can be kicked to death.
But Li Yueling didn’t want to hurt her sister Cher. She died happily. This day, the ghost eats the soul and comes to revenge.
Li Yueling didn’t summon ghosts, but when he moved the soul-devouring banners and rolled up the edge demons, ShaQi instantly covered the surrounding baizhang Fiona Fang. I heard that the ghost-devouring taste was very good. Go and try it, both of you.
The operation of sucking words is suddenly in the magic ShaQi group, and everyone feels a huge suction, and the feet are not attracted to the soul.
A real person knows that it’s going to be worse. An old face is flushed with suppression. Almost all the exercises will be completed. The cold jade Xuan Bing axe explodes in its hand, and the gorgeous cold stars are clearly visible. Xuan Bing shuttles through it, forming a dozen zhangs Fiona Fang Xuan Bing circle, which barely stops castration by resisting huge suction.
However, his brother’s jade deficiency was not so lucky. He was almost sucked straight into the coffin. You know, the ghost of heaven eats the coffin, which is far more than the ghost of heaven. Over the years, I don’t know that tens of thousands of fierce souls have been sucked into it by Li Yueling’s great avatar, and his flesh was instantly bitten by the fierce soul in the coffin. Even the bones have never left anything, but his pain can be regarded as just now.
Lost the flesh jade road flyover Yuan Ying was immediately exposed to thousands of fierce souls and claws, and was bitten by these deep-sea fierce souls. It happened that he couldn’t die at the moment and had to bear this fairy’s hardships. It didn’t take a hundred days for him to think about the pain.
I really don’t know how you, the master, are so ashamed to be a teacher, because both your disciples have paid the price for their stupid behavior and you still live alone.
Jade heart jade is short of body and dead, but it’s also heartbreaking. I heard Li Yueling’s pastime, but I couldn’t help but be original. Today, even if you give up this desperate effort, you will be dragged to be a corpse.
Ha ha, that’s just decent. Just go with your two short-lived disciples. Li Yueling sneered and stared at a real person with his eyes full of killing, as if he had been waiting for this sentence for a long time.
Chapter three hundred and thirty Ghosts and gods connect
It’s a terrible thing to suspect that a person is desperately trying to make a golden fairy. It’s also a magic weapon of heaven, and the power in hand is even more powerful. A real person has reached a golden wonderland as early as more than a hundred years ago. Well, today his strength is to reach the peak of a golden fairyland.
Cold jade xuanjing axe suddenly exploded in his desperate sacrifice, just like a giant axe in the chaos.
Several Xuan Bing cold stars scattered and at that time turned out to be the soul-eating complications release rolling magic evil spirit to melt less than half.
Hum-ying firelight also dares to be bright and bright. Li Yueling lightly rebukes a hint of cold jade, but he is worried about the outbreak of the xuanjing axe. But seeing that Li Yueling refers to a sudden change of spirit, the ghost eats the soul and rolls up a huge monster. It is the ghost that has restored the past consciousness, the immortal Kun, the immortal Zhen, the immortal Kan, the immortal from the immortal to the immortal.
Let me see that your strength has ruined his flesh, taking Yuan Ying into the coffin, refining and eating Li Yueling for a whole day, and the ghosts immediately took action, and they all jumped at a real person.
You’re a magician, and you can see the ghost in the sky. A real person’s heart can’t help but be shocked. He can’t imagine that a pick Jin Xian still hides such a terrible magic treasure in his hand.
However, I’m afraid this doubt in his heart will never be solved by anyone, but all the ghosts in the sky were once ancient Jin Xian, and now they are all restored to the past. They both hold the ancient Jin Xian magical power and hold the immortal body of the ghosts in the sky.
One of them can fight a real person in front of him, not to mention a ghost, before he counts the magic weapon to help him.
The cold jade xuanjing axe is really good, but it’s doing immortals.
Zhenxian Qiqi’s hand is an offensive magic weapon, and it only ends up being forced to live. Although Ganxian Kunxian Zhenxian, the three of them have to attack a real person temporarily because of this, but don’t forget to be a fairy.
From the fairy gen fairy five idle at a side.
A real person has been asked by the three celestial ghosts at the same time. He wants to fight to the death, but he doesn’t want the celestial ghosts. It’s too fast and too fast to be able to shuttle short distances. The idea that the remaining five celestial ghosts have just been born in a real person’s mind has already surrounded him.
The Five Heavenly Ghosts resolutely carried out Li Yueling’s command to pull one head, two feet and two handles, and the supernatural powers were amazing. I didn’t hear a few harsh fractures, and a real person was torn into five pieces in an instant.
There’s not even room to fight back.
The flesh was destroyed in an instant, and Yuan Ying, a real person, had already tried to escape. It was really not as fast as usual. After all, Yuan Ying’s escape from light was dozens of times faster than that of the flesh.