"Let’s go, bro. It’s time for us to go in." The old man Zhen pulled Zhai Ling in distress situation and walked towards the altar.
Zhai Ling also embarrassed touched the tip of the nose with the crowd slowly approaching the altar step by step, or … it’s the diamond crystal.
Suddenly, Zhai Ling is all stiff and eccentric.
"What’s the matter with you?" Zhen old man noticed Zhai Ling strange look puzzled.
"Ahem, it’s okay … maybe I didn’t eat enough for breakfast and now I’m a little hungry." Zhai Ling smiled awkwardly.
Zhen old man said "…"
In fact, Zhailing is not a question of whether he is hungry or not, but that his body Maha is actually ill again.
At present, there is a violent tremor in Dantian, Zhai Ling, and several fine threads are lingering together to form a continuous red aperture around Dantian, Zhai Ling.
"What the hell is this? ! Key moment you give small ye make such a you … You … "
Zhai Ling received a message from Maha before his complaint was over.
It ….. Want to eat the diamond crystal! !
I’ll go!
Are you kidding me?
Can it be eaten casually?
Zhai Ling’s strange eyes swept away more than 100 psionic cannons around, aimed at the square and hidden around dozens of high-order fix true people in the foundation period, eyeing up and guarding them.
Zhai Ling is sure that if he dares to rob the diamond crystal of the altar, he will definitely be a skeleton …
"No, you have to hold back, grandpa. I can’t touch that crystal now. Do you hear me clearly?" Zhai Ling heart dark scold hard to cover up physical changes.
But this Maha is like a child clamoring for candy. He didn’t listen to Zhai Ling’s advice and tried to control Zhai Ling’s body near the diamond crystal.
As Zhai Ling approached the altar step by step, the power from Maha became stronger and stronger.
The diamond crystal of the altar slowly rises in circles, and the sky blue light spreads constantly. Everyone pays attention to shooting a white light into the sky.
This fist-thick white light beam is like a scroll slowly unfolding with a height of more than ten feet and emitting white light. The door is slowly formed and projected in front of everyone like a god.
Even if it is nearly a hundred meters away, people can still feel a majestic and not despise the power from that virtual shadow gate.
When everyone saw this scene, even those who didn’t come for the first time, they couldn’t stop shaking up.
Of course, in addition to Zhai Ling, his mind is full of how to control the crazy Maha. Where is there any idea to shock or not?
If he is really controlled by this Maha and robbed the diamond crystal, there may be a possibility that he hid in the Maha and escaped the pursuit of those high-ranking and powerful people in the construction period. The ideal thing is to escape from Dazhou and live in other countries.
But the most important thing is that he is living a good life now, so why should the brain criminals provoke the whole week!
He didn’t do anything sorry for himself. If he really did it, it would be despicable and popular. This is Zhai Ling’s idea of fixing truth is completely different
Thousands of Zhailing people don’t want to go against their wishes. They put their hands and fingers together casually and put their palms together to cover their abdomen.
In fact, the whole person tried to forcibly control Maha.
The appeasement is gone. Now Maha is like a mad bison. No one cares and wants to eat the diamond crystal 100 meters away.
"You big ye" Zhai Ling’s arm trembled and was hardly shaken by Maha’s force.
"Hey hey, bro, I’m so excited when I first come here. When you go in, it will definitely be an eye-opener." Zhai Ling, an old man, is excited to make such a strange move.
Zhai Ling corners of the mouth take a smoke "…"
Without saying anything, it was a forced smile.
Zhen old man didn’t mean anything. Zhai Ling was embarrassed by his own disturbing thoughts and went back to continue to line up.
"Mad, I can’t do this. I have to think of a way." Zhai Ling frowned deeply with a wry smile and began to pour into the aura of his hands.
At the same time, Zhai Ling is getting closer and closer to the diamond crystal.
Seventy meters …
Fifty meters …
Thirty meters …
Fifteen meters …
The diamond crystal still emits an aperture, and the virtual shadow door on one side of the crystal is continuously entering the fix true person.
A batch of ten people
A group is Zhai Ling and Zhen old man.
"It’s our turn to face. After waiting for a few years, we can finally enter the secret land again. Haha," Zhen said with a smile, only to see that Zhai Ling’s hands were shaking and some laughs. "Bro, I thought you were calm about what you did before. Why are you so excited this time … I have some illusions."
"Illusion your brother-in-law!" Being teased by the old man Zhen and distracted by Zhai Ling, he retorted and stared his one eye.
This Mahathir is crazy!