The only surprise is that one of the pilots in the three planes actually started the ejection seat and floated away in a parachute.
It’s a pity that he just fell into the sea, and the big mouth of the sea king swallowed him up.
"The situation in the west is not enough, but it is more interesting to find it in the north."
Zhang Tianyuan’s line of sight followed Ke Jinjun’s words to the north.
"Yesterday, our radar found a fleet approaching them in the north, which was ten kilometers away from the boundary of the aircraft."
"Judging from the speed of this group of fighters, it is close to the speed of sound, and the possibility of supersonic speed is not ruled out."
Zhang Tianyuan is a little serious
Supersonic planes are much more threatening than wooden planes.
Although this level is still not enough for mutual aid.
Ke Jinjun’s words haven’t finished yet
"In addition to the supersonic fleet, our radar has detected an interesting thing."
When the picture appeared, the radar recording surface showed that an object was rushing from the north at high speed and then split into two targets when it was 1000 kilometers away from the border.
A big target began to fall, while a small target turned around and quickly returned to the north 2.
"We speculate that this target is a staged rocket, which is likely to come from further north, and it should carry all kinds of reconnaissance instruments."
"The goal of this rocket should be to detect our neighbors in the north. It starts from the launch site and goes all the way south into our northern device, and then receives information all the way. When the first-stage rocket runs out of fuel, it starts the second-stage rocket to send the detector back."
According to our observation, until it disappeared, the north side of our detection range did not effectively intercept this rocket.
Ke Jinjun said with a smile, "This kind of reconnaissance method is also a good method at this special time, and it can easily detect the failure of the other party’s scientific and technological level without loss."
Zhang Tianyuan also said, "It seems that our neighbors in the north should not be in the mood to visit us for the time being."
"They are probably in a panic now. They tried to intercept the rocket, but they didn’t succeed once."
"What’s the situation in the east?"
"The situation here is the most interesting." Ke Jinjun pulled up the information on the sand table. "A joint naval fleet is coming to us."
There are more than 30 ships in front of Zhang Tianyuan.
Ke Jinjun continued to introduce that "there are aircraft carriers, battleships, transport ships and supply ships … it is a fairly neat fleet."
"The most interesting thing is their transport ship."
Ke Jinjun enlarged the picture. More than a dozen grotesque huge machines tied up the wide deck.
"This is the mecha? !” Zhang Tianyuan was a little surprised. Although unlike Huan Taishi, these robots are closer to animal shapes or simply deformed, but they are indeed mecha.
Ke Jinjun nodded. "It was a mecha mistake, and it was a reconnaissance plane in the water that saw someone driving a naval battle."
"And it successfully killed a monster in the sea."
Bring up the picture Zhang Tianyuan saw that it was a monster twice the size of the mecha, about twenty or thirty meters in size.
"Interesting!" Zhang Tianyuan’s success in touching Pakistan has aroused interest.
"What is their technical level evaluation?"
Ke Jinjun said, "I don’t know, it’s a bit advanced and a bit backward."
Then he explained in detail that Zhang Tianyuan soon understood what he said.
Let’s say these people are advanced. They have steel ships and armor, and they play high-end technology when they are in the ring.
But to say that they are backward, the high-altitude reconnaissance plane has been following them for so long, and they have no vigilance at all, or radar technology is obviously a big shortcoming.
"So we speculate that these mechs may have told God that there are new materials, and they may be special materials, and the research has made unexpected progress, which has led to the abnormal progress of technology."
Zhang Tianyuan feels reasonable about this statement.
"And according to this situation, other forces should also have their own experience in new materials."
Mutual aid is because we have been focusing on all the time and neglected the game world.
However, other players are not. They have been developing in the game world, and their understanding and research on game materials are definitely much more than mutual help.
Moreover, other players must have ways to deal with those sea monsters, which is probably related to these special materials.
Zhang Tianyuan looked at the moving fleet in the sand table and suddenly said, "Will these mecha and ships make new materials?"
"Very likely," Ke Jinjun said lightly.
"Then give it a try-"
"Get rid of them!"
Rough sea surface
Two fleets with different flags are heading west in the dark, and the vast sea is dark. Besides the starlight, there is a little light around the fleet.
The huge waves beat against the huge ship, and the deck was tied, and the deck mecha were wet to half.
"Look at this ups and downs. We are almost at the border now. The mecha units are ready to fight at sea. We want to cross the border directly with one breath!"
"To cross the front border and break through the monster blockade is a beautiful new world where there is sweetness, arachis duranensis and countless women have everything!"
"The divine and great Howard is watching us!"
Being beaten with chicken blood by the ship’s officers, the artificial soldiers are all like being beaten with chicken blood
The mecha pilot roared and climbed the mecha cockpit, and soon started the mecha running indicator light, and then one deformed steel monster appeared on the deck.
An octopus with six legs, feet, a fish tail, an eye spider, and a venomous snake with a large length and a full body.
All the mechs are ready, and when they reach the border, the underwater monsters appear, and they will rush.
Can we kill the monster smoothly, but at least we can stall the monster and let the fleet cross the border smoothly
In this way, another tool of the empire will have a bridgehead, and another base area will be opened to build the first airport …