"In misty rain method purport so evil spirit remnants! In the future, if anyone dares to be a demon warrior, look at this building! "
After saying his word, silver moon’s sword shadow made a sharp cut, and everyone in the city was horrified to see that the highest pavilion in the south of the city, the Town South Tower, had collapsed in an instant!
At that time, the people panicked and the prince shivered.
Obviously, they used to burn incense outside the south building of this town and pray for the so-called Buddhist Yunyun Root outside the mountain, which is not a fairy, but a demon!
And the three people who killed the evil spirits are naturally Ba Bo Er, Luo Yun and Anu.
This time, they were ordered by Luo Yu to clear and hide the evil spirits in Zhao Yan’s two countries in the name of misty rain.
And Luo Yu assumed that there were evil spirits hidden in the two countries?
It’s not hard to guess, because others don’t know him, but they know that Jade Barrier is the Lord of Mo Ling.
Besides, before he went to Qian Shan, he had ordered his younger brother, Zhao Xuanren, Wang Fanxian, to add the recognition of misty rain at that time, and everyone outside the mountain wanted to see the unification of the secular dynasty. It can be said that Zhao Guoli’s heyday will also be able to unify the north and the south
It can be learned that after more than ten years of changes in the general trend of mountains and seas, the north and south are still so-called "stalemate" with the help of the immortal Keqing, but as a result, the number of sword soldiers has increased, and there has been a rebellion in the Ministry of Zhao!
At that time, Wei Shang and others also found out that secretly helping Beiyan was Gu Ying Zong, but Wei Shang didn’t know the true identity of Jade Barrier or Todd, so he didn’t doubt his identity, which was quite confusing and reconciled.
But … Now it is not difficult to guess that this will be the secret worship of the Mohling Lord once he returns to learn.
I’m afraid the real purpose is, first, to hinder the reunification of the North and the South, and at the same time to divide and disintegrate the mountains and create contradictions. Second, there will be casualties in the war between the two countries, and these dead soldiers are the best species to invade the fire-spirit dead guard corps!
It is imperative and urgent for the Mohling Lord not to destroy the disasters and disasters in the mountains and seas and to repair the remnants of the two countries so as to set things right.
Although it has been a long time since God gave the mainland, nearly an hour has passed in the underworld.
At the moment, the monks on both sides of the chaotic highland are sitting around the vines and bathing in the splendor.
Outside the wall of Xinghui Array, monks are constantly coming to the Yin Ruins to roar, and from time to time, monks will break through the realm.
It doesn’t matter to them whether they are adults or cubs in this vulva market.
It is important that they should seize the moment and enjoy the great opportunity before them.
As the splendor is long and dim, the phenomenon that the monks on the left and right break through the realm also decreases.
On the left, regardless of the two tigers on the right, how many people do you get from Lingye Xianyuan?
After refining the spirit leaves, Sangpingqiu not only recovered from the injury, but also washed the spirit roots as new, and has entered the ninth floor from the early stage of the temple floor!
Epiphyllum and Wei Shang, Goddess Bai Lianxing both entered the peak of the sixth floor of the Temple.
Gongsun Sheng from the original stagnation of more than 60 seven layers finally stepped into the layer!
Huang, the Simon of Yunjia, also entered the temple smoothly.
Lu Yinrong, the Moon-Closing Fairy, did not refine the spiritual leaves, but gave them to his beloved daughter Yun Zheyue.
Yun Zheyue is the mind and body, and now it’s time to add the spirit, the leaves and the fairy edge to practice, so the realm of nature is advancing by leaps and bounds, and it has directly crossed the border from the fourth floor to the seventh floor in one fell swoop! It is amazing and enviable.
How excited it is that the savage mountain man is so happy that he is now the fifth floor of the temple.
And we have entered dzogchen from the early high-profile stage of the ninth floor of Ningxing after refining a piece of spiritual leaves.
Qiao Jinlian refined two spiritual leaves in one breath, but at the same time, Xinghui Bath Repair rose to Ningxing dzogchen. Perhaps it was because he could not Du Jie in different degrees that he didn’t break through the temple.
Playing the role of two tigers and feathers is not in a hurry to refine the spirit, and Ye Xiu naturally does not have much growth
For others, there are many stars, and they have more or less achieved a breakthrough in ascension.
Chapter 23 Tianya chop evil beast well deter pack.
Nowadays, thanks to the bathing of Xing Teng Xing Hui, everyone is more or less diligent.
For example, Wei You, Lu Bingning and Longqiu Feihuang all made breakthroughs.
In this way, our own chance realm has reached a higher level, and the overall strength comparison has been limited, and we are no longer afraid of each other.
However … Xuan Tianzong, Qiu Shuizong, etc. didn’t get any Lingye Xianyuan this time, so how can they let it go?
But when I saw that the splendor of the splendor had dispersed and everyone was laughing.
Not far from the left, a psychic enchantment has suddenly appeared to resist the two evil beasts and at the same time, a thunderous drink followed!
"Hum, it’s not too much for you to monopolize all the fairy leaves?"
Everyone looked askance but saw that the speaker in the enchantment was glaring at Gu Ying’s left elder Valley Frost!
At the same time, the cold ancient villa Mufu was also furious. "What did Elder Gu say? I don’t think it’s better to recapture Xianyuan in World War I! "
This statement instantly ignited the hearts of all around.
I should drink four times at a time and swear not to give up.
Sang Pingqiu, on the other hand, stood up to the front and said, "Ge also said that it is a fairy fate. Since it is a fairy fate, you Taoist friends must insist?"
"What a sentence!" Mufu snorted and said, "That depends on … if you are destined to have a life!"
Voice did not fall’ ceng’ sword songs!
But the sword Simon, Huang, has been drinking cold, and the sword is drawn three inches, and the cold mountain appears at first sight. "Mu Fu! Do you want to test the sharpness of the long sword in my hand? "
Mu Fu saw that it was Jian Xiu, Simon, and Huang suddenly had some erratic eyes.
He hummed and turned his head and waved his sleeves. "Hum ~ I can’t be a mobile girl!"