"Aodaoyou has changed from time to time, and the world’s nuclear weapons will be held hostage. Please stop that force first."
Pangu and Shi Hao didn’t kill the invaders first, but wanted the other side to destroy the final demon beads first. That’s what shook the world.
However, the strong man who arrived in this world didn’t answer people’s words. His eyes withdrew from the long river of time and his eyes seemed to change a little.
He is also aware of the emotional changes of this strong man. Some taboos in this world wonder if this strong man is dissatisfied with their’ keeping home’?
It is also true that Lu Chen shook that part of history and involved the birth age of this taboo body.
They know that this taboo was born in the calendar of burying the gods, but there was no taboo to note him before the testimony. It was not until the strong man was about to testify that you taboo looked at that period of history. Unfortunately, the other party succeeded at one time, and then it covered up the history with him.
Therefore, the taboo people know that the other party was born in the area where God was buried and later became a Taoist, but they don’t know that they have seen the’ video’ in the first part of the Taoist at a very young age at most.
At this time, several taboos were angry when they saw the strong man’s eyes changing, because no matter which taboo did not want their birth time to be interfered, although they must have made arrangements for their childhood, even if that ancient history was annihilated, they would be fine, but they always felt uncomfortable.
"Really …"
The new strong man takes back his eyes and raises his hand. When Euphorbia falls into his hands, he will step into the long river of time.
"Daoyou, please stay."
Looking for light and laughing, I stopped the blue-haired strong man from being trapped behind him. He was forbidden to burn himself again and prepare himself for a dozen times.
His judgment of the situation is indeed that if the new strong man is sent to Lu Chen and Ye Daoyou, it will be a small matter that the world transfer will be stopped, and their side may have to reduce staff.
"Is it forbidden to stop me in the world of Yang?"
The male voice is low, and the breath behind it is like a tidal eruption, and the war is on the verge.
But the man swept his eyes again, and the breath of the long river of time declined again, and he put spurge behind him, "Let us not be enemies today."
Looking for light, he didn’t understand the meaning of the other party’s words. This is a taboo for four people in this world. I hope that the stars and the moon will come to help, but the other party says that they are not enemies at this time.
He is puzzled, but the other person is obviously a man of few words and arrogant, and his attitude seems serious, not a joke.
For taboos, it is not too fall in price if you have to expire your mouth when you are against the enemy. Generally, there is no taboo to do this.
It’s not that pedantry is the foundation. Every taboo is to beat the enemy and climb to the top. Naturally, they all have their own pride more or less.
Looking for light stupidly, the blue-haired man has stepped past him to look for light, and then he wants to stop it, but he can’t come a little. Just as he is preparing for the red gold taboo, he will go to the long river of time just in case he sees a scene that makes him look weird.
At this time, the taboo of nine wings of Changhe River was being beaten by Ye Fan and Lu Chen, and it was flustered that Lu Chen cut off a wing.
Some people lost patience and nine-winged taboos shouted, "Brother Aodao, kill these two people quickly!"
But as a result, the new strong man made a direct shot, but the target was not Lu Chen and Ye Fan, but the spurge flew up behind him like a javelin and was projected out by him, as if to penetrate the whole world.
With the roar and overwhelming tide, the halberd penetrated the chest of the nine-winged taboo like a bow and arrow hitting a bird.
The powerful impact and crushing force made the nine-winged taboo body burst into pieces after being penetrated, and his shock and anger echoed in the void. "What are you doing! ?”
Ye Fan was stunned when he saw this scene. When he saw the arrival of reinforcements in this world, his party was finished. Who knew it would be such a situation?
The new blue-haired man not only didn’t start work on them, but also hit the nine-winged taboo. He never dreamed of this flip.
Mainly … They don’t know this man.
At this time, the blue-haired strong man stood in vain, and the fluctuations around him distorted everything, but he could not shake his figure
He looked down at the nine-winged taboo with disdain. "You teach me to do things?"
Nine-winged taboo figure slightly recovered with a surprised anger in the will "can’t tell the situation! ? Our world will be plundered, and you should know the importance of your hometown even if you were arrogant and unsociable in the past. "
The blue-haired man grew up and flew back into his hands. He said coldly, "I can’t tell you apart. I did receive your news and I didn’t turn back until I learned that my hometown was attacked. But you have to know that I didn’t want this world to collapse and come back to help you."
"What’s the difference! ? At this time, it is the first priority that we are on the same front to kill foreign aggressors! "
The taboo of nine wings is that they are really angry because they don’t want to invite this one back unless they have to, because it is really difficult to communicate
When returning to the other side of the world, he often did not fight with them because of quarrels, and even Pangu fought with him several times.
The main reason is that the Lord is so crazy that he looks at people as if everyone is rubbish, even if they are taboo and generous, they can’t stand it every day
Finally, this guy felt that the world was boring and left his hometown to find a new opponent, which can be regarded as a lot of peace in this world.
That is to say, the stronger taboo has long since left. Although the blue-haired taboo was born in later history, it actually became a Taoist earlier than the blue-haired taboo. They have never met.
History is so magical that the blue-haired taboo should be born earlier, and he covered up that history himself, but it was even worse when later generations proved that he did not cover up the history of great strength
Another stronger taboo was born, but 900 years after the modern silence, it was quickly proved that the birth process became stronger than the process of enlightenment, and all taboos were known.
Even Pangu is very afraid to feel that the taboo opportunity is fishy, like he is completely out of the concept of time line. His theory is the oldest taboo in this world, but even he can’t trace back to the origin of the taboo. The origin of the cause theory may be earlier than his first birth!
It was the strongest taboo that first manifested itself as four taboos, and then got along for a while and then left, and then it was the blue-haired taboo that came to this ranks.
At this time, blue hair taboo holding spurge slowly stepped forward. "That’s why I said that you can’t tell the situation clearly. It’s taboo and you don’t have any thinking ability. I said that I’m not here to help you. We are never on the same front, but I won’t deal with you when a certain goal coincides."
He stepped forward and continued, "And now we … don’t have the same goal."
Speaking of the nine-winged taboo, the blue-haired taboo did not move toward his side, but went to the position of Lu Chen and Ye Fan, which made Ye Fan also a nervous enemy
But for a moment, the blue-haired taboo was indifferent and with three points of madness, Liu Chen nodded his head and said hello to "Liu Xiong, long time no see"
Lu Chen д
He never imagined that the world’s taboos would find reinforcements, and the fifth taboo would be his old acquaintance!