Sweeping monk sighed and said, "Wang Yue Shaoxia’s talent has finally become a great master. Congratulations."
Xiao Feng, Xu Zhu and Duan Yu look at Wang Yue and envy the great master. This is the most powerful person in the world.
MuFu eyes with jealousy and resentment heart andao "hum boxing Dan strength? Grand master? I’m sure Mufu will achieve it! "
Wang Yue’s physical strength finally converged successfully.
Now Wang Yue feels full of strength, as if he could blow a hole in the sky with one punch.
Of course, this is an illusion, because suddenly gaining great power is difficult to control.
Wang Yue opened his eyes and the force field around him disappeared. Now all Wang Yue’s strength has converged without any superior temperament. He looks younger, about fifteen years old.
Now Wang Yue is like a young boy next door to the sun who has nothing to do with the master.
"Mubo, I told you that even the Buddha can’t save you today." Wang Yue stepped out of his body and suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared, it was already Mubo’s side
Wang Yue’s display is exactly the Yu step in the family boxing.
Wang Yue, a great success in Yubu, can finally reach the realm of "shrinking the land into inches" in the theory.
Now Wang Yue’s flying skill is exactly the same as that of Li Qiushui Lingbo, and it is faster. Even in the face of Wolf God and Li Xuan, Wang Yue is sure to get rid of them.
Come on, Wang Yue is too fast. Even sweeping monk’s spirit found a flash of shadow.
Wang Yue pressed MuBo with a palm, which was an ordinary palm, but everyone felt that Wang Yue’s palm was the whole world.
It is not human power that can resist the pressure of heaven and earth.
Wang Yue’s strength has surpassed 200,000 Jin, and he can kill the master with one hand. Even Wang Yue, a great master like Xu Zhu, can kill with one stroke!
Sweeping monk’s face finally changed at this time. "Wang Yue Shaoxia, stop!"
Sweeping monk attacked Wang Yue with a palm. This time, all his strength and true yuan speed also reached the extreme.
Mubo also knows that he can’t have a chance to live today. The great master wants to kill a person, and no one can protect him.
"After son hurry to escape! Recover Dayan! " Mu Boda roared.
"Bang!" Wang Yue slapped MuBo’s head.
Mubo can’t see any injuries in his body, but his bones and dirty parts have been shocked into paste by powerful fists. He can’t die again!
"Hey!" Mu Fu screamed and then fled Shaolin Temple with flying skill. Wang Yue is already a great master, but he can’t resist running for his life before taking revenge.
Wang Yue and sweeping monk slapped each other.
Two people retreat at the same time is twenty steps back.
Wang Yue has the advantage of family boxing, while sweeping monk has nearly 150 years of skill. The two men fought evenly.
Wang Yue laughed. "Prajnaparamita is so fierce! Monk Shen, I’m wasting time with you now. I have to go after Mu Fu. See you later! "
"Amitabha" sweeping monk preached a Buddhist name "Wang Yue, Shaoxia, you are now a great master and the top player, but you still need a killer? You can’t kill another person if you have an old woman today. "
Sweeping monk came with golden light like a golden Buddha.
"Hum!" Wang Yue no longer talks nonsense with sweeping monk. He will kill Mufu.
Sweeping monk’s figure disappeared instantly, blocking Wang Yue’s attack with a palm, trying to save Mu Fu. When Wang Yue was stopped for a moment, Mu Fu could escape from Shaoshi Mountain at a speed.
Wang Yue sneered, "Old monk, you are too lenient. Now I, Wang Yue, have been a Dan Jin fighter. I can kill whoever I want. No one can stop you from being so importuned. It seems that I won’t give you some color to see if you really think that Wang Yue is a good bully."
"Turn over the sky!"
Wang Yue made a fist fight to "turn over the sky"