Zhang Ningtian slowly straightened his right hand, and gradually a gray-green mottled sword appeared. It seems that the demon king made it instantly, that is, when he started to attack Ye Yu.
"1, 2, 3" Zhang Ning auditions are like deadly magic sounds. Ye Yu’s sweat is getting denser and his expression is getting more and more painful.
The practice of sacrificing seven whites for Xiao Qiao is a kind of torture for Ye Yan and seven whites, but no one can resist and try their best to change the situation and gain a chance.
Zhang Ning days to nine o’ clock expression pain than Ye You suddenly loose hands like let a person smoke the soul silly in situ.
Stretching out his hand and probing into his heart, the energy source appeared again. Zhang Ningtian’s mouth smiled triumphantly. He didn’t notice that the color of this energy source seemed to be a little different from that just now.
Ye Yu lowered his head and let go of Zhang Ningtian’s eyes. The energy source naturally floats in the direction of Zhang Ning Day.
Zhang Ningtian and Zhang Zhangtian hold the dream demon king in their left hand to make them look at the ever-rising light. With this key, he can make his strength more progressive and become the first demon king to be ashamed. Then Xue Nai will just be an ant on his feet.
"Let people go" Ye You said in a low voice.
Zhang Ningtian returned to absolute being, holding the devil in his left hand and pointing his right sword at Ye You jokingly said, "Are you really stupid or pretending to be stupid? Do you still think that it is possible for you to escape now? "
"There are my enchantments everywhere, and no one wants to find out whether your position theory is damn longed for the sky mark or your companions can’t come even if I let people go, can you escape? The wisest thing to do is to come and let me absorb your ability and maybe leave you a corpse. "
In the face of Zhang Ningtian’s reneging on his word again, it seems strange to stay still.
But exultation Zhang Ningtian looked over there waiting for Xue Chengde and said gently, "Now let him give up and cut the rope. Maybe this little girl didn’t die."
Xue Chengde had long been impatient and felt guilty about the death of a teenage girl, but he was a little excited and furious.
The sharp scissors gradually spread out, devouring the huge mouth and fragile rope. The resistance in front of the blade was a crunchy rope, and the bridge that bore Xiao Qiao’s life collapsed.
A small figure falling by force is like a cold wind fading petals.
Zhang Ning day smile more and more demon evil with filar silk bloodthirsty * * is with his left hand demon king make strange fluctuations that filar silk smile completely dissipate.
The blue and white halo kept surging, and the demon king made it swell rapidly at the moment and finally turned into a living human figure. It was not seven whites but leaves!
Floating in the middle of the body, I pulled out my best strength and slapped Zhang Ningtian with a frightened face.
Zhang Ningtianshen suddenly flew out like a cannon ball and crashed into the distant carousel. It was smoky because Ye You didn’t beat Reservoir Dogs up, and Xiao Ma was about to fall to the ground.
The foot slammed on Ye Yu and rushed to Xiao Qiao, who was falling rapidly, like an arrow.
Xue Chengde didn’t react at all. It’s just a split second. Ye Yu jumped tall and finally hugged Xiao Qiao regardless of arm pain. Ye Yu protected Xiao Qiao’s back to meet the solid ground.
The body glided for five or six meters before it stopped. Ye You felt that his skeleton was falling apart, but it was all worth it.
Haven’t climb up to see Xue Chengde holding a pair of scissors face dew malicious color blunt come over, it seems that this guy is trying to get rid of his scissors.
Ye Yu directly picked up the stone and threw it out. In the middle of a smoky night, the stone lost its trace. Xue Chengde couldn’t see it. He could detect that something flashed in front of him, and then he flew directly and fell to the ground.
Ye You got up and kicked scissors with Joe and walked to the front of Xue Chengde. This guy is not in a coma, but his forehead has been red and swollen with stones, even now he is delirious.
Carrying Xue Chengde like throwing sandbags, he was thrown out, but he was not awake. Xue Chengde hit the trunk and completely fainted.
At the same time, the name "Ye Yu" who came to the original place has returned to the seven-white appearance and trotted to Xue Chengde’s side without saying that a few feet seem to vent their anger.
Ye Yu holding Joe back carousel Zhang Ningtian has got up over there.
See Zhang Ningtian holding the metal rod of the connected Trojan horse and suddenly pulling it abruptly. The metal rod attached to the white Trojan horse Zhang Ningtian threw it and rushed over.
Ye Yu’s face was as calm as a deep pool, looking at the Trojan horse that rushed straight at him. Instead of dodging, he clenched his fist.
He has endured it long enough, but now he has successfully saved Xiao Qiao. He has no worries to look back on, and he is not going to endure it any more. He suddenly raised his head, his expression was ferocious, his eyes were torn, and he waved his fist and smashed it.
There is no confrontation between the fist face and the body of the Trojan horse. Ye Yi’s foot never stepped back half a step, but the surface of the Trojan horse has cracked and then it broke into pieces.
Whoosh whoosh!
Ye You, who came from the long snake array with a spear of poor light, still didn’t step back or clenched his fist. This time, there was hot smoke spreading on his fist, and his arm was red like a fire.
Spread the palm of your hand and smash the flying spear. The light and rain are like falling stars all over the sky, followed by more spears, but Ye Yu did not retreat but smashed into his palm.
The light and rain in the mud splashing mixed with murderous look.
All the spears were shattered in a place ten meters away from Zhang Ningtian. The two men confronted each other. This time, it was Ye Yu’s turn to smile and Zhang Ningtian was flustered.
Chapter 375 Falsehood
Ten meters is uncertain!
Ye Yu and Zhang Ning, as in the heavenly heart, both have murderous look, but the reasons for killing are different.
Zhang Ningtian became angry from embarrassment because he was teased by Ye Yu. He was unwilling to be angry. Only desire to kill could satisfy his ambitions, and Ye Yu was simply retaliating against Xiao Qiao and stretching his pain.
Eye contact, no affection, no appreciate each other, but heart and soul.
No one said, but Zhang Ningtian launched an attack in an instant, and Ye Yan also stepped forward in an instant
Harsh and straight, this attack is more solid and fierce without the gorgeous and bright spear, and it does not contain any impurities and belongs to pure energy.
Ye Yu continued to maintain the forward posture because the palm energy spread out and roared out of the palm of Ye Yu’s hand, forming a protective layer for airflow spread.
The light green airflow is like a falling sky, and it never breaks off, and it gathers and entangles with each other. Finally, it forms a bright jade bowl, which is round, smooth, airtight, dazzling and straight into the jade bowl, just like entering the bowl, the clear water can no longer keep surging.
Ye Yu kept moving forward with the palm of his hand. Although this energy could not hurt him, it tested his control.
Zhang Ningtian didn’t move in the same place. He gritted his teeth and urged the energy inside the ring to increase the impact. Yuzryha moved forward.
When there are still five meters away from Zhang Ningtian, Ye Yu stopped. If there is light white smoke floating in his palm to compete for energy, he can’t fight against twenty thousand negative energy, but he also has his own way.
Remove the energy to form a jade bowl, which is impacted by all the streamers. The leaves of the palm will not move back, but will advance again and again, regardless of the pain that almost pierced the palm, and the pace will suddenly accelerate.
Twist sideways, avoid rushing forward, leap up, and lift your legs high against Fang Zhangning’s day.
However, Zhang Ningtian’s reaction was not slow, so he lifted his sword and slipped out of Sen’s cold radian. He wanted to cut off Ye Yu’s calf directly and saw the other party turn to attack Ye Yu’s middle movement and stopped abruptly, turning his feet around in his body.
The blade cuts the trousers and scratches the skin. It’s good that the blood overflows, but the wound doesn’t affect the activity deeply.
After landing, Ye Yu retreated, and Zhang Ningtian dared not meet Ye Yu again. None of his abilities is suitable for close combat, and there is no need to compete with Ye Yu in a place like this.
Ye Yu, who retreated to Qibai’s side, looked down at his eyes. There was a black substance residue in his calf wound and he was moving towards his flesh and blood at the moment.
Looking at Zhang Ningtian’s gray-green sword, Ye Yu probably turned white. This sword is completely formed by plague. It is best not to let it hurt, but for Ye Yu, such wounds and plagues are nothing to be afraid of, at most, it is equivalent to strong poison.
The light green light will soon heal the wound and all the toxins will go up in smoke.
Even Chai Lingqing, who is Ke Ge and Lu Feng, although their strength is higher than Ye You’s, may not be able to take the slightest advantage of Zhang Ningtian, so they can barely restrain the plague and recover themselves from the wind.
Zhang Ningtian stared at Ye Yan’s face and asked, "How did you do it?"
Zhang Ning asked nature how Ye Yu managed to become the devil’s envoy and how the devil’s envoy became Ye Yu. The key is that Zhang Ningtian didn’t find it almost to the point of truth.
Ye Yan involuntarily raised her mouth and smiled at Xiao Qiao, who was unconscious in her arms, and then patted Qi Bai’s head and said, "Do you know how to explore my ability? Don’t you know that I am a demon ambassador?"
"The devil’s envoy?" Zhang Ningtian frowned.
Zhang Ningtian soon realized that in general, demons can have a kind of ability, just like Chai Lingqing’s demon king enables a righteous messenger who can change shape to control fire, but-seven whites are different.
Perhaps because she is the only humanoid demon king, her ability to hide many secrets is different.
Qibai’s own initial ability is an illusion. Although it is not a strong trick, it is difficult for the brave devil with strong spirit, but it is wonderful after all.
And the seven white devils also have a second ability-imitation.
A long time ago, after Ye Yan was upgraded, Qibai also gained new abilities. At that time, she was simply able to imitate sounds, but with Ye Yan’s strength rising, Qibai’s strength also increased, and her ability became more and more perfect.
After Ye Yu became a five-star demon king, the seven white imitations were enough to form a climate that was no longer limited to sound, but even the appearance and breath could be imitated.
To put it simply, Qibai can become a leaf-like shape without any effort. Although it does not have the ability of leaf-like, it can disguise its energy fluctuation and is not easy for people to find out.
At the same time, combining imitation with illusion can create the situation just now.
At first, Ye Yu took the seven whites out, which meant that the seven whites would release the illusion, and the release target was not Zhang Ningtian, but Ye Yu’s illusion, which hypnotized Ye Yu to change his energy form, and then put the seven whites into his body. This is what made the seven whites imitate.