Gao Hanghu explained to Tianyang
Then he said, "At that ceremony, we worked day and night to write your stories and stories."
"In order to make those stories more realistic, we will paint a lot of pictures of your origins and make you a flesh-and-blood person."
"Not an empty body"
"In addition, the Church of War, the Church of Nature and the Church of Glory also make statues."
"These works are expected to be completed in half a year."
Tianyang looked out of the window. "Half a year … can we last that long?"
He shook his head again and said firmly, "No, we must support everything!"
Gao Hanghu nodded and said, "We have made some progress in the study of’ Night Crystal’."
"We restarted some materials in the’ Ultimate Collection Project’ and took some projects for the’ Ultimate Collection Project’"
"Combined with the previous experiments of Miss Qing Ming, we have found some directions, and I believe there will be specific countermeasures soon."
As for their communication, someone said, "There are foreign programs invading our system."
"But this man is a layman, so he should be a novice."
The workers in the laboratory have already dealt with it.
But a moment later, they found that they had nothing to do with the intrusion procedure.
Then a screen lit up by itself.
The light on the screen is dim, and someone can be seen in the shadow.
Then, after being processed, a voice sounded, "Ladies and gentlemen, I am the leader of the midnight shadow organization."
Tianyang leng
And then exchanged glances with Gao Hanghu.
Everyone was surprised that the "shadow" organization surfaced at this time.
Gao Hanghu immediately showed his identity and said, "What is the reason why Shadow contacted us at this time?"
Chapter 1659 Shadow Plan
Tianyang is also very curious about what the organization "Shadow" is now associated with the "Wisdom Wilderness".
The invisible figure on the screen said, "To solve the Kuroshio."
"Now there are more than one million dark people who have flooded Kraft Gate."
"This number will continue to increase."
According to our plan, the number will reach 3 million in another month.
"It will exceed 10 million in three months."
"If we continue to let the black people flood like this, the whole world will be finished."
Gao Hanghu tentatively asked, "Do you have a good plan?"
The leader of the’ Shadow’ did not answer and asked, "Do you still remember the incident of the flora in the anti-boundary of the Ares Fort?"
At that time, Tianyang, a participant in the anti-boundary flora event, was impressed and vaguely guessed what Shadow was going to do.
But I don’t really believe it
Gao Hanghu nodded "naturally impressed"
"But isn’t that made in Hell Castle?"
The shadow leader replied, "Yes, the demon brain, which was used to spread the flora of the boundary at that time, was made in Hellburg."
"But I sent the demon brain to the Ares Castle."
"In addition, the demon brain is made by a man named Lu Yeren."
He is a scholar and student in Black Star Castle, and now he is in our shadow organization.
Gao Hanghu narrowed his eyes and said, "What on earth is Ge trying to say?"