Chapter one
【 Chapter 372 Yuan Baby Mid-term 】
The elders of Kejia bucket emperor pushed out the practice genius of Xingqi, which really made the bucket statue and bucket emperor really move to practice so fast. Even if Xingqi didn’t practice shortcuts, the practice achievement method would surely be strong, which made people’s eyes fall between the strength of blood and yang, but the bucket emperor silently paid attention to it.
I feel four hot eyes, knowing that Teutonic and violent mountains are already very tempted. Now they are staring at themselves. It is obvious that they want to make their own statements. Otherwise, today, this self-made alliance will be scattered, and Yang Ningran looked at the Ke family’s mouth and the emperor laughed.
"Ha ha, I happen to have one thing to inform everyone that everyone is looking for Xingqi me, but people dare to find trouble with Xingqi’s family for a hundred years, that is, they ignore my blood yang and are ready to suffer from my blood yang anger at any time."
"Ha ha, Brother Yang’s blood is really well-deserved, friendship and credibility. It was calculated by that strange star that it was so respectful and trustworthy that we admired it." Teutonic sullen became laughing again.
In the eyes of Teutonic, Violent, Strong, and Good Ye, Blood Yang is concerned about himself. Despite the alliance, the two forces have to take a step back and abandon Star Qi, but blood Yang keeps its reputation and still sticks to sheltering Star Qi family.
A small bucket emperor family doesn’t care about such a strong man as Teutonic mountain. Kuang Xingqi’s family is a newly rising bucket emperor family, which can give blood Yang a platform and four bucket statues. Of course, it won’t be persecuted again
Teutonic looked at the blood Yang with a crooked smile, but the blood Yang still hated himself in his heart, and so on. "Since the blood Yang Dou Zun said so, we also announced that whoever moves the family of Xingqi will sweep the facade of our seven kills."
"Our sunset mountain range is also a century old. Anyone who wants to move the Xingqi family members is just fighting with our sunset mountain range." The violent mountain also quickly stated that it will continue to maintain the United front of the three major forces.
Seven doors to kill the sunset mountains and then said that it surprised the blood Yang and looked at the two faces, revealing a ponder smile. Blood Yang said this statement, but he had already talked to Xingqi before and was misunderstood by the violent mountains and Teutonic mountains.
However, it’s also good that the three major forces have made a statement that the Xingqi family has really settled down, and it may also save a lot of hard work. Of course, the changes in Yang’s face have been seen by Teutonic and violent mountains, and the two have also made their own statements.
Blood Yang, Teutonic Mountain and Violent Mountain have a strong smile, but next to Ke Nanfeng and Ke Qi, they are uneasy. Last night, Ke Menggui led the family of more than ten emperors to set off for Heyangcheng.
It’s troublesome for Ke Nanfeng to know that his family became sworn enemies with blood Yang thousands of years ago, and then he added himself to reach the goal of fighting against the emperor and not being afraid of blood Yang, so he sent a family master to bloodbath Xingqi’s home.
Ke Nanfeng thinks that if he fails, Ke Jiagen, the master who faces the most blood-yang, is not afraid to show that the sunset mountains in the Seven Killing Doors are really in trouble.
Ke Nanfeng looked at Ke Qi at each other and saw the worry and determination from each other’s eyes. Now, I hope that Ke Meng’s scale has already started to move before the violent mountains and Teutonic remarks, or I will bite my head and deny it.
"Ha ha, let’s solve the current problem now. Brother Nanfeng, you’d better hand it over. Let’s share it. Hey, hey, our endurance is limited." Teuton looked gloomy at Ke Nanfeng again.
"Why don’t you really want to destroy my Ke family? My Ke family is not so good. Don’t say that our Ke family doesn’t have it, but it won’t be handed over. It will be interesting to see how you destroy our Ke family." Ke Nanfeng and Ke Qishen once again burst out with a strong momentum, and they want to fight hard without a word.
"Hey, hey, Kenanfeng, who are you bluffing about? If you don’t take it out, everyone will be single together. You Kejia don’t want to get rich alone." The violent mountains and the five fights also made a strong grudge against Kejia’s rivalry.
"Hey, hey, there are still a few hours, and tens of thousands of years of inheritance of your Ke family’s more than 30 branches will be really destroyed. Think about it now." Teutonic then waved his hand and the three major forces behind him, more than 40 bucket emperors, spread out far away to prepare for the siege of Ke family.
"insult! You kill seven doors and the sunset mountains are ready to take revenge on my family. When the time comes, everyone will be endless. "The emperor of the family fights into a rage but also spreads out in the distance."
Ke Nanfeng was so angry that he closed his eyes and quickly thought about it. If there is no blood, Ke Nanfeng is not afraid of the sunset mountains and the seven kills. You know, the result will be that everyone will not admit that these two forces are not necessarily so crazy when they are finished playing.
But with blood Yang, this crazy Ke is very sure that Feng dare not take the risk.
The Kejia family has developed more than 30 families and tens of thousands of family members in the past ten thousand years. Is it worth the secret of that black gold medal for such a huge and prosperous family?
"Eldest brother, eldest brother if you will choose at this time? Grab the black gold medal and then reproduce the family or hand it over? " Ke Nanfeng quarreled with his eyes closed and fluctuated rapidly.
Blood Yang five bucket intensely staring at the Conan Feng and the distant opposites bucket emperor also nervously staring at this side waiting for Conan Feng to decide.
For hundreds of years, Nan Feng’s eldest brother always felt that the emperor level was as accessible as a veil, but it was as difficult as climbing to heaven. Eldest brother decided to close his door, and when he left, he would be the emperor level, or he would never leave his family. Everything was left to you. Ke Nanfeng recalled his eldest brother Feng Nan’s talk to himself before he closed.
It’s been hundreds of years since the eldest brother died. Ke Nanfeng’s head turned sharply. If the eldest brother lost his family and really followed the three major forces, it would be really worth the loss.
But if eldest brother succeeds in reaching the association level, then he will hand over the black gold medal now, and then he can take it back strongly. When the three major forces fall down, it is a fart, but blood yang is really pinched off.
Ke Nanfeng suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the family. The emperors looked at the big island that destroyed everything. Ke Nanfeng was sullen and closed his mouth, but he still opened his mouth. "My family has a treasure."
An hour later, six meteors screamed from the ruined Qiyue Lake, and six starlight flashed away, and then dozens of meteors flew all over Qiheng Empire.
Six starlight beams are the six bucket statues of Blood Yang, Teutonic Mountain, Storm Mountain and Ke Nanfeng. Six people rushed to Heyang City, but six people pulled out six long beams of blood Yang, Ke Nanfeng, Teutonic Mountain, Storm Mountain, Yi Ye and Tiaoqiang in turn because of their different strength, forming six colors of light: red, silver, blue, purple, gray and green.
Qiheng Empire is surrounded by the desert mulberry imperial capital, which is adjacent to Qiheng Imperial Capital and Heyang City, which are more than 2,000 miles apart. Generally, it takes a day and a half for the imperial master to fly, but it takes half a day for the master.
There is a dense forest in more than ten miles outside the city of Heyang, and it is also a strange star. On that day of the war, Lin suddenly jumped out of more than a dozen black figures. Ten people were quiet and followed by two middle-aged people pointing to broken branches and trees.
"What should I do now? Do you want to kill it now?" Cuomo asked, looking at Kemengda.
Ke Mengda looked at the sunset hanging in the west and shook his head. "We should try our best to hide our identity. It is also the last time to sneak in and kill Xingqi and Xueyang, and then withdraw."
When Xingqi came out of the clear maple, he walked over and hummed a tune. He was happy that Xingqi jumped into his garden like the wind.
"Hehe, brother Xingqi is so happy?" Blood Yang came out with a smile on his face after holding a pillar.
"Ha ha flying Yang Xiong, of course, is a good thing. You came at the right moment. Hey hey, we have a good drink today." Xing Qi is thinking of taking the lead and leading the blood Yang to the nearby pavilion.
After leaving that day, Xueyang got the purple crystal smoke and flew to Yang, but she didn’t rush away. Instead, Xingqi lived at home. First, the smoke flew to Yang and there were things to do. Second, she also wanted to take this opportunity to get together with Xingqi and play well with Xingqi.
Xingqi has been light since he saw blood Yang, and now Xingqi has got the idea of Ina from his mother. Xingqi is even more like a smug person. When he sees smoke flying Yang, he wants to pull up and drink with himself.
"Ha ha, Brother Xingqi, let’s drink that wine again. I have something to ask you this time. I told you that Huamu wants you to make that deal. Have you thought about it?" Smoke fly Yang looked at Xingqi with a face of owe meaning.
"Oh, flowers and trees are coming?" Starkey’s face was smiling. Although he offended the flowers and trees first in the war that day, the flowers and trees left themselves half dead that day. However, when he thought of his pain that day, Starkey felt cold, and he was very unhappy with the flowers and trees. This is why Starkey dragged on and didn’t give Yanfeiyang an answer.
"Well, she’s here today. Let’s go and meet her." Yan Feiyang also knows Xingqi’s idea and is interested in the achievement method of flowers and trees.
As the smoke flies, Yang Yi and the two men fly in the direction of the Chil Mountains.
A big lake is littered with trees, but full of green leaks several flaming golden sunsets from the mountain, and a slim green shadow stands on a lake’s treading point, swinging a slim flute from the jade finger, and the sunset is rising in the evening.
Royal to stand at the top of a mountain looking at such a fairy flute royal water figure let smoke fly Yang and Xingqi two people stay.
And Xingqi’s eyes are blurred, and a strange feeling suddenly becomes long-term and quiet like a curved body when it swings out of Xingqi’s mind, and a detached and free-and-easy meaning spreads out from Xingqi’s body.
Royal flute and splashing flowers and trees are like an ice-clean fairy, but at this time, Xingqi at the summit is like a purple-haired flying scholar, and as Xingqi is trapped in a strange feeling, a rotating aura vortex slowly forms with the surface of Xingqi.
How can you be addicted to flowers and trees, music, smoke, flying Yang, a face of shock, looking at the side of Xingqi, looking at this huge speed to expand aura, swirling smoke, flying Yang, a face of wry smile, people are more popular than the dead, and this Xingqi listened to a song and actually entered Jin.
It’s good that Xingqi enters Jinxingqi’s body, and the soul of Mo Tian has nothing to do with Xingqi. It’s easy to enter and reach a higher level when Xingqi stops.
Xingqi came to reach the peak of the early stage of Yuanying. No, Xingqi couldn’t meditate well during this period. He was always in a hurry to catch himself. After seeing the blood yang, Xingqi finally relaxed and added flowers and trees to drive Xingqi to finally enter the middle stage of Yuanying.
One chapter owes ten chapters. That’s it.
【 Chapter 373 Zun Ji 】
When the sun sets, the geese return to their nests and crow. When spring comes, the setting sun is even more brilliant, and the afterglow of vermilion spreads all over the earth. The whole city of Heyang is bathed in a layer of bright red and happy light.
Although the evening sun is racing against time to come to Heyangcheng, everyone looks up and looks at the western sky as usual, and then resumes his manual work again after the red sun sets.
However, an unexpected situation happened. The setting sun in the west was opposite to that in the Chier Mountains in the south, a Tiandu Peak and a purple-gold wheel came out and slowly rotated. The setting sun was relatively clear and conspicuous.
The largest mountain range in Heyangcheng Juqier Mountain is more than a hundred miles, but the dazzling purple light and red sun refraction are quite dazzling, and the whole people in Heyangcheng exclaimed.