Isn’t it sweet to play with yourself?
And now he’s leaving again after putting a few people in his hands.
"Come on, this time, if you finish it, you will get enough reward money to take a trip. My mother will never worry that you have no money." Zhang PD smiled and waved and didn’t take away a snowflake.
"So many rewards? Then will this be super difficult for us? " Lin Yufei couldn’t help but be nervous and said
The more PD urine rewards, the harder it is. Now they are all nervous.
Jing Jiayuan opened the envelope and took out the card inside.
"Members won the first prize in the skiing competition held this afternoon (only one person can finish it) and they can get huge financial rewards." Jing Jiayuan read it out.
"afternoon skiing competition?" Shi Xiaoyu doubts
Bert has arrived at the moment.
After hearing this, he smiled and explained, "There is indeed a skiing competition here. The advanced ski resort is an obstacle course."
"obstacle course?" Xiaoya doubts that this sounds so hard.
Bertwin explained that "there is a complex terrain on the other side of the advanced ski slope, and various obstacles have been set up to pass through these obstacles smoothly and reach the finish line at the same time, and the sooner you reach the finish line, the better your grades will be."
As he spoke, he pointed to the high-level snow obstacle sign.
"Just over there," Bert said.
A few people think it is too difficult at first sight!
When you come there, the terrain looks like waves, but it looks unreliable. As a result, there are S-shaped obstacles in the snowy road.
It’s good for them amateurs to skate safely. How can they pursue speed?
Sure enough, this is really too difficult
When Xiao Ya and Shi Xiaoyu were struggling, Bert confidently said, "Let me finish this. I will definitely win the funds for World War I for the two princesses. Although I can’t stay with the princesses after this, I will try my best to win the benefits for the princesses."
Xiao Ya and Shi Xiaoyu don’t really want the guests to do anything, but it seems that Bert skates best among them.
But before they said anything, Jing Jiayuan said, "I’ll go too."
"Ah?" Shinohara fish suddenly some concerns at the JingGuYuan.
And one side Bert also instantly cast a vigilant eye.
Jing Jiayuan ignored the worry in Bert’s eyes when he saw Xiao Yu. I don’t know that he felt a little warm in his heart. "Don’t worry, I won’t have any problems when I played as a child."
Bert was a little relieved to hear this.
I played when I was a child … That’s no problem. Even if I can skate, I can finally show my outstanding side in front of the princess. It’s still him.
When Shinohara fish listened to Jing Jiayuan, he no longer advised.
A few people came to the front of the advanced snow trail and signed up before leaving for a short rest.
When the afternoon came, Bert and Jingjiayuan both had all kinds of armor dressed up and came to the front of the advanced snow trail.
This time, they all found that Jing Jiayuan was actually a snowboard.
After Bert found that Jing Jiayuan was a single board, he narrowed his eyes slightly from the consciousness.
He seems to have been … set up.
When Jing Jiayuan looked at Bert, he smiled triumphantly.
One side poked and poked at these small moves when Shinohara fish "…"
It’s over, it’s over. Her love beans have been completely ruined by Bert.
What, do the two people’s popularity fields affect each other?
The kind that lowers IQ together?
The competition was divided into several groups, because Bert and Jing Jiayuan registered at the same time, and they were also a group.
There are four judges in the group, and just after issuing the password, Jing Jiayuan and Bert rushed out with a jump.
Their reaction speed and motor nerves are first-class, and they soon left the remaining two contestants behind.
And the two of them are to outdo each other.
They all seemed to be rushing to the key points with great vigor.
Those obstacles may become obstacles in the eyes of others, but they are not taken seriously in the eyes of Jing Jiayuan and Bert.
Bert’s body pressure is extremely low, and he quickly runs wild, which makes people feel nervous but steady.
Jing Jiayuan is a little different from him. It seems that he doesn’t move much, and he feels like walking around, but if you look at his speed, it’s really not slow at all.