It turned out to be a treasure!
Chapter 72 Tongtian fighters
No wonder Lin Tian was so confident that he had a treasure in his hand.
The Saint of Qinghuazong sneered at more than "This is too small and crazy, and this must be lost!"
She is well aware of that pow of jewels.
It’s one of the best attack jewels of Qinghua Sect. Even if the spirit sea boundary is nine times and the spirit sea boundary is ten times, it’s hard to stop such a blow.
"You are too whimsical!" Jiang Feng looked at and smiled.
Lin Tian was completely angered. He saw the irony from Jiang Feng’s face. "I’ll leave you a body!"
The imprint of the heavenly way rises to the sky, and the spiritual force erupts immediately.
Thick huge spiritual force scattered blowing Taiwan people narrowed his eyes, some people directly stagger.
Air billow is too strong to fly sand and stones.
However, Jiang Feng’s face was expressionless and smiling, and Lin Tian cast Wushu.
Lin Tian flew into a rage, and the jewel in his hand was dazzling like a hot sun, which made people look straight.
"Destroy the heavenly sword! I am shocked! "
The changing situation has been absorbed to the best of its ability.
Stand you ministers one by one up with panic "Lin Guzhu … this … such a huge spiritual force don’t you want to ruin the whole purple Luocheng! ?”
"There are so many people around, how many poor people will be killed and injured if this sword is chopped off!" The ministers jumped up one by one with a frightened face.
Towards Lin Guzhu, his eyes are full of anger.
Mu Fei Xue is also very nervous in his heart. I can’t believe that Lin Tian was so despicable to win Jiang Feng regardless of everyone’s safety.
"To stop him …" MuFeiXue got up and wanted to rush to the ring.
Lin Guzhu smiled coldly and a huge breath suddenly poured out. "This game is fair and equitable. I hope you will stay out of it!"
Lin Guzhu clapped his hands.
In the distance, thousands of guards suddenly rushed to the crowd, each with a tiger figure, cold eyes and full of body and blood.
Will the whole tournament field to surround.
There are several spiritual sea fighters who keep an eye on them to prevent them from touching.
Positions to see this scene finally sit still "Lin Guzhu do you want to rebel! ?”
Lin Guzhu laughed, but his face was full of sarcasm. "Rebellion can’t but you know that the game is naturally fair. If someone makes trouble, I will face the prestige of Ziluoguo! ?”
"Sit down, darling. Speaking of this purple Luo country, there is no glory in your hand. Let me help you worry about it."
"But don’t worry, I won’t kill you now. I’ll solve Jiang Gu first."
"I think at that time, I was very interested in discussing it with me in detail."
None of them are stupid.
The Lins’ rebellion is doubtful.
No one expected that Lin Guzhu had secretly cultivated such a group of elites.
"You … Master Lin … I advise you not to seasoned road!" Positions fists clenched eyes as if to jet fire.
Lin Guzhu said nothing and looked at him indifferently.
With a sudden wave of his arm, he regained his seat in the chair and trembled with anger.
"Competitive! Let’s go quickly! " The poor people turned to leave but were pushed back by a guard.
"Everyone wants to be killed!" The gloomy words sounded.
Ordinary people were frightened one by one, and no one dared to offend this group of guards who risked their lives.
At that time, the situation in Ziluo changed greatly.
The Lins are going to rebel!
"Go to hell for me!"
The sword sends out a heat wave like a stove and slashes it.
"Hey!" Conan the destroyer-like psychic moment pours out towards Jiang Feng, which makes people feel scared.
Everyone was livid with fear, and Mufeixue also looked anxious.
"Not good! Jiang Feng may be finished! "
"What can we do? If the spiritual force breaks out, none of us will want to live!"