Their gambling on wine entranced the drinkers in Songhe Loulou, and even the kitchen and the firemen came upstairs to watch around his table.
Two people imperceptibly soon 20 jins of kaoliang spirit has bottomed out Li Zhichang light say with smile "small two 20 jins of kaoliang spirit again".
Onlookers have never seen such a drinker, and the boss also said, "Go and get some wine."
Two people drink a bowl of you and a bowl of me from noon to dusk, and they are actually a little drunk.
Chapter 21 Stepping on the Moon
He drank less than 50 Jin of wine this afternoon. Li Zhichang was deeply impressed by Simon’s softness. He practiced kung fu horizontally, adding this wine just as he refined it in his stomach. When he reached this point, he could drink a jar of wine a day without food or drink for ten days, almost like a land fairy.
Simon’s soft work and external work are far from reaching the point where he can still be a thousand cups. It’s a natural mass. Li Zhichang laughed. "Brother Simon, you are a natural mass. Let’s go like this for three days and three nights, and we can’t tell the outcome. Today, the younger brother has something to do and get together again another day."
Simon Rou also admires Li Zhichang. Although he has a "Rou" in his name, his life is the most heroic and upright. This time, he saw Li Zhichang, although he looks delicate, but he doesn’t have a hint of tenderness.
Simon Judo "I don’t know your brother’s name"
Li Zhichang said "Li Zhichang"
Simon Rou patted his thigh and said, "No wonder brother, your kung fu at a young age is so severe that you are a rare wizard in the door." Li Zhichang didn’t recognize him today without wearing a cassock.
Li Zhichang said, "Brother Simon, we will meet again some other day."
Simon Judo "Brother, you are good at martial arts. I shouldn’t say this, but this matter is of great importance. I still have to wake you up."
Li Zhichang know Simon soft weapon spectrum ranked seventh day, few things can be seen in his eyes, even he is so cautious, things are not simple, but he also guessed something in his heart.
Simon said softly, "Do you know that jin hong, the dragon and phoenix double-ring official, has returned to the Jianghu?"
Li Zhichang replied, "Know a little."
Simon Judo "He founded a gang in Luoyang called Money Gang. Hey, hey, money can help ghosts and gods. His ambition is already obvious."
Li Zhichang said, "I’m not afraid of him when he sets up a gang. Brother Simon should know that it’s not necessarily good to have a large number of people at your level." Simon naturally understands that sometimes having a large number of people is a drag on loners like him and Li Xunhuan. God, who can keep them afraid that they will live a long life?
Simon Judo: "Guan Jinhong, I am deeply aware that he is always moving, which is earth-shattering, and others absolutely can’t stop him from doing something. When he comes out this time, he is bound to unify black and white, and the person who is listed in the weapon list is a thorn in his side." Obviously, he has been reassuring about this all this time.
Li Zhichang said, "Come as soon as he comes. We’ll talk about it then."
Simon Judo "Brother, to tell the truth, I’m afraid you’ve become an official since you killed the green magic hand. In jin hong’s eyes, you must accept or remove four people."
Li Zhichang chuckled, "I also know who the other three are, Xiao Li Tanhua, and Brother Simon, the old man flying swordsman" Teddy boy ".I’m right."
Simon Rou sighed, "Brother, your martial arts and strategy are really rare in the world. Xiao Li’s exploration of flowers and the secret of the old man are so young that you and the flying swordsman are so young. jin hong has a temper. I also know that you have become prey in his eyes at the moment. You must be careful everywhere. Ten years ago, I met Guan Jinhong, who was unfathomable. I can’t imagine that anyone in the world could beat him."
Li Zhichang said, "Brother Ximen, do you know that the more powerful he is, the more happy I am. It is a great pleasure in life to fight with such a master as him. Fighting in the ground is poor; The fun of fighting is better than the first two. "
Simon Judo "It’s hard for me to think, brother, that you have such a mind. No wonder you can practice such unfathomable kung fu at a young age. It’s no luck."
As soon as he smashed the wine bowl, he said, "No matter how bad jin hong is, I can’t stand the sky for two years. Even if the magic goes up, I will try my best."
Li Zhichang said, "Brother Simon, I believe that your weapon spectrum will never rank seventh after today. Let’s stop here." Li Zhichang’s toe jumped out of the railing one day and saw him as if walking to the opposite roof. This skill of flying is almost the highest in the world. Only then did Simon Rou believe that Li Zhichang really qualified to compete with Guan Jinghong.
It’s a good time to relax the stars and the moon, and the breeze blows Xingyunzhuang Meilin’s fragrance floats, which is the most beautiful moment. At this moment, Xingyunzhuang Hall is full of tension, and the atmosphere becomes more and more dignified as time approaches.
Long Xiaoyun Hall kept pedaling back and forth, and I don’t know how many times it was sour. The man he walked by was able to walk from Beijing to Baoding City. Tian Qiye sat in the hall and his face was dignified. Although he boasted a lot, he didn’t look down on Li Zhichang at all. He meant that Mr. Tiedi made a roll of spring and autumn lights by himself, which became more and more mysterious. He hadn’t made any moves for five years, but everyone knew that he was no longer the head of the Seven Schools of Wulin. Because of him, everyone had confidence and Li Zhichang was right.
Listening to the faint sound of the evening breeze, Huo Ran, the seventh master of Tian, said, "It’s time."