"You’d better not underestimate these weak forces or you’ll suffer!" Wang Ming light way
"In the face of real power, your little tricks are not worth doing. Cut the crap and I’m going to do it!" Blue semitic robbers boss sneer at a way
Then his feet were entangled in his feet, and the grass was shattered in an instant, and then his body no longer stayed in front of Wang Ming, which was so fast that even these grass didn’t come to entangle him
This time, it’s the same as the second time. The blue semite robber boss is still straight towards Wang Ming’s other, that is, his position and posture have not changed at all.
"Bang"-Although he hit Wang Ming in the same posture and position, his strength increased to a higher level, and this time Wang Ming clearly heard the sound of bone fracture.
Of course, Wang Ming took the punch in the same defensive posture, and this time there was grass on his foot to help him stop his body. To outsiders, this punch didn’t seem as powerful as a punch, because Wang Ming stopped his body after retreating for more than ten meters.
However, this time Wang Ming had a hard time knowing that Wang Ming really felt the death threat this time. It was more dangerous to fight this guy this time than to face Alestan’s eyes because he could not escape and could fight.
But this guy’s speed and strength are still rising. It is estimated that he hasn’t made efforts yet. But that’s the case. Wang Ming’s strength is somewhat difficult to cope with. If Wang Ming hadn’t been upgraded to a blood hunter, his resilience had made a leap. I’m afraid he would have wasted his arms and been slaughtered by now.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. I’m a blue semite’ Ku’. I won’t let you be a famous ghost if I’m in a good mood today. Come on, give me your name." The boss of the blue semite is very satisfied with Wang Ming’s defense. Haha. "
At the moment, two people are fighting and watching on the hill. His alien race is far away from both of them, so the two people are talking to each other, and others can’t hear, can say and look at them from a distance.
Wang Ming has no worries at this time, and even worse, when he meets the master Wang Ming, he is also inspired by the bloody cold way "Terran Wang Ming’s four-level blood hunter"
"What, are you human, not a natural Eldar?" Wang Ming’s words surprised Kuzhi. He didn’t expect that the confrontation with him now turned out to be a human being who had been closed by aliens for many years and could no longer walk on this continent.
Wang Mingze nodded faintly. "Yes, I am human."
"Good good this human I really have never seen I didn’t expect you to and natural Eldar so like it’s no wonder that natural Eldar has been protecting you! But no matter what race you are, you are going to die here today! " Library cup slightly surprised and then the so-called way
By this time, Wang Ming had figured out that the strength and routine of the library were no longer passive defense, but rushed forward at a high speed with one foot on the lawn. These grasses could not only entangle opponents, but also accelerate Wang Ming’s sliding speed on the lawn. It looks not much slower than the library.
The library cup saw Wang Ming take the initiative to blunt come over, and there was a slight contempt in his eyes. He didn’t move, just waiting for Wang Ming to attack. Wang Ming took a look at the library cup, smiled at his big mouth, and his body turned sharply, which was also a punch.
The explosive force of CuO’s fist is based on his continuous punching speed, and then the force is compressed by his strength. His explosive force is extremely strong, and Wang Ming collided with two different root forces by virtue of the pure natural hunter energy.
At the same time, when the two fists collided, the surrounding air seemed to be frantic, and the fluctuation of power formed a frenzied airflow that spread around. Even the foreigners watching from a distance were waved by the strong wind.
"I rely on this small to have such a powerful force!"
"No! You see, the little one hasn’t been beaten up. This time, the boss retreated more than ten meters. "
"Is this natural Eldar younger than the boss?"
"It is impossible to estimate that the boss teased him!"
Watching two people collide again and again, there are many different people talking in the distance.
After Wang Ming punched, he didn’t stop, and then punched after punched, thinking about the blue semitic library. At this time, although the library was very fast, Wang Ming took the initiative to attack and the grass could not fight back if it seemed to contain, but it could passively meet Wang Ming’s fist rain attack.
However, at this time, Kuzhi was not surprised because Wang Ming’s attack power was not small, but he could cope with it easily with the explosive force of hand acceleration, so Kuzhi waited for Wang Ming to be a little exhausted before he could fight back.
Sure enough, Wang Ming took more than 30 punches in one breath. Although he knocked out the library for many times, his own strength was somewhat behind him. He immediately stepped back and stopped attacking.
"Ha-ha, it’s too small."
"I told you! He can’t have hit the boss. You see, the boss is fine now and he has no strength. "
"Yes! Yes! The boss is mighty! "
Just as many robbers crossed the aisle and watched Wang Ming exhausted, Crewe and the fox girls also saw that Wang Ming’s strength was not enough, and their hearts were anxious at the moment.
This time, Kuzhi didn’t give Wang Ming another chance. He also knew that Wang Ming must have entered a period of exhaustion of strength, and he didn’t want to give Wang Ming another chance to recover. At this moment, Kuzhi showed a ferocious smile and jumped up and grimaced. "Wang Ming, right! You can die. Don’t worry, none of these fox girls can run away, and your caravan will come to accompany you. "
He appeared in front of Wang Ming in a flash, and this time it was different from the previous two times. He had accumulated more power than just now. He hoped to smash Wang Ming’s head with one blow and show the surrounding aliens his power to shock them.
"Bang" as if the energy wave had cracked the hill, the ground shook, and the aliens and caravans felt their feet flash.
At this time, as soon as Crewe’s heart cooled down, he said, "I’m afraid Wang Ming won’t live without such great power!"
The fox girl who has just been almost caught is also worried about watching the hills filled with smoke.
"Ha ha, this little boy will die. He won’t live if he is punched by the boss."
"I told you he couldn’t have hit the boss."
"The blue semites are really amazing!"
And caravan fox girl mood just the opposite at the moment the alien robbers are extremely happy to speak in succession.
However, when the smoke cleared, the hills revealed the real scene, which surprised the foreign robbers, while the caravan and the fox girls breathed a sigh of relief.
"It’s impossible. Although the natural Elves can fuck trees, it’s too outrageous!"
"Yes! This is a sand dune! "
"Look at this small win!"
"Hey, will he take our knife for a while?"
"That’s hard to say. We offended him a lot just now!"
After seeing the real situation, the hearts of foreign robbers are floating, and everyone wants to leave a way out.
At the moment, Wang Ming on the hillside didn’t even lose his hair. A powerful attack root just now didn’t fall on him, but there was a huge bunker in front of Wang Ming. This bunker was punched out by Ku Qi and it was also the culprit that caused the smoke to diffuse just now.
Of course, all this is definitely not because Kuchi was soft-hearted and wanted to let Wang Ming go, nor because Wang Ming just hid, but because Kuchi was entangled in a huge vine and was crushed to the ground with this punch.