At noon, Kang Peng, Sun Jian and others returned to Maicheng, and Kang Peng was thinking about it in his room. When he delayed Sun Jian for a few days to mediate Sun Liu’s war for the court, Pound suddenly came to report, "Tell a surname that Zhou Tai, the general of Jiujiang Army, heard that my natural enemy of Xiliang Iron Rider didn’t meet our army to compete for martial arts and equestrian outside the city. I wonder if a surname would allow it?"
Kang Pengwen looked up and saw that Pound’s face was full of scars and excitement. Obviously, he was eager to try. Kang Peng smiled and said, "We are guests. Don’t let the master’s face be too ugly." Pound exultation immediately left and took 500 west cool fighters out of Zhou Tai cavalry outside the city. However, Kang Peng knew very well that Pound’s competitive spirit was very difficult to let him release water. I hope Zhou Tai wouldn’t lose too badly.
At the same time, Zhou Yu suddenly found Huang Gai and asked him to go to the Xiang River for fun. Huang Gai knew that he was depressed and didn’t refuse, so Zhou Yu went out of the city again. Zhou Yu found a place to sit by the river and asked Huang Gai to sit beside him without saying a word, but he couldn’t help sighing.
"I want to think of some good women," Huang Gai said, knowing that he was in the mood and patting him on the shoulder. "After the war in Jingzhou, my old brother will choose a good marriage for you and you can forget her."
"But I can’t forget her," Zhou Yu cried. "I met her from Chuping and we would have been married in two of a kind if her father hadn’t stopped us from it, but now …"
Huang Gai shook his head with a sigh and said, "Because of your humble background, if you were as powerful as a surname, Qiao Xuan would have given your daughter to you." Speaking of which, Huang Gai suddenly found that Zhou Yu had a white cloth wrapped around his waist. "This knife was awarded to you by a surname Dong, right? You should cherish this? "
Zhou Yu didn’t answer Huang Gai’s words. He slowly drew out his waist and stared at the seven jadeites on the blade. He said coldly, "That’s right, because I’m not powerless. Qiao Xuanning can give her daughter to that old, ugly, tall and fat pig and won’t marry her to me."
Huang Gai wry smile way: "You scold a surname Dong in front of me, but you’d better be cautious when you are not in front of outsiders. Don’t say that a surname Dong and his master are in-laws. Even the master will not let you go."
"I can stand it because the master and he are in-laws!" Zhou Yu suddenly roared with fire in his eyes, jumped up and waved Kang Peng’s ghost knife and shouted, "I want to get ahead, I want to be powerful, and I want frost to come back to me!"
"Be fair and respectful" Huang Gai hurriedly held him down for fear that Zhou Yu would do something stupid. "Don’t be impulsive. You will be the prefect of Yangzhou, and it is not far from getting ahead."
Zhou Yu suddenly calmed down and stared at Huang Gai’s lower abdomen with a cold voice and said, "When Yangzhou is a satrap, you will get ahead?" Don’t say that it’s thousands of miles away from Dong thief, that is, the master is a lot worse than Dong thief. Besides, the master and Dong thief are so good that it is impossible to help me get back the frost. "
"What are you talking about?" Huang Gai recognized Zhou Yu’s dissatisfaction with Sun Jian and roared, "Are you blaming your master?" Huang Gai’s voice did not fall. Zhou Yu suddenly changed his face. When he turned the ghost knife with his right hand, he pierced Huang Gai’s lower abdomen!
"You, you, you?" Huang Gai could hardly believe his eyes. His left hand was covering his lower abdomen, and his right hand was pointing to Zhou Yu. Huang Gai never dreamed that he would treat him as if he were his own. Zhou Yu would suddenly kill him.
"General Huang Lao, I know that you are so kind to me, but I am sorry," Zhou Yu said with tears. "But I love her so much that I can sacrifice everything. I have already thought about it. I’m going to kill the master with this ghost knife from Dong Thief, so that I can justifiably kill Dong Thief and then help Sun Shaozhu unify the whole day before I can pour the frost back to me."
"You bastard!" Huang Gai flew up in a hurry and punched Zhou Yu in the chest. Zhou Yu was beaten in a somersault, and the ghost knife was also pulled out from his belly. Suddenly, he was bleeding like a note. Huang Gai wanted to kill Zhou Yu before, and he even raised his feet because of excessive blood loss and abdominal pain.
By this time, Zhou Yu had slowly climbed up, put the ghost Dao in his mouth, and slowly licked it off. Huang Gai’s blood was cold. "General Huang Lao, until now, you, me, the master and Dong thief know that this Dao is already mine. Naturally, no one believes that the master is dead and can’t talk. Of course, I won’t say that there is a general Huang Lao. Please go to the yellow road first and wait for our Dong Zhuo to get along with the master."
"I really misjudged you!" Huang Gai roared and ran to the bank of Xiangjiang River. Zhou Yu rushed after it and stabbed it in the middle of Huang Gai’s back, but Huang Gai also ran in a hurry. This knife didn’t pierce deep. When Zhou Yu chased it again, Huang Gai had already rushed to the shore and jumped into the river.
Zhou Yu waited for a long time on the shore, but he didn’t see Huang Gai coming out of the water. He thought Huang Gai was dead, so he sneered, "I can’t believe you can still live if you have been stabbed twice in the Xiang River." When you dare not put it on hold, you quickly repackaged the ghost Dao and went back to the city alone.
Two hours later, Pound and Xiliang fighters were still outside the city. Zhou Tai cavalry competed. Sun Jian sent someone to ask Kang Peng to invite Kang Peng to see a rare treasure. Kang Peng estimated that Sun Jian was preparing a dowry for Dong Wei, and he was not suspicious. He went with Qinbing gladly.
When Kang Peng arrived outside Sun Jian’s room, he saw Zhou Yu standing outside the door with a bunch of Sun Jianjun. Before Zhou Yu grabbed it, he said, "A surname master is in the room. Please come in." Kang Peng was busy helping him to help him up and offer condolences before he pushed the door and entered the room.
After Kang Peng entered the room, he saw that Sun chien was asleep, so he called "Wu Chenghou Wu Chenghou" and called a few Kang Peng. When Sun Jian didn’t wake up, he went to give him a push. "Wu Chenghou, you said you would give a rare treasure, please take it out quickly."
Sun Jian slipped slowly to reveal a frightened and ferocious face and a treasure knife stuck in his chest. Kang Peng loved that ghost knife best!
At this time, the door was suddenly pushed, and Zhou Yu burst in and shouted wildly, "Dong thief, how dare you kill my master? I’ll fight with you!"
Chapter VI Maicheng fiasco
"Dong thief, how dare you kill my master? I’ll fight with you!"
"I didn’t kill Sun Jian …" Kang Penggang wanted to explain that Zhou Yu had drawn his sword with latosolic red eyes and rushed to Kang Peng. Don’t choose to be a hand weapon. You have to pull out the ghost knife inserted in Sun Jian’s body and flick it to block Zhou Yu’s sword. Unfortunately, Zhou Yu knew that the ghost knife was as sharp as mud and the sword didn’t intersect with Kang Peng’s ghost knife and draw an arc to cut it in Kang Peng’s fat belly.
"ouch!" Kang Peng’s belly was bleeding profusely, knowing that his martial arts and Zhou Yu were so different that he did not excuse the disorderly dancing with a ghost knife and ran outside, but Zhou Yu was willing to put a few swords after him and put some fat on Kang Peng’s body. Fortunately, Zhou Yu was afraid that the magic weapon in Kang Peng’s hand would not collide with Kang Peng’s ghost knife, which didn’t cause fatal injury to Kang Peng.
At this time, the soldiers of Sun Jian Army and Kang Peng Qinbing outside the door also became a group. The Kang Peng Qinbing were all first-class players selected by Dong Zhuo’s army, and they all passed strict tests to ensure their loyalty to Kang Peng. Kang Peng brought 30 people. Other Qinbing also protected Pang Tong and Xiao Qiao’s Sun Jian army soldiers in the inn, but there were as many as 300 people. Moreover, Sun Jian army soldiers were not indignant when they heard that the master had been killed by Kang Peng, and they even tried their best to slash and kill the Kangpeng Qinbing tribe.
"Form a circular array to protect the Taishi from rushing out!" Kang Peng QinBing captain roared to organize QinBing team and rushed into the room, even ignoring the swords and clubs that fell on him. When he rushed into Kang Peng and Zhou Yu’s room covered in blood, he didn’t say anything before. Zhou Yulian chopped three knives, and his martial arts was much better than Kang Peng’s. Zhou Yu didn’t dare to pick him up. He forced him to retreat several steps. He took the opportunity to pull up and cover his wounds. * * Kang Peng strode out of the door.
"Go to the inn where there are brothers to meet." Captain Kang Peng Qinbing is very humble at ordinary times, so that Kang Peng often forgets his name, but at the critical moment, he is very calm and directs the residual Qinbing body to surround Kang Peng in the front. He can’t stop himself from being crazy and slashing. Although the momentum is not high, it is really scary. Sergeant Sun Jian’s soldiers dare to stop his front and always lead Qinbing to protect Kang Peng from the door, but he is also black and blue all over.
Finally escaped from Sun Jian residence, Kang Peng and others were busy retreating to the inn, but Zhou Yuling led Sun Jianjun to chase after him and was stationed in the city. Sun Jian soldiers rushed to the scene, and more and more Kang Peng and others were also surrounded and stationed in the inn. The pro-Kang Peng soldiers also heard shouting and killing, and an army came to meet two armies that were already close as brothers, and the streets and alleys were full of shouting and killing.
Kang Peng only brought a hundred Qinbing and 500 Xiliang fighters, and they were also taken to the city by Pound. Zhou Tai commanded Sun Jianjun’s cavalry to compete in riding martial arts, and the remaining 100 Qinbing protected Kang Peng, while Sun Jianjun stayed in Maicheng with three thousand people. It is conceivable that Dong Zhuojun was in critical condition without fighting, and the number was at an absolute disadvantage. Kang Peng Qinbing suffered heavy casualties.
With a genial smile, Kang Peng knows that he has been killed by Zhou Yu. Bai Zhou Yu not only wants his own life, but also wants Xiao Qiao to be afraid to take care of himself and command Qinbing to retreat to Pang Tong and Big Xiao Qiao’s residence. Qinbing fought bloody battles and finally fought their way out to protect Kang Peng to the inn.
Arriving at the inn, Pang Tong’s big and small Joe has been in the hall, and he has been in a panic, waiting and seeing that he is covered in blood. Kang Peng came in with a ghost knife. Da Qiao first screamed and rushed into Kang Peng’s arms, nervously saying, "Are you seriously injured, Master?" Pang Tong also asked, "What happened to Taishi?"
Kang Pengqiang smiled and said, "It’s okay to get out of Maicheng quickly after minor injuries." Da Qiao and Pang Tong are not talking. The horse picked up the seal of Kang Peng’s official document, but Xiao Qiao stalked his neck and said coldly, "No, I have to say goodbye to the Duke of Zhou."
"Duke Zhou is a fart?" Kang Peng was so anxious that he heard that Xiao Qiao had to see Zhou Yu’s series of dirty work and blurted out, "Fuck playing geese all day and being pecked by geese today! You the duke of Zhou, you always rewarded him with a nod to kill his master Sun Jian, and planted the charges on the old man. If you don’t leave today, he will definitely rob you to be his wife. "
Pang Tong and Xiao Xiaoqiao were shocked when they heard the news. Xiao Xiaoqiao was even more shocked and lost his way. "It’s impossible that Duke Zhou is not that kind of person!" Speaking of which, Xiao Qiao suddenly figured it out. "Don’t plant it for the Duke of Zhou. I have promised my sister and sister to marry you and I won’t leave you, but please don’t use those abusive means to frame the Duke of Zhou."
"Silly bitch!" Kang Peng was so angry that he swore, but the pursuer outside the door had arrived. Kang Peng thought about it. Kang Peng picked up Xiao Qiao and shouted, "Go out of the south gate by the back door." Kang Peng remembered that Pound said that he and Zhou Tai were going to the wilderness outside the south gate to compete for martial arts. Only when they merged with Xiliang fighters did we have a chance to escape.
When Kang Peng ignored Xiao Qiao’s biting and crying and hugged her, she rushed to the back door. However, Zhou Yu had expected that Kang Peng would go through the back door and had dispatched a good soldier to block it. Captain Kang Peng Qinbing took a Qinbing without saying a word and killed the blood. Kang Peng and others paved a road, but the street was already full of Sun Jian soldiers, Kang Peng and his party were surrounded by their own enemies no matter where they walked. Once someone fell down, Sun Jian soldiers chopped it into pieces and never got up again. Every time they crossed the street to protect Kang Peng Qinbing, they had to pay dozens of lives.
Maicheng is not big, but when Kang Peng and his party rushed to the south gate to protect him, more than 300 people were left. Others were either killed or surrounded by Sun Jianjun. It was not far from the battlefield where they died. In front of the south gate, Zhou Yu had already waited in front of the door with a large number of troops, and even the doors were closed.
"Dong thief, your time has come!" Seeing his sweetheart in Kang Peng’s arms, Zhou Yu was even more angry at the bullfight and shouted, "How dare you kill my master? Today I will avenge my master."
Kang Peng roared with anger, "Zhou Yu’s children are sincere to you, and you actually designed a frame-up and gave you a treasure knife to kill the principal of Wucheng Houji, and you will be damned!"
"Nonsense! How could the Duke of Zhou regard Wu Cheng’s Hou Fu as such a big transgression? " Xiao Qiao struggled to interrupt in Kang Peng’s arms and shouted, "Jiujiang soldiers, don’t believe this old ugly ghost Hu said that Duke Zhou is not that kind of person!"
The wife helped the enemy to speak. Kang Peng almost fainted, but Zhou Yu cried with joy, "Miss Qiao, you are right. The old thief is treacherous and despicable. He said that he gave me a nod. Who saw it? Who saw it? "
This sentence woke up Kang Peng Kang Peng and immediately tore the gong and shouted, "I told you to come out and prove that I gave Zhou Yu’s baby a nod!" Kang Peng shouted for a long time and Huang Gai eventually disappeared. A Sun Jianjun PianJiang interjected, "Dong thief, don’t shed crocodile tears. General Huang Lao doesn’t know where he went, but he is not in Maicheng."
Pang Tong gathered in front of Kang Peng. "General Huang Lao, a surname, must have been killed by Zhou Yu. Otherwise, Zhou Yu would not be so scared. Don’t argue with them. It’s important to break through." Kang Peng saw that there were more and more Sun Jianjun surrounded him, and he knew that now was not the time to confront Zhou Yu, so he ordered Qinbing, "Brothers, we have a way to live!"
"Joe girl, you are quick to leave that country thief, and I won’t abandon you." In Zhou Yu’s shouting and Xiao Qiao’s struggling screaming, Kang Peng Qinbing captain grabbed the ghost knife from Kang Peng and strode straight to kill the city gate. His martial arts skills were naturally inferior to those of Zhao Yun Pound and others, but with this sharp knife, he was determined to turn his back. Even if Wu Yi was far better than him, Zhou Yu wouldn’t dare to try it. He wanted to send troops to stop Kang Peng and his party. He wanted to take it first.
In front of the south gate, thousands of Sun Jianjun shouted and killed Kang Peng and others, and Kang Peng Qinbing formed a circular array to protect Kang Peng and others in the middle. Sun Jianjun did not break through several raids, but he also temporarily saved Kang Peng’s life. The captain of Kang Peng Qinbing was already a bloody man. I don’t know how many swords and spears I hit, but I don’t know how many Sun Jianjun hit again and finally killed him at the city gate.
The cross beam of the thick gate has long been firmly locked by the chain. Kang Peng Qinbing captain wielded a knife to cut the door beam. The soldiers of Sun Jian Army took the opportunity to cut the gun and stabbed him. Every time he cut the blade, he was always stabbed with a gun, and several bloody pieces were cut with a knife. If it were not for the body, there would be another piece that had been tattered, and the armor was afraid that his bones had been picked out.
One knife, two knives, three knives … I can’t find a place where the blood is not stained. The blue veins are still so strong. I was stared at the gate by a pike several times, but it was difficult to climb up and waved a ghost knife to continue to cut the door beam. When I cut the thirteenth knife, I folded my arms and cut the thick door beam, but he was also overwhelmed by the surge of people …
"Taishi, let’s go!" When he fled, Qinbing brought Kang Peng’s favorite Zhui horse. He asked Kang Pengma to escape from Kang Peng first and hesitated, "But what about you?"
The Qinbing replied, "We’ll break up for you."
"Don’t go together!" Kang Pengguo broke the road, but the QinBing put the reins in Kang Peng’s hand and rushed into the uneven line without looking back, shouting, "A surname, leave us alone."
"A surname, let’s go, leave us alone." The remaining Kang Peng Qinbing shouted that they would hand over only one war horse to Pang Tong and Da Qiao, and turned around to stop the surge, while Sun Jianjun’s life gave Kang Peng a fight.
Kang Peng shouted with tears in his ugly eyes, "Brothers will never forget you!" Riding a horse with a painful struggle, Xiao Qiao rushed out of the city. Pang Tong and Da Qiao were also injured. Fortunately, Pang Tong also practiced sword for a few days. Although martial arts can’t get rid of it, they can still ride together with Da Qiao horse and follow Kang Peng to escape from Maicheng.
Kang Peng’s four-person walk was not far away when he heard the front shouting to kill the earthquake. Not far away, he saw that Sun Jianjun’s cavalry was also fighting Kang Peng in Pound West. But immediately, since Zhou Yu was trying to kill himself, Zhou Yu must first send the false news that he killed Sun Jian to Zhou Tai.
At this moment, Xiliang fighters also saw the bloody Kang Peng in Zhou Tai. Pound immediately abandoned Zhou Tai’s rate of remaining Xiliang fighters and rushed over. Just after Kang Peng joined Zhou Tai cavalry, he surrounded Kang Peng and others. Pound shouted at the sight of Kang Peng, "What happened in a surname city? Zhou Tai that bastard suddenly caught our killer brothers off guard after receiving a letter without heavy casualties. "
"Zhou Yu killed Sun Jian, and the soldiers in Xiangtou have already died." Kang Peng quickly explained that Pound was surprised and was about to speak. Kang Peng had already made an urgent order to "go back to Yongan."
Pound is not busy talking, organizing more than 100 Xiliang fighters to protect Kang Peng from breaking through to the west, but it’s already too late. More than 1,000 Sun Jianjun led by Zhou Tai has surrounded Kang Peng and others in iron barrels, and several impacts of Xiliang fighters have been turned back. Zhou Tai shouted crazily, "Dong thief returns my master’s life!" Is constantly urging Sun Jianjun cavalry to attack Xiliang fighters Zhongjun to take Kang Peng’s position and firmly block Kang Peng’s escape route.
Kang Peng saw that he couldn’t rush out of the encirclement, and he heard that the pursuer had come to shout and kill in the distance. Suddenly, he had a plan and shouted at Pound, "I’ll give you one of your friends. You must do it!"
Pound struggled to knock down two Sun Jianjun cavalry who were close to the Chinese army and rushed back to Kang Peng and replied, "Is there a command from the Taishi?"