Fight back? No player legion manor troops are simply not enough!
When are we going to hide?
"What about the landlord!" Old Brown shouted.
Zhuang not far away turned and asked, "Is there any way for Hao Ge to reconnect the network?"
"I’ve sent someone to connect the optical fiber, but I’m afraid it’s difficult to connect it." Li Hao shook his head.
Not far from Zhuang, he frowned and added, "But I still have an idea that this idea … is not mature enough to try."
"Try it!" Zhuang not far call way
"I need a magic turtle! Did the magic turtle eat! " Li Hao ran away.
"Master zhuang eye? Let’s hide first? "
"Who knows what tricks are there? And now it’s hard to have an advantage until the strength of Yan Yi is restored … "
Who knows when the "tidal heart" will recover?
"Leave it to me before Li Hao brings the players back."
Give it to you?
Master Zhuang, is there anything else you haven’t done?
Old brown is at a loss.
Zhuang gave him a white look. Does that mean that you are really the owner of the villa, and I am eating for nothing?
Not far from Zhuang, close your eyes slightly and then suddenly earn
"I will make a second appointment with my soul!"
In an instant, a virtual shadow appeared.
There are fallen manor war dogs everywhere in the shadow manor.
These war dogs lost control when they were disconnected.
The automatic control program of war giant dogs can’t cope with the complex and changeable war environment, but can control them to land on the ground
Many war dogs have been destroyed, but the driving dog has a disadvantage that it will explode when it is hit by a huge impact.
They are still very explosive, which will cause even more damage.
The soldiers in the shadow manor simply ignored these war dogs when they stopped moving.
At this time, these war dogs suddenly fell into a virtual shadow.
The virtual shadow fell into the war dogs, and soon these war dogs moved.
Not far from Zhuang, virtual shadows also emerged around him.
Men, women and children have them. They immediately went straight to the nearby fort after they appeared.
These figures are all people who have been wiped out not far from Zhuang, and now they are reappeared not far from Zhuang.
"I am a man with my own legion!" Not far from Zhuang, her hands rested on her hips and she laughed.
Now I’m at my wit’s end, but there are tricks not far from Zhuang!
This is the advantage of skill pool deepening!
But …
"Watch where you are going!"
"Hey, you run in a straight line! Don’t hit me … Boom! "
These people don’t know whether it’s good or bad to join. Each of these virtual shadows has its own different personality and ability. The only similarity is that most of them are not soldiers.
At this time, when driving a war dog, it is stumbling when running, and it is also everywhere.
However, there are more giant dogs in the good shadow manor war than in the manor. Even if they randomly bang into their own people, the chances are very small, and most of them still hit the enemy.
Of course, there are still many that fall into the block.
The sight in front of me is simply unbearable to look straight at Old Brown’s hand and bow his head for a long time. At this moment, he misses the player corps very much.
"Li Hao, you’d better hurry up. Can the network cable be connected?"
On the other hand, Li Hao finally found the magic turtle that had been hungry for several days from the (Migu) cruel ship.
"That’s the guy! Hold him down for me!" Being pulled by Li Hao as a helper (Gegu), the giant ape took the magic turtle out of the room. After so long, the magic turtle was very angry and put out its neck to bite (Gegu). After being struck by (Gegu), it retracted its head into the turtle shell and could not come out.
"Do you want this thing to restore communication?" With several engineers around Li Hao, I was confused.
"Don’t dismiss this guy! This guy may be the strongest communication method we have ever seen! " Li Hao said, "Do you think if our manor is connected with the old turtle, you will know the shadow manor?"
All one leng this just suddenly realize.
The magic turtle connection can penetrate the black fog shield!
"But how can this thing connect to the network?"
"Are you silly? What is this guy to communicate with? " Li Hao asked.
"What is a projection?"
"Light … light?"
Speaking of which, it’s white to be a fool again.
What is the biggest communication mode for human beings?
It’s not a sound.
It is light!
Almost all human data is communicated with the thick submarine optical cable through the buried ground.
And what is the optical cable communication? It is light!
"Are you going to use it as a … biological optical cable?"